Christmas Singo

Here’s my NEW and IMPROVED Christmas SINGO to use in singing time!  Complete with 25 Singo sheets and 3 Calling Card pages!  We will be playing Singo the Sunday after Christmas.  It’s a fun, low-key game that involves lots of singing, movement and is SUPER easy.  Did I mention it’s also fun?
Do your presidency a favor and offer to take the whole time so they don’t have to plan a lesson as this will take more than 20 minutes to finish (Merry Christmas, right?).  If you can’t get the whole time, omit (or VERY quickly discuss) the symbols and move on.  Or, even better have it run for 2 weeks!!
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Download the 25 Singo sheets using my Resource Library.  Access and more information is at the bottom of this post.
Some are having difficulty downloading the full 25 page document.  I’ve also uploaded single singo sheets (now that’s a mouthful!) just in case it works better for you to download each individually.
UPDATE:  I now have 70 individual singo sheets available!  Download them as individual sheets.  To create one file with 70 is too big so 1-25 is still one document but 26-70 are all individual sheets.
I printed mine on white card stock and placed in sheet protectors.  I prefer sheet protectors for these over laminating because it’s cheaper AND I put 25 green squares of construction paper as my markers in each pocket.  If you don’t want to cut that many squares, I’d recommend bringing in the Christmas M&M’s and the kids can eat them after you are finished playing!
These are the calling cards I created:
Download them using the access button at the bottom of this post (something is wrong with Google Viewer for this document and I can’t figure it out.  But, if you download the actual document to your computer, there should be 3 pages and you can print it from there).
I printed mine on white card stock and cut them out.  Then on the back side, I hand wrote a few of the symbols that weren’t obvious (all the nativity participants are what I consider obvious).  Here’s what I jotted down in not so many words:
  • Star: The star was fulfillment of the promise that a new star would arise on the night of Christ’s birth.  The people of the Book of Mormon also saw the star, as well as the Wise Men that came from the East.
  • Candy Cane: “the candy cane is widely recognized as a reproduction of a shepherd’s staff.” (Bruce D. Porter “King of Kings”) The crook on the staff helps to bring back sheep that have strayed.  the candy cane is the symbol of Christ being our shepherd.
I found this fun book about the candy cane that would be fun to read:

  • Christmas Wreath: “The Christmas wreath originated in remembrance of the crown of thorns worn by the Savior on the cross; it may also remind us that God’s plan is “one eternal round.” (Bruce D. Porter “King of Kings”)” The wreath symbolizes eternity and the eternal nature of Christ’s love.  it is a circle, without beginning and without end.”
  • Christmas Bells: “Christmas bells can serve as heralds of his coming.” (Bruce D. Porter “KIng of Kings”)
  • Tree Lights: Remind us that Christ is the light of the world.
  • Christmas Stockings: “Even the Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace may bring to mind those who have neither shoes nor stockings, whose store of worldly goods is bare, prompting us to reach out and share with the needy at this time of year.  In the symbols and traditions of Christmas, all things bear record of him.” (Bruce D Porter “King of Kings”)
  • Gifts: We give and receive gifts at Christmas time in remembrance of Heavenly Father’s greatest gift of all: His son Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas Tree: The green color of the evergreen tree remains green all year round.  our Christmas trees represent eternal life – the greatest gift from our Savior.  The needles point heavenward, reminding us of Christ.
  • Santa: generosity and kindness.
I also came across this book entitled We Believe in Christmas that talks about the many Christmas symbols:

I then laminated the calling cards and placed them in a small bag.
Now to play, there are several variations…
  1. Hand a sheet to each child and everyone competes against each other.  I’d recommend this variation for Senior Primary ONLY.  Have them turn around and place their sheet on their chair and they kneel on the floor.  Then, when it’s time to sing, everyone turns around and stands up.  It provides some great movement.
  2. Give each class a sheet and everyone can gather around their teacher and play against classes.  This is great for larger primaries and young kids.  Again, everyone can turn around to face the front when you sing.
  3. Print off one or two Singo sheets as large poster sizes either at Costco OR I “tiled” 2 of the Singo sheets so each will print on 6 pages.  You can then piece them together on the chalkboard.  Download using the access button below (again, something is wrong with Google Viewer so just download the items to your computer and all the pages should be there).  Use more magnets as your markers (or use the calling cards to cover matches) and have the primary just fill in the singo chart if only using one chart.  Kids can come up and draw a calling card out of the bag.  If you print off two, the primary can compete against the teachers or boys, vs. girls, etc.  Note that if you only use 1 or 2 sheets, there may be calling cards that you will not be using so make sure to remove them!
No matter your variation, how you play is the same: pull out a calling card and everyone who has that same item on their Singo sheet covers it with their marker (not all items are on each sheet).  If a song is pulled – sing it!  I’d recommend posting words to all the songs (see how I do that HERE).  If a symbol is pulled – briefly discuss its meaning.  The middle is a “FREE SPACE” and everyone gets to cover that one when you begin.
When someone reaches 5 in a row, they call out “SINGO!” and you can figure out some sort of reward.  You can bring silly hats for their teacher to wear, a treat, Christmas stickers, etc.  I’ve got a few more ideas HERE.  They can then go for blackout.  If you use M&M’s as your markers, they can eat them once their sheet is full.
I hope you enjoy these!  They are a great annual game to pull out at Christmas every year!  If you need a few more pages, leave a comment and maybe I can put a FEW more together :).
And also just want to thank everyone for enjoying my material.  This website has become a really fun hobby for me.  All the kind comments everyone has to say make it TOTALLY worth my while.  So I’ll be seeing y’all next year with LOTS more lesson plans and posts!  Here’s to another great year!
Merry Christmas!!

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Christmas > Christmas Singo.


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47 thoughts on “Christmas Singo”

  1. I've been the primary chorister for over a year now and it's amazing ideas like this that not only get me through singing time, but make me love my calling. It's been SO good for me.
    THANK YOU for your creativity and willingness to share your ideas. It's so appreciated! Merry Christmas!

  2. This is so awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work and time! You are such a great example and so much help to so many of us choristers i'm sure! Can't thank you enough! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your blog has saved me as a newly-called primary chorister. Being able to use your schedule and ideas has been the biggest tender mercy. Thank you thank you thank you for taking time to post all that you do and to make it shareable!!

  4. Camille, this is my 5th "tour of duty" as Primary chorister. I am also 60 years old. I am grateful for your blog as i still love the kids but don't want to think up new ideas every week. Why reinvent the wheel? so, thank you, thank you! All I do is buy new color cartridges!!

  5. This is my second week as Primary Chorister…I was terrified when I got this calling! Thank you for this amazing resource for those of us (ME) that are not quite as creative and don't want to reinvent the wheel!!

  6. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. I used the Singo game today and didn't notice until the kids pulled the cards, but there are pictures in the calling cards that are not on the game board 1. I printed it to use as a whole primary. Just thought I'd mention to others who might use one game board for the whole group that there are some symbols that you might not need!

  7. Hi Melanie,

    I don't have them in Word – I created them in a different software. Sorry I'm not more help! You could probably download each PDF, export it as a JPEG file then open a word document and insert the JPEG file. Sorry I'm not more help.


  8. For singing time I wanted to do something where we decorated a Christmas tree, and through that process talk about the symbols of Christmas. But, I couldn't quite get it to all come together. I came across your Christmas Singo and it is a perfect way to tie it all in together! As a reward for getting a "singo" I will let the child put an ornament on our Christmas tree (which will coincide with the symbols). Thank you for another great idea and resource, Camille! You are my got to girl! 🙂

  9. Is there a file with just the nativity pictures you used? I thought it would be nice to be able to make bigger pictures of the nativity and I could put it together on the chalkboard as they were drawn… Make sense? I would copy them into my program but some of the wording is over the picture…
    Thanks for all the great ideas! I love them.


  10. Hi Amy,

    I made these a few years ago with a simple scrapbooking software. Now I create everything in Photoshop. But I LOVE your idea of doing one for Pioneer Day! I'm going to file that idea away and make one in July! Thanks for the tip!!


  11. I did this yesterday and the kids loved it. Thank you so much for being so generous with your wonderful ideas! This is my 3rd time serving as chorister (after a 7 year break) and your site has helped me get back in the swing of things. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. This has nothing to do with Singo but this is the post I’m reading today so I thought I would just comment on here. I did it. I bought bells and took them to primary and….it was a huge hit! Thank you for your detailed posts and all the material you post here. It gives me the courage to try new things!

  13. It is very generous of you to let us use this! I'm using it to teach my class in China about the Christian holiday of Christmas- Our unit is about religious festivals! (Also going to use it in Primary)
    I've made a Bingo before and it is SOOOO TIME CONSUMING! Sure glad this one is done! THANKS SO MUCH.

  14. Hi ChinaCat!

    That warms my heart that these are being used in China! These ARE a lot of work to create so I'm happy to be able to share what I've made! And what a great way to share a little bit of the gospel :). Thank you for commenting!!


  15. WOW! I love this idea!!!! I’d love more variations if possible!! I’m going to print these and deliver them to our kids before singing time on the 13th, since we are doing singing time on zoom! We have 70 kiddos, so ideally they aren’t all getting bingo at the same time!

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