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Singing Time Ideas For Primary

Popular Singing Time Ideas:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Testimony hymn singing time idea

Testimony (the hymn)

This is how I suggest you teach the hymn, Testimony for singing time (this can easily be done at home!).  This hymn has a simple message that when others bear testimony of Heavenly Father, the Savior and the prophet; the Holy Ghost bears that witness to me. A quick worksheet

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Help Me, Dear Father singing time idea

Help Me, Dear Father

Jesus taught us what it means to truly forgive.  The primary song Help Me, Dear Father reminds us to ask Heavenly Father in prayer to help us live nearer to Him by forgiving others and truly repenting. Near the time when Jesus would be crucified, the soldiers did unkind things.

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Will Be Valiant singing time idea

I Will Be Valiant

My May 2020 singing time plans include teaching the song I Will Be Valiant.  I was browsing through the May 2020 Friend online and found a simple way to implement this song that follows closely with next week’s Come Follow Me topic as well! I absolutely LOVE the various family night activities in the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song Challenge to review primary songs at home

Primary Song Challenge

Help your primary interact with primary songs this week by creating a primary song challenge!  The concept is simple!  Just pick a song and create a video using it then share it with your primary!  Use songs you’ve learned so far or any primary song or hymn will work too!

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Picture of Camille a Singing time chorister

Welcome! I'm Camille!

Primary singing time is definitely my favorite place to be on Sundays. If you are not quite feeling the same way, you have come to the right place – I’m here to hopefully help you LOVE this calling!!

Make singing time easy

Follow my monthly schedule!

It is simple, but it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.

A great singing time idea for primary - a singing time schedule

I love making singing time easier!

New Primary Choristor?

Let me send you all my well organized resources for new primary leaders!

Make singing time

Let me plan your singing time for next month.  Get organized and save time using this done for you planner

It is simple and it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.