Here We Are Together Singing Time Introductions!


Are you the new Primary music leader?  Or is it a new year and the entire Primary is in new classes with new teachers?  Make introductions in singing time by singing Here We Are Together.  A total win-win! 

Camille's Primary Ideas: Here We Are Together Singing Time Introductions

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Singing Time Introductions

If you’re in Primary, you understand that change happens quite often!  Teachers get released and new ones get called.  Children graduate from Primary and new ones advance in.
With all the change, you want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in Primary.  Do that by introducing everyone by singing The Here We Are Together!

Name Tag Labels

You need some name tags.  Your Primary will love these colorful “hello, my name is…” labels (Amazon affiliate link):

Then grab some markers so everyone can write their name on their name tag. 

Here We Are Together Singing Time Idea

Pass out a label and marker to everyone in Primary, including the teachers. 

TIP: Have the teachers and Primary presidency help the younger children write their names.

Everyone places their name tags on their chests.  Have the pianist play The The Here We Are Together as everyone prepares their name tag.  You and the teachers sing the song.  Post the words using this flip chart format.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts
**Just make sure to replace the word FAMILY with the word PRIMARY.
Once everyone has their name tag placed, sing Here We Are Together and go through each child’s and teacher’s name.
Call up 4 children and/or teachers at a time.  It may be best to start with 4 adults (yourself, the pianist, presidency member, teacher, etc.) so the kids get an idea of how it works.
The song fits about 4 names pretty well.  Before singing, introduce the 4 children/adults and time permitting, have them say something about themselves like:
  • favorite Primary song
  • favorite scripture hero
  • hobby
  • color
  • food
  • etc.

The children can also make a unique/funny move (like bowing, or a “rock-on” sign, etc.) to be done when their name is sung.

Sing the song with the 4 children/adults at the front.  Do their unique/funny sign as each name is sung.  Repeat with 4 new children/adults until everyone has had a turn to be introduced.
After you’ve introduced the entire Primary, it’s also fun to go through the entire primary at once by repeating the 4 or so measures of music.  Just give your pianist a heads up if need be.

Large Primaries

If your Primary is very large, try these options:
  • Only introduce everyone new in Primary (Sunbeams, new senior Primary kids, new jr. Primary kids, new teachers, etc.).
  • Sing by classes, repeating the few measures of music to fit everyone in one round.

Time Permitting

Time permitting, repeat several times with:

  • The lights off
  • Eyes closed
  • Facing the back wall

This tests their knowledge to see if they can do it without looking at name tags for help!

Additional Movement

To provide added movement, try singing “here we are a”…
  • STOMPING and stop your feet
  • CLAPPING and clap your hands
  • POUNDING and pound your fist into your other palm
  • SWISHING and rub palms together
  • LAPPING and clap hands on legs

More Singing Time Ideas

This is also a perfect time to introduce the singing time Wiggle Worm Jar!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Wiggle Worm Singing Time Jar singing time ideas

How Do You Do Introductions?

If you have ideas for making introductions in singing time that involve Primary songs, leave a comment!


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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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