Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, Chorus, Part 1

For my singing time lesson plan this week, I am teaching the chorus to Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus using these beauties:
Last week I sent out a mass text to my family and friends in my neighborhood to help me collect toilet paper rolls for this Sunday.  One friend brought hers over so I still need to go collect the rest this weekend.
I thought this would be a fun, simple way to learn the chorus.  The kids will use these as bugles/trumpets, call them whatever.  My idea came about while thinking about the Angel Moroni with his trumpet(?) and the Angel Gabriel announcing the coming of the Lord with their instruments.  I’m sure my thoughts are completely incorrect as I do not claim to be a Scriptorian so bear with me.   Nonetheless, this is the conclusion I came to and I may or may not discuss these thoughts of mine with the Primary kids.
So for the activity, I’m going to just write out the words of the chorus on the chalkboard.  We’ll read and sing the words.  Then I’ll ask the Primary if anyone knows what “Hosanna” means (as it’s the first 2 words in the chorus).  We’ll talk about it’s definition which is:
  • an exclamation, originally an appeal to God for deliverance, used in praise of God or Christ.
  • a cry of “hosanna.”
  • a shout of praise or adoration; an acclamation. 
I’ll proceed to pass out the “bugles” (one for each child – no sharing, yuck!) and tell the kids we are going to “shout praises of adoration” using those cute little rolls.

I’ll erase one of the “Hosanna” words and we’ll “bugle” that word, while just singing the other words without the tp rolls.  I’ll continue to erase another word, and the Primary will get to “bugle” more words as they are gradually erased.  Eventually being able to “bugle” the whole song with no words on the board.  

Since Jr. Primary mostly can’t read, I’ll still have the words up and we’ll just read them all together.  We’ll review the words we’ve erased and they can try to remember which ones to “bugle.”
I’m assuming this portion of the activity won’t take long so I’m most likely going to add the bells after we’ve learned the words to the chorus.  The kids can go home with their bugles as I won’t be using them again.

Find Part 2 HERE, using the handbells!  Then find Part 3 HERE for teaching the verses.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus using Singing Time Lesson Plan using a felt board

UPDATE:  I just have to share how singing time with the toilet paper rolls went today…it was a total hit.  I’ve never had kids sing their little hearts out.  Even those little 11-year old stinker boys sang!  It always amazes me how the most simple things tend to be the most successful.

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2 thoughts on “Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, Chorus, Part 1”

  1. My primary loves to do sign language. Here are the signs for the song SAMUEL TELLS OF THE BABY JESUS

    Said Samuel – finger from lips to S handshape bounces
    Within 5 YEARs -HIGH 5, then the S handshapes revolve around each other to represent the movement of the earth once around the sun.
    The horizontal arm and hand represent the earth (or the horizon). The other hand crosses over the top of the 'horizon' represents the sun going down
    will be as DAY
    The horizontal arm represents the surface of the earth. The moving hand represents the movement of the sun across the sky during the day.
    and BABY JESUS – Rock like a baby or add-
    The middle finger of one hand touches the middle of the palm of the other hand then this action is repeated with the middle finger of the other hand. This action indicates the wounds in Jesus' hands after he was nailed to the cross.
    will be born – One arm flat, the other hand goes below indicates the birth of a baby.
    in a LAND
    The signs DIRT (hands closed in front of you) and AREA (open hands as they come forward to make a circle) are combined.
    FAR far away
    One A handshape moves away from the other A handshape to show that something is not close by (that something is far away).

    The hands touch together (like cymbals) and are thrown up and waved in the spirit of celebration.
    Gladly Sing – swelling motion at chest then one arm out, the other leads music above it.
    How Blessed – thumbs come down from lips with hands ready to bless
    that our Lord was born – L sash and birth (under extended arm)
    Let earth – L's and wrist grab
    RECEIVE – The hands grab something and pull it in.
    The K handshape moves from the chest to the waist while crossing the body. The movement indicates the location of the royal sash worn by kings.

    Across the Sea (like B of M stories)
    In Bethlehem (CITY) – Several roof peaks are indicated to show that there are many houses.
    Lord Jesus – sash with L
    came to EARTH
    The thumb and middle finger pinch the side of the wrist which represents the earth rotating on its axis.
    As Sam-u-el (shake S)
    had prophesied – PROPHECY
    The sign SEE (fingers in a V by eyes) moves under the arm of the other hand. Trying to see into the future but not knowing for sure what will happen.
    and ANGELs – movement of the hands by shoulders indicate the wings associated with angels.
    Sang his birth (wave music hand and then duck under arm)

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