The Song Hospital

I found this great idea from the Chorister’s FB group HERE.  I loved it as an overall way to review for our upcoming primary program for the next few weeks.  I slightly changed a few things (as I seem to always do) so here’s my take on it…

You can download all the documents to create your own poster.  Use my access Resource Library button at the bottom of the post to do so.HERE **Sorry, page 8 is a duplicate so don’t print it!** (the “Song Hospital” label is from HERE – no need to re-create someone else’s work when it’s already great!).

I printed on white card stock for durability and cut everything out (there are 2 blank “envelopes” in case you have different/more songs than I do – sorry that I can’t create editable documents).  I then hot glued all the heads on popsicle sticks and everything else to the red poster board.

I made the white pockets by simply bringing in the corners a bit on each flap and put a dollop of hot glue.  The top pocket is just a blank sheet of card stock so I could hold all the sticks and is made the same way (I did reinforce the edges with packaging tape because it holds quite a bit).

To use the Song Hospital poster, we’ll simply be trying to get all the songs “healthy” by program time, which is scheduled in the middle October for us.  I’ll start them all as sick and slowly work on each song to get the healthy.
As a reward for getting all the songs healthy, I’m thinking of handing out Otterpops afterward in primary – kind of like how they give you a popsicle at the hospital when you are sick to help you feel better :).  And we’ll probably be playing Primary Music Memory found HERE if you are wanting to plan ahead!
To break up the monotony of just singing each song to make sure they are “healthy” each week for 5+ weeks, I may bring out some various “medical” props (you can simply omit all this and use the poster board all on its own too)…
Singing spray medicine (water mixed with either food coloring or a little bit of Kool-Aid powder and put into a spray bottle).  More to come!
Some singing time prescription pills (skittles) found HERE.
Use my kids’ plastic medical toy kit somehow…more to come…ideas are definitely welcome here!  Here’s an idea I found online:
  1. When I hold up the Otoscope (I’m actually just using a little flashlight), they were to open their ears and listen to the words and message of the song.  This is where we will fix any tricky wording spots in the songs.  This will probably be our main focus as it’s the second verses in a couple songs that we are still struggling with. – use with all the 2nd verses on songs.
  2. Once we’ve repaired the words, we will move on to the Tongue depressor.  When I hold it up, that is their cue to open their mouths and throat nice and wide to project as much volume and clarity as possible.
  3. When I hold up the Stethoscope, that means I want them to feel the song in their hearts.  How does it make them feel?  How does the song make the Dr. feel?
Musical Measels (aka Singing Pox) found HERE (thank you “utahmom” for your suggestion in your comment below!!)
I’d LOVE any more “medical” props you can think of as I think I’ve got 5 weeks to use this!  Comment with any ideas!
I’ll just keep the poster in the closet so I don’t have to tote it to church each week.  I do have Jr. and Sr. split so to keep track of who, I think I’ll just take a quick picture of the poster each week so I can re-create it the following week.  Or I could do one on each side of the poster but that might be too ambitious for me!
In years past, I’ve done a few similar program review activities in case you are interested:
Ribbon Review Box:
What Shape Are Our Songs In:
Primary Program Report Card:

You can find them all HERE along with other helpful tips for your program.  You can also check out my “Review Activities” tab HERE for more simple review activities to get you ready for your program!

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Primary Program Review > Song Hospital Review.


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5 thoughts on “The Song Hospital”

  1. Camille, this seems really fun. I'll add an activity that fits your theme…what about doing "Singing Pox" or "Musical Measles"? It's on the Facebook group right now too. Have you ever tried it? Fun or Flop??

  2. I'd love to hear more about how you use the Ribbon Review Box activity. Do the children just choose a ribbon to cut and you sing that song? Or is there something more that I'm not getting?

  3. Hi KatrinaW!

    With the ribbon box, I will cut a ribbon as soon as I think they have mastered the song – they know the words, everyone is singing, hands are by their sides, everyone standing, looking at me, etc. I use this when we are nearing the program and it will take me a few weeks to cut off all the ribbons to reveal the treat inside.

    I hope that answers your question – let me know if not!


  4. I'm totally going to use this idea! You could also have a picture of an X-ray or a reflex hammer to represent strong bones… kids have to sing the song standing up straight with hands at their sides and looking at you.
    Also, a bandaid or gauze… you could sing the song once and see which phrase "needs a bandaid", then sing that phrase 3 more times.

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