Daddy’s Homecoming


Teach this classic Primary song in singing time around Father’s Day!  Put together this dad puzzle as you teach Daddy’s Homecoming in singing time.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Daddy's Homecoming Puzzle Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Create a Dad Puzzle

A few years back, I made this dad puzzle.  However, I didn’t save any of my work, digitally.
Lucky for you, I created a NEW dad puzzle for you!  Find him below using the Access Resource Library button.
Simply print the pages on card stock and cut around each of the main features on the page (see the example of how I did mine above).  Omit all the extra stuff.
For instance, on the picture below, don’t cut out any of his green shirt but cut down below his neckline.  You will want to cut around the hair, separating it from the head, so it can be it’s own piece.
On the below image, only cut out the left side of his green shirt:
Now cut out the other side of the green shirt.
Now only his arm and hands, omitting the green shirt and pants.
And his other arm and hands, omitting again, the green shirt and pants.
Here, cut around all the belt/pant area.  You’ll need to cut around the thumbs.

The legs may be too long on this sheet so match it up with the page above to know exactly where the legs meet.  Then cut off the feet as they are their own pieces.

Once all cut out, laminate your pieces and place magnet strips (using either hot glue or magnetic tape) on the back like this:
Check out more details about magnetic tape HERE.
The various parts being:
  1. I’m so glad when Daddy comes home
  2. Glad as I can be
  3. Clap my hands
  4. Shout for joy
  5. Climb upon his knee
  6. Put my arms around his neck
  7. Hug him tight like this
  8. Pat his cheeks
  9. Give him what?
  10. A great big kiss

Then we play Charades with the puzzle. A child comes up, picks up piece #1, acts it out, when the action is guessed, the piece is placed on the board.

Sing that first line. Then repeat until all the pieces are on the board and you’ve sung the whole song. It’s really easy and really fun.


If you want to sing another song, just divide your song into 10 phrases or sections, tape the phrases on the back and have the pieces put together in order and you sing the various phrases as they are added to the board.
If you want to sing multiple Father’s Day songs, just put a different song name on the back of each piece and sing that song when the piece is hung on the board.  Here are few songs appropriate for Father’s Day found in the Children’s Songbook:
  • A Happy Family (#198)
  • Daddy’s Homecoming (#210)
  • Fathers (#209)
  • Home (#192)
  • Love Is Spoken Here (#190)
  • My Dad (#211)
  • Quickly I’ll Obey (#197)
  • Teach Me to Walk in the Light (#177)
  • The Dearest Names (#208)
  • When We’re Helping (#198)
If your kids don’t know some of these songs, I’d recommend posting the words like I do HERE
Make sure to scroll through all of my Father’s Day posts HERE.
Camille's Primary Ideas: Don't Wake Dad Father's Day Singing Time Lesson Plan Activity

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