Lip Sync Review

A few months ago, Jennifer on LDS Primary Music Leaders Facebook Page posted an activity called Lip Sync Review that she came up with:
“…Printed pictures on card stock, cut out the mouths. Put them on the chalkboard backwards so the picture could not be seen. Child picks one, there was a corresponding song to go with the picture. Child got to sing the song with their lips thru the picture… Super easy prep!”
I LOVED the idea, as did 538+ choristers out there!  My only issue with it was the artwork.  Such a great idea needed great artwork!  So I mustered up the nerve to ask Erin over at OCD Primary Chorister to see if she’d illustrate the activity!  And being as FABULOUS as she is, she did it!
So, with that said, here’s my take on the Lip Sync activity!  I will be using it to review our primary program songs…

You can access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Print on card stock (I also wrote the name of the scripture hero on the bottom) and laminate (you’ll probably want to laminate this one so you can wipe it off, just in case!!).  Cut out the mouths (I used an X-acto knife).  Here are all their names:

Captain Moroni
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph Smith
Stripling Warrior
To play, place up to 9 of the characters on the floor in the front of the primary room, facing downward.  Call up the same amount of kids to come grab a picture and place it over their face.  Their goal is to make their character sing the very best that they can.
All the primary kids (including the ones seated) will sing the first verse of the first song (I’ll probably work January – August in order).  After each verse, we’ll try to quickly discuss how certain characters sang well:
  • “Look how Joseph knew the words!”
  • “Mary sang out so beautifully!”
  • “Noah was never louder than lovely!”
  • “Esther was so reverent!” 
And so on.
When finished, the kids will put their papers back on the floor face down.  I will switch up the order so they can’t pick certain characters.  Then I’ll call up 9 more kids and we’ll repeat with the 2nd verse/song, talk about how well they sang, and keep rotating.  I’m hoping lots of kids will get lots of turns to lip sync with various characters.  With this week being a 5th Sunday, this could easily take up the whole time!!

I had to try them out with a few of my own kids (oh, what fun!!)…

Again, a huge thank you to Jennifer and Erin!!
Starting next week I’ll begin a program-ready activity that will take us until the program to complete.  More to come!

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Lip Sync Review.


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25 thoughts on “Lip Sync Review”

  1. Those are super cute. I would love to use them. I'm a little worried that some of the kids would be silly and distract everyone else instead of singing with them. Have you actually used them in primary yet? How did it go? I would love to hear how it went for you.

    1. I used them last week – you are spot on with your prediction! Some of the kids were silly and didn't sing and others were distracted, but that was mostly in Sr. My Jr. primary did great. It was a fun shake up, I'd still do it again. Hope that helps!


  2. I really love this idea for a song were reviewing, Heroes of the Scriptures, it would be perfect! Do you think you might help me with convincing your talented friend to make a couple more people? All the characters depicted you have are in the song! Except Joseph of Egypt. Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  3. Hi Heather!

    I didn't draw these otherwise I'd totally make one for President Monson. Erin at OCD Primary Chorister did – her blog is the first link above. Try leaving her a comment, she's great! Otherwise, I'd maybe suggest just taking an 8×10 picture of President Monson's and cutting out his month.

    Sorry I'm not more help!


  4. This is sooooooo cute! I can't wait to do it! Thanks for all your work to come up with such darling characters! You ladies are amazing!! Thanks for sharing, too! You make our lives so much easier!!

  5. I love this game and your idea of saying what each child is doing well. To add an extra element of fun, I am thinking I'll print off some awards using the ideas you discussed (most reverent, never louder than lovely, etc.) I think the kids in my primary will be super excited to earn awards! I'll print off enough for each child. Thanks again for the fun idea!

  6. The kid in the green shirt has me stumped. Who is he??? The link to find the names of all the characters goes to an inactive page. If I can't come up with someone for him to be, I just won't use him.

  7. When I heard this I fell in love but I turned the corner with it just a bit. I made caricatures of all the primary teachers and presidency and used THEIR faces instead. I also gave them musical names that matched theirs, for instance "Melodic Melanie" , "Singing Sandra", "Yodeling Yates", "Descant Debbie", "Caroling Carol", "Baritone Bishop" (he's the only one I didn't use his first name on), etc. I wish I could tell you how wickedly delighted I was when it occurred to them it was their own self (oh the looks on their faces was to die for!) and the kids were thrilled!! It was sooo funny and cute, I loved how personal it was; it was a HUGE hit!!!!!

  8. You have no idea how many Sundays you have saved my bacon! I love your whole site and can't tell you how grateful my entire primary is to you! This idea is fantastic. My husband about died when I came in to our room this morning singing Scripture Power.

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      The file is on my Resource Library (a link that gets emailed to you when you sign up) under Category Title > Lip Sync Review. I’ll email you the direct link.


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