I Stand All Amazed

When teaching very reverent songs like I Stand All Amazed, I really try to keep the visuals to a minimum and only use church approved material.  Just my preference.  Sometimes with less visuals, it’s easier to let the spirit do the teaching (and note that I said SOMETIMES).  Plus, it’s always nice to give my printer a break, ha!
When we learn hymns, I like to only do the 1st verse.  I feel it’s enough to get the kids to recognize it when it’s sung.  Okay, and I’d stress if I taught more than one verse – the hymns can be a little overwhelming.  If I want the rest of the verses sung in the program, the congregation can chime in.
I thought for this month I’d incorporate teaching the Senior Primary some basic music theory as we learn the song.  Now, I’m no music major but I know enough to hold my own (thank you Mr. Waldron from my high school Madrigal choir!!).  But if you don’t, no worries – just teach yourself right along with the kiddos ;).  Or even better, try to have them teach you!  Any kids that have had any musical background will be a great asset and they’d love it too.
I liked what Sister Pat Graham suggested for teaching this song so a lot of my ideas come from there (find her lesson plan HERE – you have to scroll down and it’s a JPEG picture titled “Hymns: “I  Stand All Amazed” and “Let the Holy Spirit Guide”).
And then I’ll be incorporating what the 2014 CSMP Outline suggests (find the lesson plan HERE and scroll down to March): using these 4 Gospel Art Book (GAB) pictures:
GAB 116:
GAB 108:
GAB 57:
GAB 56:
You can download and print each of these images HERE or you can purchase the Gospel Art Book at the Distribution Center or online and take it apart which is what I’ve done (see how I’ve done that HERE and scroll down a bit).  I’ll put them on the board using magnets as we cover each section.
So for Senior Primary, each of the kids will get their own photo copy of I Stand All Amazed and a colored pencil.  We’ll just be tearing it apart musically.  They’ll need to write their names as we’ll be using it for 2 weeks.  This is what we’ll cover:
  • Post GAB pictures of Christ with each line
  • Discuss the title – do we really “stand” all amazed or is this more figurative speaking?  How so?
  • Tempo and the “mood” of the song
  • Time Signature – we’ll learn to lead 3/4 time
  • Find the melody and color those notes – play dot-to-dot with our pencils
  • Pitch lead with our pencils
  • Define unknown words with the dictionary and write in their definition
  • Learn how to crescendo (get louder) and decrescendo (get softer)
  • Find note patterns in the notes (wonderful, care for me, die for me) and clap them out
  • Locate and circle the rhyming words
  • Draw in breathing marks on each of the phrases
  • Discuss what this song is about, how they feel about all Christ did for each of us
  • I may pass out wands with Senior Primary the 2nd week – they like them just as much as the Junior!
Now for Junior Primary, obviously passing out a sheet of music won’t work ;).  I’d still like to teach them a little theory but in very simple terms.  So I’m going to be passing out wands (see where I got mine HERE):
This is what we’ll cover:
  • Post GAB pictures of Christ with each line
  • Have them listen to the music and move their wands to how it makes them feel
  • Pitch lead (move the wands up or down depending on how the notes are)
  • Make the wands bounce when the song does (wonderful, care for me, die for me)
  • Listen and then sing the rhyming words – raise your wands when you hear a word rhyme
  • Raise wands every time we hear “wonderful”
  • Create actions with our wands (when we sing “stand,” have them lift up their wands, make a heart shape when we sing “love,” shake the wand like it’s trembling for “tremble,” make a cross for “crucified,” for “suffered” touch a palm with the wand where Christ had nails, etc.)
  • Learn how to crescendo (get louder, vigorously shaking wands) and decrescendo (get softer, shaking softly)
  • Sing the song legato or smoothly and wave the wands back and forth the same way
  • Define new words but without a dictionary
  • Breathing techniques – draw a “rainbow” with their wands and only breathe at the end of the phrase or “rainbow”
You can find the continuation of my lesson plan HERE.  I have a fun code I posted which the kids really enjoyed!  I also have a copy of my bell chart for this song which you can find more details on using the chart HERE then download it using the access button below.
Camille's Primary Ideas: I Stand All Amazed Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea using Handbells

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13 thoughts on “I Stand All Amazed”

  1. I didn't know where to start – lots of big words and the concept of the cruxifiction seemed too much especially for those under 8 years of age. Thank you for your ideas and for sharing them. Please know how much I appreciate your blog. Sabine

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! I bought a GAK to cut apart for my visual aids. I also bought each packet of pictures that correlate with the Primary manuals to use for visuals (from the Distribution Center). I also save my old Ensigns and cut pictures out of them. 😉

    1. I'll be honest, I haven't looked at it yet. My pianist said it looked a little difficult and she's pretty good at the piano. I've passed along your request to Joy over at LDSBlueSkiesMusic and maybe she can do something. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.


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