Mother’s Day Singing Time Review Activity (any song)

Bring a basket full of “mom” items like:
  • apron
  • scarf
  • yellow gloves
  • high heels
  • perfume
  • hair ribbons
  • curlers
  • make up
  • coat
  • sweater
  • brush
  • nail polish
  • belt
  • necklace
  • earrings
  • nylons
  • nail filers
  • bracelets
  • cookbook
  • glasses
  • sunglasses
  • dress
  • car keys
  • purse
  • wallet
  • rings
  • socks
  • watch
  • etc.
On the board in white chalk write out your Mother’s Day Song with most of the words missing with lines instead of the missing words. For example (this is for the song Grandmother):
You _______ ______ a __________. You ______ ______ a _______. You _______ when you ________ me _________. I _________ every ________ in the ________ _______ _________ had a _____________ just ________ you.


Singing Time Activity:

  • Divide the primary into 2 teams and each team picks a child to come up front. *Assign each team a chalk or dry-erase color (other than white)
  • Sing the song through for a first review
  • Give the teams 30 seconds to fill in as many blanks as they can before the other team fills them in.
  • After a child fills in a blank, he/she must place an item on their team’s “mom” and then sit down
  • Only one child can go up at a time per team
  • The same child cannot fill in 2 blanks in a row
  • Words must be filled in order – no skipping blanks
  • After 30 seconds, sing what was filled in and make sure the “mom” has the correct number of items. For instance, if in the 30 seconds time the red chalk team filled in 4 blanks with their red chalk, there should also be 4 items on their “mom”
  • Sing the song through again to review
  • Repeat 30 second intervals until the blanks are all filled in and the “moms” are dressed.
  • You can then go on to another song or erase all the blanks and start over with a new mom to dress, etc.


  • Could be done without teams and just one “mom” to dress
  • Bring in the Bishop, primary president or someone’s mom to dress make it even more fun!
  • Some of the items (like nail polish, make up, etc.) can’t be “worn” so tie string around them to hang around their neck or arms.
Make sure to scroll through all of my Mother’s Day singing time lesson plans HERE for more ideas.

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7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Singing Time Review Activity (any song)”

  1. I love this idea! Do you have combined singing time with Jr. and sr. primary? My Senior's would love this, but I think it would be challenging for the Juniors, where most can't even read. Any suggestions?

  2. So cute! Thank you for sharing this idea–I think I'll try it on Sunday. I'm wondering about Jr. Primary as well…..maybe we could just say out loud the words that are written, and see if they can call out the answers for the blanks—like give them each three blanks and see how many they can guess. Not sure if that makes sense.
    Anyway, Senior primary will love it.

    thanks again!

  3. I want to use this idea again only this time for Father's Day. We have a new bishop and we are going to invite him in and "dress him up". Do you have any suggestions of items to use for dads. Seems we are a little more limited with men, but maybe it's just me that's limited! Thanks!

  4. Here's my attempt at a Father's Day list:
    cell phone
    wedding ring
    shaving cream
    tooth brush/paste
    shoe polish
    dress socks
    tennis shoes
    grill tools
    yard tools
    car keys
    suit jacket

    I hope that helps!!

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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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