If I Listen With My Heart – for Sr. Primary

For singing time in Senior Primary, having kids that can read is always a benefit! I’ve incorporated a few ways below to keep reading kids engaged as you teach If I Listen With My Heart. They include directive listening questions and a word scramble.
In the back section entitled “How to Use Music in Primary” under the “Direct the Children’s Listening” it says:

“As you teach IILWMH, write one of the following questions on the board:

  1. . Where can I hear the Savior’s voice?
  2. Who teaches us how to live righteously
  3. Who speaks quietly to us?

Invite the children to listen for the answer as they sing and to signal (by folding their arms, standing up, or touching their ears) when they sing the answer. have the children sing the answer with you a few times. Write another question on the board and repeat.”

I posted on the chalkboard 3 pictures (one for each verse): A picture of a child reading the scriptures for the 1st verse, the current prophet’s picture for the 2nd verse, and a picture of a child receiving the Holy Ghost for the 3rd Verse.

UPDATE:  check out my post HERE with more details!

Then under each picture I typed up the words so each verse to fit on one sheet of paper and then hung the 3 verses under its corresponding picture.  Use my “Posting Words” document for this song HERE.

I used a CD player and had If I Listen With My Heart on CD which contained the words being sung. Then I wrote question #1 on the board while we listened to the first verse. I had the kids raise their hand once they figured out the answer and we answered it all together. Then we sang verse one.

I repeated the 2nd and 3rd verses the same way. Then we just sang the whole song through. I had them repeat the chorus a few times until they could sing it without using the words on the board (if they could do it, they turned around to face the back wall) since it is repeated 3 times and fairly short and simple.

Next I moved on to the word scramble.  You may need another week to add this to singing time.  To make the word scramble, simply download my word scramble document.

Documents are available at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are at the bottom of this post.

(note that there is a typo on this first page – there should only be 1 “child” so please disregard that 2nd child)


Cut out each word using the lines are your guide.  I have a separate document at my Resource Library that includes the 3rd verse but doesn’t have the guide lines for cutting them out.

Camille's Primary Ideas: If I Listen With My Heart singing time lesson plan idea for Senior Primary

To make it simpler, I’ll scramble each phrase (each document is a phrase) but each phrase will be in order . For example, the phrase “If I had been a little child when Jesus lived on earth” will be row one and the words within that phrase will scrambled.

Row two will have the next phrase scrambled “I would have liked to walk with Him and listen to His words” and so on. There are 8 phrases in the 1st and 2nd verses so there will be 8 rows.

We’ll start out by singing the 1st and 2nd verses using the words I typed up last week (see above) and I’ll tell them they need to try to memorize the order. I’ll remove the words and we’ll work on the first phrase.

I may time it and see if 2 or 3 kids can get phrase 1 in order in 1 minute. Then I’ll bring the words back out and we’ll check the answers. If it’s wrong, we’ll correct it and re-sing it. If it’s right, we’ll move on to the next phrase.

I will also post the corresponding pictures that I used last week (see above) just so they can get a broad idea of what the verse is about.

Find my lesson plan for teaching for Sr. primary HERE and teaching the 3rd verse HERE.  I also have a bell chart HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: If I Listen With My Heart singing time ideas using handbells

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > If I Listen With My Heart.


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7 thoughts on “If I Listen With My Heart – for Sr. Primary”

  1. Seriously! You are so prepared and on top of things! How do you do it!! I can plan, but then get flustered in front of the kids, and my plans all seem to fizzle. I bet your primary LOVES you!

  2. Since we are learning this song again next month, I'm curious how this lesson plan went and if you have anything you would change? I think it sounds like a great idea, but I know I change things up a bit or think of a better way after I've done a lesson. Thanks for all you do! You're my go-to page when I need ideas. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your great ideas and graphics. I think there's an error on the first verse of this. It has the word Child twice in a row. Is that correct?

  4. Do you have this doc in an editable format? I love it and I am going to use it to review all 3 versus tomorrow and would love to be able to take your sizing and just add the 3rd verse. I love your work! I am a new chorister and creativity is not my strong point. Thank you, thank you!

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    Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!