If I Listen With My Heart – Review

Review the primary song If I Listen with My Heart during singing time with this simple singing time lesson plan review idea!
We’ve been learning this song for the past 2 weeks (find my lesson plans HERE and HERE).  This week we’ll be reviewing with two separate lesson plans for Senior and Junior primary.  If you don’t have separate primaries, below I have an idea for incorporating both lesson plans into one.
Senior primary:
I’ll be pulling on the word scramble that I used before found HERE.  If you’ve never used a word scramble for Senior primary, you should!  This is one of the most engaging activities for them (especially those boys)!
Print out all 3 phrases of the 3 verses using my Resource Library (omit the chorus which is page 4 in the document found).  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are at the bottom of this post. .
There will be a total of 9 pages with 3 pages for each verse (3 phrases per verse).  Each page will need to have each of the words cut out like I’ve demonstrated in the picture and placed in envelopes.  Label the 9 envelopes with its corresponding verse (vs. 1, vs. 2 and vs. 3).  The phrases can get all mixed up as that will be the activity.
Before primary, place 3 GAB pictures on the chalkboard that represent each verse:
(vs. 1)
(vs. 2)
(vs. 3)
Divide the primary into 3 groups.   If you have a larger primary, I’d suggest printing out more copies of the envelopes (no more than 5 to 10 kids per group).  Pass out 3 envelopes of the first verse randomly, giving one envelope to each group, and don’t tell them which phrase they have (you won’t know that anyway ;).
Have the children group together on the floor and put together their word scramble.  As the piano plays, you and the teachers sing the first verse as the kids put their phrase in order.
Once the phrases of each group are in order, have the primary stand and sing the verse together having each group watch for what phrase they have (the 1st, 2nd or 3rd).  Once determined, have each group sing only their phrase as you sing the whole song and have everyone sing the chorus together.
Repeat this process for the 2nd and 3rd verses, gathering up each envelope of phrases in between so the groups always only have one envelope at a time.
Junior primary:
This week will be a continuation on my lesson plan from last week (found HERE).  Pull out the heart sticks and the props again.  We didn’t get to the “What’s Missing” section I have posted (conveniently!) so that’s what we’ll be doing…
Hand out everyone a heart stick and place the props on a table up front.  Select a child to go out in to the hall and the rest of the primary picks an item to remove from the table.
The child is called back in and as the primary sings the verse that corresponds to the missing item (using the sticks to make the rainbow movement they learned previously), the child must determine what is missing from the table.
As a hint, the primary can sing the word/phrase a little louder that represents the missing item or even raise their heart sticks up as high as they can when that word/phrase is sung!
For instance, one of the items I have suggested to bring is a blanket for the “comforter” in the 3rd verse.  Select a child to go into the hall.  Remove the blanket from the table.
Call the child back in and have them try to figure out that the blanket is missing.  Have the primary sing the 3rd verse and when the word “comforter” is sung, they can sing that word a little louder and raise up their heart sticks to help the guessing child.
Replace the missing prop then repeat with a new child and a new missing prop until all the children have had a turn and all the props have been removed.

Combined Junior and Senior:

If your primary is combined, I’d suggest putting these 2 lesson plans together, although the older kids would enjoy the “what’s missing” game too.
You will mostly be doing the word scramble (my motto with combined is to cater to the older kids and the younger will grasp what they can).  But as each group puts the word scramble together, they will need to determine what prop goes with their phrase.  The younger children can try to determine their group’s prop as the word scramble is put in order.
When you make your groups, have older and younger children together.  The older children will put the word scramble together and the younger children will go fetch/hold the item that matches their group’s phrase.  The younger children can also hold up the prop as their phrase is sung.
Time permitting, play what’s missing as indicated above in the “Junior primary” section.

You can also review using handbells.  Find my post HERE for more details!


Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > If I Listen With My Heart.


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