If I Listen With My Heart – Continuing On

We had a great introduction last week in singing time to If I Listen With My Heart. I used my singing time lesson plan HERE.
We did lots of listening, pointing and a little bit of discussing the song’s meaning.  The chorus was learned well and the verses were at least listened to. 
This week, I’ll be following very closely to Pat Graham’s lesson plan I did a few years ago and working on each of the keywords to all of the verses found HERE.
Before primary, write this information on the board with chalk (but without any words):
I have a copy available to download in my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library can be found at the bottom of this post.
See if the kids can figure out the melody map by singing the song through.  Take answers.  Hopefully they cannot! Pass out the heart sticks from the previous week’s lesson:
After trying, show them how it works (details are on the post HERE) by moving your arm or heart stick as the melody map suggests (I will skip all this for Jr. and simply demonstrate and have the kids mimic me).
Then I have props for 1 of the keywords for each phrase (for all 3 verses) sitting randomly on a table.  We’ll sing the 1st phrase of the 1st verse and the children will try to figure out which prop belongs to it (the doll).  Here are my props and what keywords they represent:

Verse 1 objects:

  • child (doll),
  • walk (shoes)
  • scriptures (Book of Mormon)
  • heart (heart stick)

Verse 2 objects:

  • hear (head phones)
  • earth (a ball)
  • prophet (picture of the current prophet)
  • heart (heart stick)

Verse 3 objects

  • feel (a piece of textured fabric)
  • comfort (blanket or comforter)
  • speaks (I have a toy microphone)
  • heart (heart stick)

We’ll put all of the items in order on the table as we gradually add on, or I’ll have kids come up and hold them once we’ve figured out the order (I may do this after all of the items have been placed in order).

I will also write in each keyword on the chalkboard where it belongs like I’ve demonstrated above (3 keywords underneath each “rainbow” – 1 for each of the 3 verses) as we figure them out.

Time permitting, we can play “what’s missing” and have a child step into the hall as we remove an item from the table.  The child comes back into the room and has to figure out which item is missing as we sing the song.  This could also be a great activity for the following week to review!!

If I Listen With My Heart Variation:

Instead of using props, find smaller images for each keyword that would fit under each phrase in the melody map.  I like this flip chart from jollyjenn HERE or even the Gospel Art Book images I used in my lesson from last week but sized to be about 1/4 of a page.

Place the images randomly around the melody map (out of order) before primary then as the phrases are found and learned, place them under each phrase.  You can omit writing the actual word with chalk or use it to reinforce each picture as the keyword.

You can also find details on my bell chart for If I Listen With My Heart HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: If I Listen With My Heart singing time ideas using handbells

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > If I Listen With My Heart.


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6 thoughts on “If I Listen With My Heart – Continuing On”

  1. Thank you for your amazing help each week. Your ideas are truly inspired!! I have a question: do your lesson plans usually fill the whole time or do you add other songs too? For example, for this week, will you spend all of singing time on IILWMH? (Just curious, how big is your Primary?) Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi Slogger Mom!

    My lesson plans usually fill the whole time (20 minutes) – I do take a few minutes at the beginning of singing time and sing our scripture song of the month. I'm usually running out of time at the end of my lesson plans and have to hurry. I've found that 20 minutes isn't very long. We have about 42 kids in primary with 20 or so in Sr. and 22 in Jr.

    I hope that helps! Are you running into plowing through lesson plans too quickly?


  3. Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you figure out what your key words for each phrase are (or are they written somewhere already and I'm just not seeing them)? I'm worried it will take a lot of time to have the kids do that. I love this idea, but I guess I'm not sure how to implement the actual mapping.

  4. Okay, so each phrase has one key word? I guess I thought each phrase had three key words! Thanks for clarifying – hope you don't mind silly questions, because I am the queen of them. 😀

  5. Hi Steph!

    For this lesson plan, yes I am doing 1 keyword per phrase per verse. So 3 keywords per phrase over the 3 verses…confusing I know! You could add in more keywords if you like but it's hard to do with props or even pictures. I guess that's why I went with only 1. I hope that clarifies a bit more!


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