Teaching Music by Rote, by Sister Pat Graham, Page 2 (As a Child of God)

Camille's Primary Ideas: Pat Graham Workshop

I obtained permission from Sister Graham to post her handout here online for those of you who couldn’t attend her workshop last Saturday. She hopes her handout makes sense without the demonstration!

The handout is 3 pages which includes general teaching tips and ideas for teaching January and February 2012 songs (As a Child of God andChoose the Right). She referenced us to her A Songbook Companion book for help with the rest of this year’s program songs.

You can find out more about Sister Pat Graham by going to her website:  
page 2:

AS A CHILD OF GOD, booklet CSMP Jan 2012 Suggested song presentation ideas Pat Graham Message: Because I am a child of God, I have the power to choose and the Holy Ghost to help me. Materials: Four melody charts (one for each phrase line):

Draw rhythm for dotted quarter eighth quarter [see right above]
Key words: choices bless, family, light, Holy Ghost, right

Attention Getter:

  1. Help me think of things with power: Kings, rulers, rockets, electricity, lightning. listen to find out what important power I came to earth with. (sing 2 lines)
  2. Take a deep breath and hum the melody (pianist plays the first phrase)
  3. What if I sing the words–could you still hum the melody?

Verse Questions: What did I come to earth with? (power to choose/another way to say free agency) Who will good choices bless? (me, my family) What words go on this rhythm – clap long short long? (choices bless, family) Show two melody charts–which one is first? Put in order and sing again. Have a child put key words in place Chorus: Listen for two rhyming words. (light, right) What words are on this rhythm: long short long (Holy Ghost) How does the Holy Ghost help me? (to know what is right) Show last two melody charts, put in order, add key words and sing again. Sing each phrase/chart in one breath – make a large arch with arm while singing Review

  1. Charts out of order, have a child re-arrange (form A B C D, no matches). Sing again and have children pitch-lead to check if charts are in order.
  2. Body pitch-lead

Testimony I am grateful for the blessing of choice (war in heaven, etc.) I want to use this power wisely.


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