Nephi’s Courage 1st and 2nd Verse


Teach Nephi’s Courage in singing time with stick puppets using Susan Fitch’s illustrations!  Your Primary will be vying for a turn to act them out as you sing this favorite Primary song!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage Primary singing time ideas
The first 2 verses of Nephi’s Courage relate the stories of Nephi found in the Book of Mormon.  So I recommend teaching these 2 verses together.
Then incorporates simple actions for the chorus providing great movement between the verses!

Nephi's Courage Puppets

To teach the 1st and 2nd verses in Nephi’s Courage, create puppet sticks.  Three styles of printables are available to create them:

  1. Susan Fitch Nephi’s Courage Colored Clip Art (purchase)
  2. Susan Fitch Nephi’s Courage Black & White Clip Art (free)
  3. Church Coloring Illustrations

1. Susan Fitch Nephi's Courage Colored Clip Art

Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea with artwork by Susan Fitch

Purchase Susan Fitch’s Nephi’s Courage Clip Art Set in her Etsy shop.  This option is what I used to create my stick puppets and LOVE them! However, if you are a Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM subscriber it’s included!!

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2. Susan Fitch Nephi's Courage Black and White Clip Art

Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage Primary singing time ideas

3. Church Coloring Illustrations

Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage singing time idea

Or I enlarged these black and white images from the Church’s website. These are the links for the artwork:

Download the Free Nephi's Courage Singing Time Printables

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Whatever option you choose, print on white card stock, laminate, cut out and attach to craft sticks.

TIP: *For large Primaries, create several copies so each puppet so each class receives a set of puppets.

Teachers can choose children to work the puppets from their seats as indicated in the lesson plan below.

Nephi's Courage Singing Time Idea

Before teaching the verses, teach the chorus using these simple actions:
  • I will go: create a shield with one arm in front of body
  • I will do: hold a sword upward with other hand
  • the thing the Lord commands: swing the sword in front of the body to the beat
  • I know the Lord provides a way: point to forehead
  • he wants me to obey: soldier salute as if standing at attention
  • [REPEAT]

Post the words like I do using this flip chart format.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts
After the chorus is learned pull out the puppets.  Tell your Primary they are going to put on a puppet show.
Have 4 kids come hold the figures for the first verse including:
  • Nephi
  • Laman & Lemuel
  • Laban
  • Plates

The 4 children holding puppets act out their puppet as the Primary sings the 1st verse,  Sing the chorus using actions.

Repeat with 4 more children to take a turn holding the puppets.  Repeat again until half the Primary has had a turn.

Use the same format for the 2nd verse using these puppets:
  • Nephi
  • Laman and Lemuel
  • Boat

Repeat until all the children have had a turn to come to the front to use the puppets and to lead in the actions.

Bear Testimony

Bear testimony that you know the stories in the Book of Mormon about Nephi are true.  We can be brave like Nephi and “go and do” what God commands!

Demonstration Video

Check out this demonstration video for teaching the chorus, 1st and 2nd verses to Nephi’s Courage in singing time using this lesson plan:

You can also find this Nephi’s Courage video for teaching the chorus, 1st and 2nd verses on my YouTube channel.  I’d love it if you’d like and subscribe!

Nephi's Courage 3rd Verse Singing Time Idea

This singing time idea focuses on teaching the 3rd verse to Nephi’s Courage.  The 3rd verse in Nephi’s Courage likens how we can be like Nephi so I thought, what better way to convey that message than to dress up the kids like Nephi during singing time! 
Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage Primary Singing Time Ideas for the 3rd verse

More Nephi's Courage Singing Time Ideas

Make sure to check out more ideas for teaching Nephi’s Courage in singing time.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Nephi's Courage Primary Singing Time Ideas

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Nephi’s Courage.

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19 thoughts on “Nephi’s Courage 1st and 2nd Verse”

  1. Thanks for your ideas. I was trying to combine many of the great suggestions as well. FYI the first verse is about Laban and the plates. The second verse is about the boat. 🙂

  2. Sorry, this is a late response but maybe it can still help out…

    Christine, I didn't do a backdrop. Thought about it but then decided it would be too much work so the kids just stood there. With the Jr. I put my hand on their head so they'd know when to raise up their puppets.

    Bonnie, I just copied and pasted the webpages onto Pages (similar to Microsoft Word but on Mac) and then kind of played with the sizes. I really didn't need to change much. Then I just printed ALL the pictures out and discarded the ones I didn't use which was a lot but whatever works, right?

    Hope that helps.

    Everyone else, glad to help. For our Primary, it was a hit. The kids enjoyed the puppets and then being involved with the actions for the chorus.

    1. Sorry about that…the kids just basically came up front and held the puppet. When we sang about that puppet, they just held it up. Some kids did a little more "acting" than others but for the most part it was simple. For Jr. primary I'd put my hand on their heads when their puppet should be held up. I did have some teachers come and do it and that was fun as they really hammed it up. I hope that helps. Good luck this week!!

  3. Hi Cherie,

    Susan and I both overlooked that she's got no Laban. There is one if you are using the options. But I spoke with Susan and she will get Laban added this week (because she's the best!). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  4. I really like these puppets but I could not find a way to print them even though I am a subscriber. So I ordered them from Susan Fitch and was disappointed because there isn’t a Laban and also everything but the ship is on one piece of paper. Staples said they couldn’t make any of them separate and only slightly larger. It’s especially disappointing because the brass plates are small and won’t be that visible. I wish she would have put them on separate pieces of paper. I will send her a message on Etsy. Thanks for the ideas though!!!

    1. Hi Mary Ann!

      Any printables that coincide with songs taught during in singing time are free with PREMIUM and they are available to download. I’ve emailed you specific instructions and the links.

      Then the clip art Susan creates is in a PNG format and is meant to be inserted into a document, then enlarged as you need. It’s not typically meant to be directly printed. I always insert the images into documents like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Photoshop, etc. Then I can enlarge them as needed. I’ve attached the PDF file I created for Nephi’s Courage.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. And thank you for subscribing!


  5. I ordered from Susan Fitch because I don’t see a way to download from your site. Disappointed because there is no Laban and the others are small on one page.. especially the plates are very small. They could only be enlarged slightly because they are on one page by Staples. I’ll leave Susan a message on Etsy. Thanks for the ideas though!!! I’m sure the children will have fun with it.

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