Fall Leaves

I’m going to try a “fall leaves” singing time this Sunday…
I picked the following 15 songs that we’ll be singing:
  • Thanks to Thee  p. 6 Disc 1, Track #4
  • I Thank Thee, Dear Father  p. 7  Disc 1, Track #5
  • Father We Thank Thee for the Night p. 8 Disc 1, Track #6
  • Can a Little Child Like Me? p. 9 Disc 1, Track #7
  • Thank Thee For Everything p. 10  Disc 1, Track #8
  • I’m Thankful to Be Me p. 11   Disc 1, Track #9
  • Children All Over The World   p. 16  Disc 1, Track #13
  • A Song of Thanks p. 20  Disc 1, Track #16
  • Thanks to our Father  p. 20  Disc 1, Track #17
  • For Health and Strength  p. 21 Disc 1, Track #18
  • For Thy Bounteous Blessings  p. 21 Disc 1, Track #19
  • Thank Thee, Father  p. 24  Disc 1, Track #24
  • It’s Autumntime p. 246 Disc 5, Track #17
  • Autumn Day p. 247 Disc 5, Track #18
  • I am Glad for Many Things p. 151**
**This song will be sung differently than the rest**
We’ll be singing along with each of these on the Children’s Primary Songs CD (except I am Glad for Many Things) just because I think a lot of them are not well known.  I also will post the words to each of these songs (again, except for I am Glad for Many Things).  You can find out how I post the words HERE.
I have 25 die cut leaves that are cut from fall-colored construction paper (reference the picture above).  I wrote all the songs listed above (AGAIN, except I am Glad for Many Things) on the leaves along with their page number in the songbook and their disc/track #’s for easy reference.  That used up 14 leaves.
For the other 11 leaves, I wrote the following:
  • “What is your favorite temple?” on 2 leaves
  • “What is a gospel principle that brings you blessings?” on 3 leaves
  • “Who is your favorite Book of Mormon hero?” on 2 leaves
  • “Who is someone you look up to in our ward?” on 2 leaves
  • “Who is your favorite person in the Bible?” on 2 leaves
Now, the answers the kids come up with for these questions will be used to sing with I am Glad for Many Things.
Each leaf has a magnet stuck on the stem of each leaf.  They are the magnets from a roll and I just cut them into small, thin pieces.  I placed the magnets on the same side as the writing so when they are hung on the chalk board, the blank side will face out.
I’m bringing colored chalk to draw a big brown tree on the chalkboard.
Now for the kicker – I’m bringing my blow dryer (and an extension cord just in case I need more length) to blow those leaves off the tree!
Before Primary, I’ll draw my big, brown tree on the chalkboard and fill it with the 25 leaves.  Then I’ll plug in the blow dryer and get my CD player all set up with my CD’s.  Pretty simple.
To play I’ll just have kids come up and stand with the blow dryer and try to blow a leaf off the tree.  Depending on how well they all stick, I’ll make kids back up or come forward.Whatever leaf falls is what song will be sung.
Now, when a question leaf (those 11 leaves listed above) falls off, we will sing their answer using the song I am Glad for Many Things.  For instance, if a child picks a leaf that asks “what is a gospel principle that brings you blessings?” and they say “Primary,” we’d sing “I am glad for PRIMARY. PRIMARY. PRIMARY. I am glad for PRIMARY that is mine today.”  And so on.  So any time one of these 11 leaves is picked, we’ll sing their answer with the song I am Glad for Many Things.  Does that make sense?
I think the kids will have a blast (pun intended!) blowing all these leaves down!! UPDATE:  For Jr. Primary I scrapped all the 15 songs on the CD and we just sang I AM GLAD FOR MANY THINGS the way I have listed above.  The little kids really enjoyed it.  When a leaf was blown down, I just didn’t do what was on the back of it.  I had the list of 5 questions  above and I went through it about 4 times.  It was fun to see all their answers.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Leaves”

  1. Another fun idea! I am glad for many things idea will come in so handy this month! Yay!

    I can't remember whether I posted a thanks for the you be the conductor idea, but it was fantastic and really helped our last program review day go extremely smoothly while adding the challenge and fun. I really appreciate your ideas and posting your links to primusic. Thank you, thank you!

  2. You are AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I am so excited that I found your site. I was called 4 weeks before our primary program (last week) and now that it is over, I actually have to prepare. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ideas!

  3. Thank you for the time you put into sharing your ideas with us. I am new to the calling and have found your site to be the most helpful and realistic (and fun and creative and awesome and simple!!!) I am using nearly all your November ideas! Thank you.

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