When He Comes Again – Coloring Pages


Teach this favorite primary song When He Comes Again in your primary using coloring pages!  Then sit back and let the kids do the rest!

Camille's Primary Ideas: When He Comes Again Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

To introduce the song, post a picture of the second coming on the chalkboard (there is one in the Gospel Art Book – see how I use mine HERE – or you can download and print one HERE or I have the above image available to print in my Resource Library (just make sure you initially cover the text at the bottom).
Ask if the children know what this picture is about [The Second Coming].  We know Jesus Christ will come again because the scriptures say, “I, the Lord God have spoken it; but the hour and the day no man knoweth, neither the angels in heaven, nor shall they know until he comes” (D&C 49:7).  We don’t know when he’ll come but we can wonder what it will be like.
Play the song on CD or phone/speaker or you and the teachers sing along with the piano (with the words posted – see how I do that HERE).  As the kids listen.  Pass out various coloring pages to each child along with crayons or colored pencils.

2 Coloring Page Options

The first one contains images for the 1st verse to simply color (do not make copies or pass out the first page to color – that is an optional page to post on the chalkboard).  Best suited for Jr. primary:
The second option  is completely blank except for the text (again, do not make copies or pass out the first page to color – that is an optional page to post on the chalkboard).  Sr. primary might enjoy the freedom of coming up with their own images.
A lot of images are from an article from the Friend found HERE.  The rest are from the church’s website HERE or HERE or a random Google search.  If you find any errors, PLEASE let me know!!
Randomly pass out the various sheets to the primary.  Give them 5 – 7 minutes to color as they listen to the song.  Once completed, gather coloring supplies but let them hang onto their coloring pages.
Call up children who have the next phrase in the song [Will herald angels sing?].  Have them show their drawings and hang them on the chalkboard or a section of a wall in the primary (depending on the size of your primary) using tape or magnets.
Sing the phrase posted on the chalkboard [I wonder, when he comes again] then the next phrase that was just introduced by the kids [Will herald angels sing?].
Repeat with each phrase until all children have been called up to show their drawings and all the phrases have been hung up and sung.  Sing the entire song through.
Time permitting, remove pages and repeat (maybe asking if anyone knows the artist!) until all the pages have been removed and the song has been memorized.

2nd Verse

**Find details for the 2nd verse HERE.  There are only 4 more pages as opposed to the 8 on the 1st verse so plan accordingly if you are splitting this between weeks.  Getting to both verses in one singing time will be a lot.
One week could be focused on only listening and coloring then the second week could be showcasing the images, hanging them up/taking them down all while singing the song in between phrases.
I also have a coloring book/flip chart for this song.  You can find more details HERE.
Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song Coloring Books

Also available is a home centered singing time version HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: When He Comes Again Home Centered, Virtual or Live Cover

I learned HERE that this song originated as a Christmas poem.  You learn something new everyday!

Camille's Primary Ideas: When He Comes Again Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Check out more singing time ideas for When He Comes Again HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: When He Comes Again singing time ideas

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > When He Comes Again.


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19 thoughts on “When He Comes Again – Coloring Pages”

  1. We are singing this song for April also. It is one of my very favorites. I thought you might like to have the words to the 3rd verse, which can be found in the book written by Mirla Greenwood Thayne, the composer of When He Comes Again. I feel like they are so appropriate to our times and especially this last Conference.

    I wonder when He comes again
    Will all the nations bring
    Their little children to His arms
    To hear the angels sing?

    And as they hear His loving voice
    And seek His outstretched hand,
    Will children of the world rejoice
    To finally understand:

    That only as we do His will
    Can happiness increase,
    That love, alone, can make this world
    A haven of His peace.

  2. thank for show how you made this sheets. every week you have great ideas. I'm very great full for you talents and wiliness to share. We did the coloring pages. they kids had a ball but it was a little load but fun.

  3. I really wanted to use this today but I can’t access your resource library. I filled out the info to join now but nothing happens, I’ve been checking my inbox/spam folders for an email link or something but still nothing. Checked again this morning hoping I’d have access but no luck still. Such a great idea but can’t access it.

    1. The same thing happened to me! I could print it a couple days ago, but went to pull the trigger this morning and all the links to download the pictures are gone and I can’t get into the library although it says the form was sent. You have awesome ideas! Love the coloring pages

  4. Hi Lara and Cynthia!

    I’ve emailed both of you, hopefully that helped. Lara – great to hear you got it! I’ve noticed hotmail users are having the most trouble so I’m going to look into it Monday. Thank you again for your patience. Change is always hard. I’ve resisted doing this for a long time knowing the headache that would come with it. Hopefully it all works out in the end.


  5. I love your design for the words to “Wonder When He comes again” I can’t seem to get access to the resource file. No email comes through in any of my inboxes just like comments made above. I know this is a couple years later than the past comments…but wondering if you could email me the link or however it works? Thank you!

  6. Hi,
    I just discovered your site and would love to access to your resource file. I tried adding your address to my contacts and checked all my spam folder, but the email with the link is not showing up. Would you mind sending me the link?

  7. hello, i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong but I was hoping to get to your “i wonder when He comes again” printables. I submitted my email but don’t understand where to find the resources page. thanks

    1. Hi Tressa!

      Thank you for letting me know you are having trouble accessing my emails. And I apologize for the delay in my response, I’ve been out of town all weekend. I’ve emailed you the link to my Resource Library along with the direct link to the printables for When He Comes Again.

      I checked your email subscription and I see that you’ve been emailed but it looks like you haven’t received them. After checking your spam folder, add my email address to your contacts. That should make sure that the emails sent going forward will go to your inbox. I’ll manually send you another one right now.


  8. I feel like I’m missing something…? I was able download the single pages for the 2nd verse, but all I’m finding for the first verse is all the pictures on one single page instead of each individually. Am i doing something wrong?

    1. oh my goodness, i’m so embarrassed! i didn’t realize the first verse pages were in the same PDF as the color picture of Christ. please ignore my silly question 🙂

  9. Hi There. Thank you sooo much for giving so much of yourself and your talents so freely! I don’t have words for how much I appreciate your page 🙂 But… I’m so lost here… I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I literally can’t figure out how to download the worksheets for this song? I’ve checked the resource library and don’t see anything for “I wonder when He Comes again” and can’t see anything on this page? Please help!

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