2013 Primary Music CD Challenge & Cover

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I’ve received two questions from readers over the weekend…
One asking if I’m planning to do a 2013 CD Challenge – last year I implemented a 2012 CD Challenge (if you don’t know what it is, find it HERE).  I’ve decided to not do it this year.  But my CD challenge works for any year if you want to implement it into your primary
The first and main reason is hardly any of the kids participated.  Of the 30 families in our Primary, I’d have 1, maybe 2 of the families turn in their papers.  So, for lack of interest, I quit doing it about April last year.
I was also finding it to be one more thing to try to fit into my 20 minute block of time and it was just too much.  I’d end my singing time lesson only to forget to hand out my monthly handouts or collect them back in, etc.
I’d love to know if anyone tried this last year, what you changed, what worked, what didn’t work.  Maybe get more ideas on how to simplify it or make it better.  A reader commented last year that they handed out the whole year’s worth of challenges in January on a single sheet of paper and made it in “tear-off” form so the kids could just bring in their little slip each month.
My next question was if I have my 2013 CD Cover…and yes, I’ve updated that post with the link.  Find it HERE.  It’s nothing amazing and really plain and simple so I just assumed no one wanted to use it.
If you have more questions, keep them coming!  I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.

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3 thoughts on “2013 Primary Music CD Challenge & Cover”

  1. I really like the idea of a CD challenge, but I felt like it would be too much work for me! So here's my very simplified version. Each month any child who can show me that they have the monthly song downloaded onto their mobile device will get a treat. If they don't have a mobile device they can show me their CD (to prove they still know where it is) and tell me the last time they listened to it. I haven't tried it out yet, I hope it will work!

  2. I did it last year after seeing your idea! And there were only a small handful of kids who did them all, but we had pretty decent participation when I opened up the requirements to include listening to / or singing any of the program songs at home or listening to the CD. They got a participation prize for that at the end. I only had one disgruntled mom complaint. 🙁 this year I'm going to give the kids a book mark as soon as they turn in their first slip (motivate everyone else without singling out those that didn't do it) and every month is going to be the same: teach your family the song OR draw a picture while you listen to it OR play it on an instrument. I got lots of good feedback last year and I could tell that the kids were practicing at home.

  3. I was called later in the year and the previous chorister had not done a CD. So I waited until closer to our Primary Program and created a "12 Weeks 'til our Program" challenge (a spoof off of the 12 Days of Christmas). I had quite a lot of participation the first month and a half. And there were a handful of die-hards that did it every week through the end.

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