Choose the Right, Verses


Teach the verses to Choose the Right while incorporating stepping on footsteps!  In addition to some great “choose the right” activities all found from The Friend!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas
When teaching hymns I recommend only teaching the first verse.  As hymns tend to be lengthy.
You need the Gospel Art Book pictures used when teaching the chorus. The CTR sticks used with that lesson plan can also be used as additional movement if needed.

Choose the Right Footstep Printables

For this activity, you need 26 footsteps:
Camille's Primary Ideas: Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas

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Print 13 on copies colored card stock, cut out and laminate (optional).  Once you have your footsteps, write the below words/phrases to the song on 16 of the 26 footsteps using a Sharpie marker (comes off with Magic Eraser) or print, cut out and tape the words to the footsteps.
  1. Choose
  2. the right
  3. when a choice
  4. is placed
  5. before you.
  6. In the right
  7. the Holy
  8. Spirit guides;
  9. And its light
  10. is forever
  11. shining
  12. o’er you,
  13. When in
  14. the right
  15. your heart
  16. confides.

CTR Game from The Friend

Camille's Primary Ideas: Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas

Next you need the CTR Game from the February 2012 Friend magazine found HERE on page 43 printed on card stock (optional), laminated (also optional) and cut out (not optional ;). Take the 10 pairs (20 total cards) and tape one of each of the pairs onto the remaining 10 footsteps.

Choose the Right Singing Time Activity

Before Primary, post the pictures used to teach the chorus on the board.  In addition, post 10 matches to the CTR game along the bottom of the board.
Then place your 26 footsteps (16 word phrase footsteps in order with the matching 10 footsteps interspersed with the word footsteps) FACE DOWN going from the back of the Primary room leading down the aisle up to the chalkboard.
To play, call a child and have them turn over the first footstep. Reveal and say the first word [Choose] and have the Primary sing the word as the child steps on it. Then have the primary hum as the child steps the rest of the footsteps and reaches the front of the board.
Repeat with a new child to reveal the next footstep.  When a match card is turned over, that child will look at the picture, tell what he sees (maybe pass around the footstep) and the Primary will help find its match posted on the board.
Discuss the answer (hint, the boarder colors around each card match each other!) then bring the match from the board and tape it next to its pair on the footstep.
Continue turning over cards and singing on the words/phrases that have been turned over and humming on the rest of the footsteps as children step.  At the end, all the footsteps will be turned over, all the children will have had a turn to step and the song will be sung/hummed several times!


Before Primary, place all footsteps with the words/phrases in order on the board leading to a picture of Christ so the words/pictures face the chalkboard.

Pass out the matching pictures that are not on footsteps randomly to the children.  Call on children to turn over the footsteps in order.  Sing the phrases as they are turned over.  Find and discuss the matches around the room as they are turned over.

More Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas

Camille's Primary Ideas: Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > Choose the Right.


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11 thoughts on “Choose the Right, Verses”

  1. I want to use this idea today but a little confused about the activity part- do you have each child come up and step on a word (as it's sung) then sit back down? Then another child come up to turn over the next step (look at word/ picture) then sit back down? Thanks!

    1. That's exactly it. The idea is just to gradually add one word at a time, each time starting from the beginning, with a new child. I hope that answers your question.


  2. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your ideas. I work full time and am in school (plus being a mom). I really try to stay organized, but this week got away from me and I didn't have time to make the game I was planning to do (some variation of the Price is Right – instead, it would be The Choice is Right). I woke up this morning so stressed, still not knowing what I was going to do instead, and then here you are with the perfect idea.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. We are finishing up this activity today because we didn't get through it last week. Our primary kids were out of control!!! Do you have any suggestions on how to get a VERY large primary to pay attention. Our bishopric member who is over the primary said we are not allowed to call out specific people when they aren't behaving well. I.E. We can't sit next to them when they are being irreverent, we can't ask them specifically to be reverent. How do you keep your kids reverent. We have about 80 Jr. (30 of which are sunbeams), and 60 Sr. We have a very young ward with lots of kids. I'd love any suggestions or to be lead to a blog post of yours.

    Thank you!

    Kristina Bills

  4. Hi Kristina,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling – I do think almost EVERY ward deals with reverence problems in some form or another. I know ours does and we don't have 80 kids in Jr.! If I had a very young and large Jr. primary, I'd make sure to keep them moving. If they are being disruptive, it's probably because they are bored. Pat Graham states that a disruptive child is a bored child. It's hard to hear but there is a lot of truth to it. With so many kids, it's easy for them to get lost in the crowd.

    I'd suggest LOTS of wiggle songs similar to how I run nursery but expand the list (same songs every week, same rotation so they know exactly what comes next). Maybe 5 minutes at the beginning and 5 minutes at the end. Then only spend 10 minutes on the song you are trying to teach. And stay with actions/simplified ASL where kids can always stay in their seats and mimic you. You could pass out props for each child to hold to create movement (scarves would be my recommendation with young kids). But they would only come out as a reward for reverent behavior. Maybe one week bring the prop to pass out and don't pass them out when they are irreverent and see if they will try being more reverent next week.

    I wouldn't stress out that the little kids aren't learning verbatum the program songs. Rely on your older kids for that and the little kids will pick up what they can. Only focus on the chorus of each month's song and find simple ways to repeat it. If you don't have many older kids, don't be afraid to cut parts of the songs out or your program – just sing the chorus or have your few older kids sing in small groups.

    Anyway, not sure any of that helps, maybe you are already doing a lot of it. Good luck!


  5. Hi there!
    ok if I could somewhat learn how to navigate this amazing site it would be awesome! I am being charged because I for sure want to use your resources but it seems so hard to find a lesson plan and print it–I get re directed and so many adds pop up–I just need to know a quicker way? or I will just maybe cancel my membership because its just so time consuming to find what I want and print it–maybe I am totally missing something though;/

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