The Lord Gave Me a Temple, verse 1


All you’ll need for this activity is a board and something to draw with!


For Sr. Primary, I’ll have them do the drawing but for Jr. Primary, I’ll probably do it.
Draw a simple outline of a temple. Use half the chalkboard.
Sing the first line of the song (or play it on CD) “The Lord gave me a temple to live within on Earth.” Ask if any of the kids live at the temple and which one. Then ask what this line is talking about (our body is a temple). Sing the line together.  To reinforce the words, I am going to print out the words (find them HERE) and cut out the phrases to hang on the chalkboard near each picture as they are drawn.  Time permitting, gradually I’ll take them down to review.
Sing (or play) the next line “once in heaven I was spirit but I left my home at birth.” Draw a spirit using the other half of the chalkboard – I would draw the outline of a body using dotted lines. Sing the line together.
Sing (or play) the next line “I’ll make my temple brighter.” Ask what this phrase means and how we can make our temple brighter? Draw the answers – eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep, scripture study, etc. Sing the line together.
Sing (or play) the next line “I’ll keep my spirit free.” Ask how we do this. Draw the answers – Word of Wisdom items (coffee, drugs), addictions, too much sugar or sleep, etc., and draw a red circle around each of them and cross them out similar to a “no smoking” sign. Sing the line together.
Sing (or play) the next line “My body is the temple my Father gave to me.” Fill in the body by tracing around the dotted lines, add facial features, clothes, etc. Sing the line together.
I found this on Yahoo Groups from a few years ago and may incorporate some of what this Sister talked about…
“When I taught this we talked about how we keep our bodies clean through healthy eating, etc. and how using drugs or drinking can put our spirits into bondage and therefore they are not free. We also talked about our spirits and how our bodies house them. And we also talked about how we should treat our bodies with respect the same way we do the temple. And we talked about how we can enter the temple by keeping the word of wisdom, for one thing, to receive the blessings promised us. And in the end how we will be resurrected in the first resurrection and live with Jesus if we keep ourselves clean and pure.”

You can find my video lesson plan demonstration here if it helps:

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Find verse 2 HERE.
Camille's Primary Ideas: The Lord Gave Me a Temple Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

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16 thoughts on “The Lord Gave Me a Temple, verse 1”

  1. I like this idea its simple (which is nice for a change) but fun. I think my primary children will enjoy it! Tthanks and good luck with the new baby!

  2. Thanks so much…very creative, visual, artistic, in short…a great idea and I definitely will be using it! I am going to actually add to the idea by having word strips to tape onto the board by the picture as we sing each phrase I will point to those phrases and as I feel they are catching onto the song…I can remove the word strips. I think this idea works equally for jun/sen primary because it has visual pictures and words for them to catch onto the song. So thank you very very much.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I love this idea and am totally going to use it. I am behind teaching because in the summer no one is ever in town. This is perfect, thank you!

  4. Um, you're amazing! Thank you for sharing your ideas; they have helped so much!!
    I'm curious; how long does singing time usually last for you? I've used your ideas many times, but I usually have to come prepared with additional songs and material to fill in the time. How do you make one verse last so long?? Or do you fill your time in with the wiggle jar every week?

  5. Hi Sherree,

    Today for singing time I had 20 minutes in both Jr. and Sr. primaries, we did our scripture song at the beginning of each and put our pennies in the jar which took a couple of minutes. Then for Jr. we sang some wiggle songs for about 5 minutes then I had a little over 10 minutes to work on this song with the kids. They were pretty wiggly but we got through it and the time I had worked perfectly.

    In Sr. primary after the scripture song, we delved right into the lesson plan and we had some great discussions on the topic, sang the phrases/song through several times and the kids enjoyed drawing in the chalkboard. It took up the whole time. If I had more time, I would have started removing the word strips from the board and having the kids memorize the various phrases as they were removed.

    I suppose it's just teaching style that differs. What I post I usually can barely get through. Usually I'm rushing to finish. Maybe I talk too much but I feel like I don't talk much so I'm not sure. We sing the songs over and over again, breaking between the singing to work on the activity. Sometimes we'll sing a phrase and the kids won't have sung it very well (or at all, or hardly any of them are singing) so we'll repeat the phrase a few times until I feel the quality is to the level I want :). That will usually take up some time.

    That's great that you have MORE time! I wish that were my case – I probably need to come and learn from you.


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