I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, 1st Verse


Teach I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus using visuals found from the 2012 Outline for Sharing Time!  Also, check out a fun variation using finger lights for the pointing!

Camille's Primary Ideas: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Singing Time Ideas using keyword visuals
To teach the song, I’m Trying to Be like Jesus, use the instructions/activity found in the 2012 Primary Outline found HERE or 2017 Primary Outline found HERE.  Scroll down to the bottom and there you will find everything.
Display simple pictures with key words from each phrase of the song around the Primary room (such as be like, following, love, do and say, tempted, and listen), leaving the wall at the front of the room blank. Ask the children to listen while you begin singing the song. Invite them to point to a picture they think matches the words you sing. Ask one child to move it to the front wall. Have everyone sing that much of the song. Continue singing and repeat the activity for each picture. Then have the children sing the entire song several times. Briefly testify of the importance of trying to be like Jesus.
To print the visuals, click on the link that says “click here for images” found there.  You will have the option to print them in color (pages 1 – 9) or black and white (pages 10 – 18).  Don’t print the whole document otherwise you’ll print two copies – one in color, the other in black and white.
I’ve also uploaded the documents to my Resource Library if that’s easier.  Refer to the bottom of this post for instructions to access my Resource Library.

I put mine in plastic cover sheets so I don’t have to cut them out or laminate them.  I’ll tape them up around the Primary room before Primary starts.

Camille's Primary Ideas: I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Anyway, a great, easy lesson plan!  You know you can’t go wrong when you do what the Primary General Board suggests, right?

Time permitting, we’ll gradually remove pictures until all have been removed from the chalkboard.  

Finger Light Variation

Jennie commented below that she pointed with finger lights!  Such a great idea.  If you are not familiar with finger lights, check out my post HERE.**

Camille's Primary Ideas: Finger Lights Review for singing time

Video Demonstration

Check out my quick demonstration video for teaching I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus in singing time using this lesson plan:

You can also find this video on my YouTube channel HERE.  I’d love it if you’d like and subscribe!

More Singing Time Ideas

Check out more singing time ideas for Teaching I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Singing Time Ideas using keyword visuals

Find even more singing time ideas for teaching I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus HERE.

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus.


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10 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, 1st Verse”

  1. Thank you for posting this I couldn't get the link to work last week on my own but your link worked great! And I love the black and white version since I don't have a color printer!

  2. Well this wasn't very successful with my Jr.'s. Lately they have been out of control noisy. Whats your best way to turn off the noise and capture their interest? I would really love some advice!

    1. Sharee, sorry you are having a hard time with the little kids. What I've found that works best with Jr. Primary is to make sure they stay engaged. If they are bored, they will let you know. As is true with the older kids but they just show it differently.

      To do that, I usually always have them doing something with their hands whether that be holding objects, doing actions or pointing to things around the room (as I did with this activity).

      Then my next thing is I always try to keep the lesson moving. So for this activity, I didn't let the little kids take down the pictures and bring them up front – it took too long. So we just pointed to a card as they were sung, I took it off the wall and brought it to the chalkboard. We then sung the phrase then added on as we looked for and pointed to the next picture. Then I repeated it. It was fast moving. If we had time, they I would have taken down the pictures from the chalkboard one at a time as we repeated the song.

      Don't get discouraged. I'm having trouble with my older Sr. kids being too cool to participate or sing. Like this activity. It was very simple and they know the song pretty well already. They need a good challenge so this next week I'm going to try and do something a little different for them, we'll see how it turns out! I'll get it posted later this week.

      I don't know if any of this helped, but good luck!


  3. I used this point to the picture idea thanks to you!! BUT after they got the picture placement down, I added the finger lights! It was a huge hit!! You could see the pictures light up in the dark with everyone's light shining on them 😀

  4. I’m having a hard time finding a link to print the visuals. I’ve clicked on everything that looks like it might be it, but am not having success. What am I doing wrong? I also am having a hard time finding where I can access your resource library to try and search for it there.

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