Picture a Christmas


This is one of the songs we are going to be singing in sacrament meeting Christmas day. To teach this song I like to pull out my favorite…CHALK! It’s my nice, colored chalk that I always use.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Using just the chalkboard for your primary singing time lesson plan
I’ve done Pictionary in the past but I think this time I’m just going to do all the drawing in both Jr. and Sr. Primaries.
I start with a big brown frame around the chalkboard for “picture” and explain how this song uses this word a lot, and I am going to draw a picture of Christmas as it is close to the title of this song, Picture a Christmas.
Then I go right to the chorus and draw a picture of baby Jesus in a manger in the middle of the chalkboard. Nothing fancy – wrap him in some swaddling clothes and you are good to go! Then underneath him I write the key words in the chorus “Think” “Sing” “Remember” “Picture.” Sing the chorus a few times.
Then I just go through the whole song gradually drawing then singing the things it talks about:
  • stable
  • night (draw a moon)
  • angels
  • stars
  • Joseph
  • Mary
  • shepherds
Easy! This song is one of my Christmas favorites for Primary!  I’ve also got another lesson plan for this song HERE that includes using printables to download and print!

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > Picture a Christmas.


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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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    Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!