Hu{La-La} Hoop Review!

We’ll be reviewing our January – April primary program songs this Sunday in singing time using a fun Hula Hoop Review activity:
(found these at Wal-Mart)
I ran across the idea on LDS Chorister’s Facebook page.  If you are not a member, find out how you join HERE.
Anyway, super simple and I think it will help cure my Primary kids of their SEVERE spring fever!  I can’t get them to sit still lately for the life of me.
To use in singing time simply have 2 children come up and start to “hula” with the hoops.  The rest of the Primary begins singing the first song.  As soon as both hoops have dropped, the Primary stops singing and the hula hoopers go pick new (but also best singing!) hula hoopers and we’ll continue singing where we left off.
The goal of the hula hooper is to keep the primary singing for as long as possible.  I’ll be EXTRA lenient with the Jr. Primary as a lot of them may not even be able to do it.  Perhaps I’ll just give them one minute to “hula” as the rest of the Primary “cheers” them on by singing to them!
If I find we’re stopping way too often, I may give everyone 2 chances to drop their hula hoop before we switch kids.  My goal will be to try to get through all the songs we’ve learned this year!

UPDATE:  If I’m being honest, this lesson plan was a total flop for me.  The kids were crazy and the Senior primary didn’t want to hula hoop at all.  No one sang as the kids were hula hooping.  Instead they were all laughing.  I suppose you can’t win them all!  Hopefully you’ve had better success than me with this activity.

Sandra suggested below to have kids use their arms to spin the hula hoop instead of the regular way around their bodies.  That might be a better option.


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5 thoughts on “Hu{La-La} Hoop Review!”

  1. I love this site and I love that you are on the Facebook page too. REally, so many good ideas! But I wanted to post my review of the hula hooping just so others can be prepared for a variety of outcomes.

    I did the hula looping in primary today… I can't say I will do it again though. My Jr primary is about 20 kids and only about 4 could hula hoop. As kids that couldn't hula came up they looked so funny trying to hula everyone was just laughing and no singing was done. I was reviewing the 4 songs for this year so far and i didn't feel they got any "song learning" out of it. I switched to another activity to finish the rest of singing time.

    Sr primary went much better. More kids knew how to hula and we sang more. But when the few kids that didn't have a clue how to hula tried, everyone just laughed. Some of the kids didn't mind, but I could tell some kids didn't like being laughed at. For this reason I won't be using it again.

  2. Instead of hula hooping, perhaps the kids could spin the hula on their arm (like at their wrist). thinking everyone could do that so no laughing. or use a smaller ring of some sort. just a thought.

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