2016 Sing-Along Videos (aka Program Showcase)

This Sunday I’m planning on presenting all the 2016 Program songs using video Sing-Along Flip Charts.  Lds.org’s media library has 2 of 2016’s videos that I’ll be using (linked below).  For the rest, I’ll be supplementing with some that were posted on the LDS Facebook Chorister’s Group by LeAnn (a HUGE thank you for saving us all SO much work!!).  You can find all of hers HERE.  My 2 months song choices are different than hers but thanks to Gina and Annetta who created those 2 videos for me (those are linked below along with one I created – gulp!).  I can’t thank all of you enough for your help!!

Here are the files I’ll be using:

January: If I Listen With My Heart 2016 outline HERE
February: I Will Follow God’s Plan p. 164 HERE
March: Stand for the Right p. 159 – LeAnn’s link above
April: Beautiful Savior p. 62 – use the access button at the bottom of this post.
May: Praise to the Man Hymn #27 – LeAnn’s link above
June:  Search, Ponder and Pray p. 109 – HERE – THANK YOU ANNETTA!
July:  I Love to See the Temple p. 95 – LeAnn’s link above
August:  The Lord Gave Me a Temple p. 153 – LeAnn’s link above
I downloaded each of these videos onto my computer and then loaded them onto my iPod via iTunes.  I have a cable (it’s a 32-pin apple port to RCA – I have the older, wide port iPod connector) that I’ll run from my iPod to the library’s TV to view each of these videos.  Hopefully you understand all this talk – I don’t – it’s what my husband told me to type :).
Now, not techy? No problem.  {Honestly, neither am I – so thanks hubby!!}  You can download and print flip charts for each of these songs from jollyjenn.com and simply bring the songs on CD (if you made a 2016 Primary Program Songs CD, your life will be that much easier! Find details on my CD HERE).  I’d suggest placing each flip chart in plastic sheet protectors and putting them in a binder for easy flipping.  It may be a lot of flip charts but if you plan on using them later in the year, you’ll be saving yourself work later on, right?  You could also ask various ward members to come in and do a musical performance of the songs!                                                                  
To break up each song, I created this simple worksheet for the kids to fill out after we watch each video:

If your 2 song choices are different than mine and you don’t have CD’s, here’s a more blank version:

Then here’s an even more blank version if you need:


Download each of these documents using the access button at the bottom of this post.  Sorry, I don’t have one that you can edit on the computer.  You can do some literal “cutting and pasting” with the information you needed added.  Tape it all on and you’ll never know it once you make copies!

I know that the little Jr. kiddos won’t understand most of the worksheet but at least they will have something to color while we watch our videos ;).
So, pass out a coloring utensil to all the kids, along with a worksheet and push “play.”  I’m going to encourage the kids to sing along as much as they can and if there are songs they don’t know, they can go home and listen to their CD’s that were given at Christmas.  If you really want to go the extra mile, bring a movie treat!
It should be a fun and simple way to introduce all the program songs for 2016 (as long as we don’t have any technical difficulties)!
During this time, the presidency, pianist and I will be shuffling kids in and out of the room to get their pictures taken for our scripture hero bulletin board (details HERE) and our scripture hero birthday bookmarks (details HERE).

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Sing-Along Videos.


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25 thoughts on “2016 Sing-Along Videos (aka Program Showcase)”

  1. Camille, I am working on a video for Beautiful Savior this weekend. I will send it to you as soon as I have it done. If I finish with it soon enough, I will also work on one for Search, Ponder, and Pray also.


  2. Annetta, Thank you for this video! I need this for Sunday. Can you tell me how you created it? It looks like you used jollyjen's flip chart, but what program did you use to merge the music? I need a video for Heroes of the Scriptures and as soon as I find the music with lyrics I would like to make one. Thank you!

  3. Annetta!

    Thank you – thank you!! I've been trying to sit down with my husband for the last 3 days and it just isn't happening (not high on his priority list I suppose :).


    If I remember right, we used Photos on our Mac to create the few I did last year. Either that or Quicktime Player or iMovie.


  4. Jen, I downloaded Jolly Jen's flip chart, used an online pdf converter to save it as a jpeg. Then I used the Movie Maker program on my PC (it's a Windows program that came with my computer). I had never used it before, but was pretty easy to figure out. You import the jpegs, add music and then just adjust the length of the pictures to match your music.
    Hope this is helpful!!

  5. Hi Camille,

    Thank you for this post, it is so helpful! Especially to one like me where it is my first time in this calling. I would love to use the music video's by LeAnn, but the link that says "HERE" is not working when I click on it. Is there anyway you can send me the link?

    – Christina

  6. does anyone have a music video for either Heroes of the Scriptures or for I Think When I Read that Sweet Story? Thanks. I'm a total newbie in this calling and this blog has helped me tons.


  7. Kelly,
    I didn't make a video flip chart. Jen was looking for the music with lyrics so she could make her own video. So I posted the link of the recording. Maybe she completed her video and is willing to share?

    As for playing the videos, I just save them in the correct order to a portable USB thumb drive and plug it into the TV on the back. Then the menu on the TV lets you select which folder and they just play all in a row. No cords no fuss!!

  8. Annetta, thanks for the clarification! I should have checked the link before I responded. I just assumed it was a video.

    Kelly, I've created a few video flip charts as slideshows using Photos on my Mac. It was fairly simple (okay, and kind of time consuming). Take any PDF flip chart and export each page as JPEGs then import them into Photos. In photos create a New Slideshow to import your JPEGs into. You can select iTunes music to add to your and time each photo so they last for the duration that you like (so the words you read match with the words being heard – this is what took forever but I'm a novice at this and I'm sure I did it the hard way). Then when you save it, it lets you send a copy into iTunes where you can then view it on your devices.

    Sorry if you have a PC – I can't help you there.

    Thanks again everyone for your comments and help!


  9. Sara and Dustin…

    I had to ask my family IT guy and here's what he said:

    We need to know which iPhone model they will be using and whether the TV they are plugging it into has an HDMI port (if it is a newer flat screen TV it will have an HDMI port).

    If they have the iPhone 5 or newer and will be hooking it into an HDMI port they will need:
    (1) HDMI cord (can probably take one off their blue-ray player at home)
    (2) Apple adapter: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD826AM/A/lightning-digital-av-adapter

    If they have the iPhone 5 or newer and will be hooking it into an older TV they will need:
    (1) HDMI adapter: http://www.amazon.com/HDMI-RCA-VGA-Cable-1-8m/dp/B002ZUI68G
    (2) Apple adapter: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD826AM/A/lightning-digital-av-adapter

    If they have an older phone than the iPhone 5 they should be able to use the same cable we use:

    I hope that helps!


  10. Just an update: I (read "husband") ended up loading the video flip charts onto a DVD that I just slipped in the dvd player at church. Worked great! I did collect the worksheets and it was so fun to read the kids comments they had added in the margins. Seems like everybody knows "I Love to See the Temple" so I can add more songs in that month. But hardly anybody knows THe Lord Gave Me a Temple. 🙂 so we'll need more time for that one. This helps in planning out the year.

  11. I chose beautiful Savior as well! I'm so excited to see that you did also, I think it's beautiful and am excited to teach it. However I'm nervous because our primary is small and I want to do some type of arrangement of parts. Thanks so much for your helps I needed it!

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