President Nelson Valentine’s Day Singing Time


Since Valentine’s day, hearts and President Nelson have so much in common, theme your Valentine’s Day singing time around the 3!  Use this simple singing time lesson plan with your Primary kids this Valentine’s season!

Camille's Primary Ideas: President Nelson Valentine's Day Singing time ideas

The songs for this lesson plan are from my Name that Primary Song About Love singing time activity.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Name That Primary Song About Love Valentine's Day Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea
The original idea comes from this sister posted shared because President Nelson is a heart doctor.
For this activity, you need some hearts:
Camille's Primary Ideas: singing time hearts
Access these printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing the Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.
Print 12 hearts on on pink and red card stock.  Then cut out and cut in half. 
Hand-write these phrases (and page numbers) on each half just like photo above:
  1. I feel my Savior’s love / the love He freely gives me. {p. 74}
  2. When your heart is filled with love / others will love you. {p. 61}
  3. If ye have love / One to another {p. 136}
  4. I love you and you love me / And that’s the way that it’s supposed to be. {p. 263}
  5. Jesus walked away from none / He gave His love to everyone. {p. 140}
  6. And I am thankful / Love is spoken here {p. 190}
  7. And show that He / will guide us with His love {p. 138}
  8. Be gentle and loving / in deed and in thought {p. 78}
  9. I’m reverent / for reverence is love {p. 31}
  10. For the temple is a house of God / a place of love and beauty {p. 95}
  11. I love to see you / singing so softly {p. 207}
  12. He loves us, and so you see / we are a happy family {p. 198}

Singing Time Idea

Here’s what was shared on FB regarding the activity:

I’m combining [Valentine’s Day] with the idea that President Nelson is a heart doctor.

For junior Primary, they are going to find hearts located around the Primary room and then bring them to the front. I will help them read the lyrics on each heart, and they can guess what song it is from. Then we will sing the songs and place the heart around a picture of President Nelson, since he was surrounded by hearts during his career. 🙂

Senior Primary will be a little bit harder. (A matching game) I will emphasize that our new Prophet, was a healer of hearts, and we can be too. On the board will be a bunch of half hearts, and they will have to take turns trying to put the correct ones together. We will sing each song as the hearts are being paired up.

For Additional Movement

Pass out handbells.  As you sing the songs, everyone rings their bell anytime the word “love” is sung.
Then make sure to post the words using these singing time flip charts to all the songs.  
Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

If you are unfamiliar with a few of these songs, I’d also recommend playing them on CD/phone and have the kids sing along in addition to posting the words.  This is a great way to get the kids to sing lots of unfamiliar songs!!

More Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas

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