2 Nursery Bags to GIVEAWAY!!


I’m excited to announce I’m finally ready for a little giveaway!

With most Primary Programs over, new choristers all called, and January just around the corner, I thought it would be perfect timing to give away 2 Nursery Bags…

I have to say, with all of my singing time lessons and ideas (some good and some NOT so good), the one that I love the most is my Nursery Bag.  I’ve used mine in 3 different wards and for over 4 years now.  I also use it almost every week for Family Home Evening with my young kids.

The nursery kids (including my own) have responded so well that I don’t bother changing anything about it.  The only downfall about the Nursery Bag is it’s a little bit of work up front (and a little money as well).  So that’s where I come in.  2 lucky winners will be the recipients of a fun Nursery Bag I’ve put together!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 Nursery Song Quick Reference List:  Lists all the songs in order, with page numbers, and includes whether a song is sung with actions or which specific prop.
  • 12 temple pictures in sheet protectors backed with colored card stock
  • 12 foam sun (beam!) necklaces, laminated and strung with yarn
  • 12 jingle bells on pipe cleaner
  • 12 multi-colored egg shakers in an egg carton
  • 12 missionary tags and clothes pins
  • 16 Latter-Day Saint Prophet sticks
  • 1 page of smiley face stickers
  • 1 bag

Now, there are 2 ways to enter:

  1. For the first entry, leave a comment on this post letting me know what activities, lesson plans, or ideas you’ve used from my blog that have worked well for you.  If you haven’t used any, look around and tell me if there are any you’d like to try.
  2. For a second entry, do one of the following and tell me which one (or all!) you did: Follow me on Pinterest, Follow by Email, or Become a Follower (all completed by clicking a few of the buttons to the right).  If you’ve already done some of these, just let me know.
Make sure with each comment/entry that you leave your first name and the first portion of your email address (example: chillgirlut@) so I can contact you if you are a winner.  And that’s all.  The giveaway starts right now and ends in one week which is the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 23rd at an unspecified time.

Good luck !!

Fine print:  If you are a winner, I will only be able to ship to the Continental United States so I’m sorry for those living outside the country (I would be happy to ship it to a family member or friend who lives in the US, however).

If you want to skip the giveaway and make your own, find out how I made them HERE.  Note that I have changed a few things.  Don’t worry, I made these ones better!  I made the sunbeam sticks into necklaces and the prophet sticks include all the Latter-day prophets instead of just President Monson.


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94 thoughts on “2 Nursery Bags to GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. Wow, you have no idea how many times you've saved me with this calling! Here’s just a few ideas I've used of yours:
    • “Wiggle Worms” and jar (which look exactly like yours)
    • Christmas Bells obbligato hand bells charts and Stand for the Right
    hand bell chart (I had the Primary buy the bells after I learned
    about them here)
    • “Name That Primary Song About Love” (which I plan to use this year
    as well because the kids loved it and I saved everything!)
    • “Fall Leaves” activity (the kids thought blowing the leaves off was
    awesome!) and this week I plan to use your “Thanksgiving Story”
    • Both General Conference blog ideas
    • “Weeping Mother” (the kids had a riot with this one)
    • Pioneer Day Making butter (which turned out very yummy if I do say
    so myself)
    • Melody charts for “As a Child of God” from Pat Graham (I too went
    to this class and loved it! It was so nice to see that you’d made
    the charts, which saved me a ton of time)
    • Big smiley face balloon for practicing the program in the chapel
    • The Olympic idea was awesome!!!
    • Actions for “Nephi’s Courage”
    • And of course your Nursery ideas, which I would love to have a set
    of your cute stuff!!
    And that’s just a few of them, lol! Thanks so much for all your time and creativity!!

  2. I originally heard about your blog through the Yahoo Group, which is probably the most amazing group ever! I also follow you through email and Pinterest. aubreyrentschler

  3. I have used so many of your ideas. It's blogs like yours that have saved me so many times as I'm preparing for Singing Time! I have used your Back to School backpack singing time, I've made a Wiggle Worm jar like yours, We did the Olympics singing time (which was so much fun!), We had fun with "Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime" like you suggested, Nephi's Courage actions (that our kids looked so cute doing in our Primary Program) and probably so many more ideas that I just can't think about right now! I just signed up to follow you by email! Thanks for all of your help! I would LOVE that fun nursery bag! amy@byu

  4. I have used many ideas from your blog. My primary kids loved the wiggle worm jar and your staying organized ideas have been very helpful. Thank you for all you do. I signed up to follow by email and follow you on pinterest. serendipitous.tam@

  5. I learned about your blog from my daughter.
    I've done the butter in the little medicine jars.
    I've used your bell charts.
    Wiggle Worms, they LOVED those.
    Actions for Nephi's Courage, great for reviewing the song.
    Christmas Bells bell chart.
    Stand for the Right Bell Chart.
    Can you see that I love bells?
    I am also doing bell charts for all of next years songs.
    Thank you for all of your sharing.

  6. I just learned about your blog from the yahoo group and I'm looking forward to going through more of your posts. I am going to start with finding the auxilliary training video you referenced. But I also hope to do more with singing time activities and helps to learn the songs next year. I get a bit bogged down because I generally am doing it all in Primary– teaching, singing, sharing time — so it's hard to find energy to spend a lot of time with it. We don't have a nursery in our ward, but our very young and small Primary (9 active kids) would enjoy using the props you have here. I'm in Nigeria, and even just a small sticker thills and motivates the Nigerian kids, but we have a house in Houston and will be back there for a month over the holidays, so I could receive it there if I am chosen. caroleew at gmail etc.

  7. I'm always reading your blog and I appreciate all the ideas and work you put into this! I use your ideas to stay organized (the monthly schedules) and I print the song lyrics out the way you do. A couple of my favorite lessons that I've used are your footprints to teach "choose the right" and the ribbon wands to teach "When I am Baptized" although I used multicolored scarves instead. You've been a lifesaver!

  8. The most recent ideas I've used are some of your tips for the program and also "you be the chorister." I love checking out your blog and all your great ideas. Thanks!

  9. Where do i even begin with what ideas of yours i've used? Many many many! 🙂 I loved the footprints, one per word, to learn the song. Also, handbells, Nephi's courage actions, to name a few.

  10. I used SO many of your ideas when I was the primary song leader. I was always given such wonderful compliments which I always gave you credit for! In the beginning of this year I was put in the primary presidency over nursery and music. I have completely reorganized our nursery. They used to just put on a primary cd and sing along with no actions, visuals, or stopping of the music. I immediately lead the children with some of your objects from this nursery bag and referred ALL of my nursery leaders to your blog for more ideas! I absolutely cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful ideas! Specifically, after our primary program I was put on the spot for singing time and had our senior primary play a variation of "Stump the Primary" I had recently seen on your blog and had wanted to do for awhile when I was the song leader! Thanks again! You're the best!
    cyndi.ford at gmail dot com

  11. Oh, how exciting! I just recently used your idea of the smiley face helium balloon for our chapel practice. It was great! I also follow your blog with your link on my blog roll. Thanks a bunch!

  12. I love all your wonderful ideas! I have used many, including the Children All Over the World last week. I also loved the falling leaves with the hairdryer idea! That was soooo much fun. I also loved your Olympic games ideas too. I want to try your idea about bells for the Christmas Bells Are Ringing song next month. I would really love to get one of your Nursery Bags because in my ward the primary schedule has always prevented the music leader from going to Nursery. But that will change in January! The problem is that there is nothing in terms of supplies for going to Nursery, so your bag would be so perfect (and and the perfect time too) for me. Again, thanks for all your ideas!!

  13. I also follow you on Pinterest and email. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I can't wait to try your Christmas song ideas.

  14. I just got called to be the music leader and I have bookmarked your site with asterisks!!!! I am doing your Thanksgiving Sing a Story tomorrow! Thank you so much for your creativity!

  15. I have kept up with your blog for almost a year now, and let me tell you – YOU HAVE BEEN MY LIFE SAVER! I have no music background – what so ever – yet, I was put in as a chorister in my ward primary. I also am not creative on my own, and have not served in primary before, so I was clueless as to what the children expect. I could tell you all the ideas that I've used, but that would take a very long time, because I use them all the time! Some of the greatest hits are primary olympics, stump the primary, back to school review, pictionary review…..many review ideas! The kids loved the Nephi's courage crown and searching for the Trying to be Like Jesus signs in the room.

    I would benefit from the nursery bag in a HUGE WAY! Maybe I could actually captivate their attention for once! 😉 thanks for all your help. You are such a blessing! Krystal at akjeppsen@msn.com

  16. I have used several of your ideas including Olympics and one your Thanksgiving idea tomorrow.

    I am also now following you on Pinterest (I am pretty sure I had your website pinned on my board to find you easily!)

    Love your nursery bags! They look awesome! Thanks!

  17. I actually just found this blog as I searched for Nursery ideas, so I am very thankful for the ideas here and the other 2 posts under that category! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!!

  18. Last week I did a 'fall leaves' singing time. Kids loved it! I've also used your "I'm trying to be like Jesus" flipchart. And I use your monthly schedules to get ideas for my schedule! Basically, I check your blog every week while planning singing time! You're awesome & I love all your wonderful ideas!

  19. I enjoy your website. I have used several of your ideas – or at least parts of several of them. Some that I have used that went really well are Stump the Primary, the Back to School Review, and the rainbows and rain idea for When I am baptized.

  20. I was called in mid-September, one month before the Primary Program. This month is the first I've been able to do non-program Singing Time. So far I've used your organization binder (posting the words to the songs) and today I adapted the idea for "I am Glad for Many Things", which the kids loved! I plan to use many more!!

    started to do singing time in Nursery last Sunday and used some of your ideas. They haven't had someone do the music in there at all so it is a learning curve for all of us. I could use all the help I can get and your nursery bag will be a huge boost! Thank you for all your ideas and taking the time to share them!

    ~ Lisa J

  21. I was just called last sunday. You're organize posts are so helpful, and the new chorister too. Its been so nice going through your blog for ideas. I hope my primary lets me get bells they look like so much fun!! I bet the kids would love them! This nursery packet would certainly help my non existent singing time tote. Thank you so much for all your hard work!


  22. I love your blog! I've used loads of ideas since I found your site about 6 months ago. You're actually the top blog site I go to for ideas. And when my SIL got called as a chorister a couple of months ago and asked me for tips, your blog was at the top of my list to her. A few of the ideas I've used are the Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story (I did that today – awesome!!), You Be The Conductor, I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, Nephi's Courage, some of your Nursery ideas (I've had "Make A Nursery bag" on my to-do list for 6 months, but still haven't found the time to make one. I sing the songs you suggested, though, and have made the jingle bell pipe cleaners…yeah, I still have a long way to go!), handbell tips and helps, and a bunch of your review games and ideas.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work! You make life easier for choristers like me who are still feeling overwhelmed by this calling.


  23. I am a follower on Pinterest, by Email, and on your blog. I LOVE all of your ideas! I have printed MANY of them out and put them in my files. I am hoping to get back into Nursery or Primary Chorister so I can use these great ideas. I love the wiggle worm idea and have made them for my sisters for their files also.

    Thanks so much!

  24. Your blog is one of my most favorite resources. I used the organization techniques when I was first called, and it was SO helpful! I am still intending to do the wiggle worms jar. There are many things I've used as ideas – thanks for all you do!

    Joo Lin

  25. I've used several of your ideas – most recently the autumn leaves activity/songs of Thanksgiving. Who would have thought kids could have such fun with a blow dryer! ruthsgammer@

  26. I have used many ideas from you over the last 2 years and they have usually been a success. If they have failed its usually because of my preparation or I didn't modify it well enough for 120 kids in primary. The wiggle worm jar was a great sucess recently. Great for the days you have a substitute. Thanks for everything you post. Its just a great idea generator!

  27. I was just called as a chorister and I just discovered your blog! I'm going to make my own binder right away, what a great idea! I also love the idea for blowing the leaves off the tree to choose a song. Thank you!

  28. Most recently, I used your "you be the conductor" review game, but I use your ideas all the time! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your calling and this blog.


  29. I have used a lot of your ideas, and most of them have worked great! My primary loved the back to school backpack, using the puppets for nephi's courage, dressing up as pioneers, and many others. I love your blog and your easy to use ideas! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. I have used your primary Olympics! Super fun, we loved it! I have used so many others. One I used recently was the children all over the world posters. Everyone was impressed. Ashley and my email is ashleymccune08@

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