Pioneer Trek Singo

We will be playing Singo this Sunday (it’s a do-the-work-once-and-then-it’s-easy kind of activity!)  It’s a fun, low-key game that involves lots of singing, movement and is SUPER easy.  Did I mention it’s also fun?
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I have to give credit to the talented artist, Susan Fitch, who let me share her artwork for free!  If you want to purchase her pioneer clip art for other activities, you can find them in her Etsy shop HERE.  If you want to go the extra mile, make sure to thank Susan Fitch over on her website or Etsy shop for sharing her talents with all of us!!  She does SO much to make us look good in primary!
I created 30 individual singo sheets.  These are large files (for better printing) so if you are having trouble, you can download each individual sheet as well.  If you are STILL having trouble, try the smaller file sized individual sheets.  Print what you need for your primary.  {In Google Drive viewer, before you download them, the singo sheets may appear to have blank spaces.  But if you download them first before printing they seem to be downloading fine.  If you are finding that’s not the case, please let me know!}  
I printed mine on white card stock and placed in sheet protectors (in fact, I printed mine on the backside of Christmas Singo sheets – the link to those is below).  I prefer sheet protectors for these over laminating because it’s cheaper AND I put 25 brown squares of construction paper as my markers in each pocket.  If you don’t want to cut that many squares, I’d recommend bringing in M&M’s and the kids can eat them after you are finished playing!
Then you’ll also need the calling cards:
I printed mine on white card stock, cut out, laminated and placed in a small bag.
Now to play, there are several variations…
1.  Hand a sheet to each child and everyone competes against each other.  I’d recommend this variation for Senior Primary ONLY.  Have them turn around and place their sheet on their chair and they kneel on the floor.  Then, when it’s time to sing, everyone turns around and stands up.  It provides some great movement.
2.  Give each class a sheet and everyone can gather around their teacher and play against classes.  This is great for larger primaries and young kids.  Again, everyone can turn around to face the front when you sing.
3.  Print off one or two Singo sheets as large poster sizes at Costco OR I “tiled” 2 of the Singo sheets so each will print on 6 pages.  You can then piece them together on the chalkboard.  Use more magnets as your markers (or use the calling cards to cover matches) and have the primary just fill in the singo chart if only using one chart.  Kids can come up and draw a calling card out of the bag.  If you print off two, the primary can compete against the teachers or boys, vs. girls, etc.  Note that if you only use 1 or 2 sheets, there may be calling cards that you will not be using so make sure to remove them!
No matter your variation, how you play is the same: pull out a calling card and everyone who has that same item on their Singo sheet covers it with their marker (note that not all items are on each sheet).  If a song is pulled – sing it!  I’d recommend posting words to all the songs (see how I do that HERE) and even playing it on CD so the kids can sing along.  The middle is a “FREE SPACE” and everyone gets to cover that one when you begin.
When someone reaches 5 in a row, they call out “SINGO!” and you can figure out some sort of reward…I prefer a high five!  Ha!  But you can bring silly hats {or pioneer hats wound be super fun!} for their teacher to wear, a treat, stickers, etc.  Any other pioneer-related reward ideas??  They can then go for blackout.  If you use M&M’s as your markers, they can eat them once their sheet is full.
They are a great annual activity to pull out at Pioneer Day every year!  Also great for a sub during the summer months!!
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Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Pioneer Day > Pioneer Trek Singo.


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17 thoughts on “Pioneer Trek Singo”

  1. This is great! FYI:When I went to download the tiled pages for the 2 large posters I see that there are a few pages that have errors and aren't loading. Others did load so I'm not sure what happened.

  2. I have the same problem with the blank spaces on the SINGO sheets. When you go to print them out there are certain spaces that are blank. I would love to use this for Sunday as well. Thank you for all your time and hard work. I love following your site.

  3. The blank spaces are the songs, don't worry, when you go to print them the songs will be there. Not sure why there's a glitch but it worked for me.

  4. And can I just add my huge thanks to you and Susan Fitch! This is a HUGE help since I will be gone Sunday so this is perfect for the sub to do. You are amazing women and I thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  5. Hi Everyone!

    I hope you were able to figure out the issues…the blank spaces you are seeing appear to only be when you view it online. The files are pretty big…I wanted them to print nicely. But if you download them, they seem to be downloading fine. If you are finding that's not the case, please let me know!



  6. Hi Emily,

    Make sure to download the tiled singo sheets before printing, They are downloading fine for me, just not appearing in the viewer online. I hope that helps.


  7. I LOVE this. My kiddos love the Christmas Singo, so I am anxious to do this on Sunday. I am having a problem printing these out. I download them, but nothing prints when I print them off. I tried at a copy store, but they couldn't print them either. Help–what am I doing wrong?
    Also, thank you so much for all of your sharing with us and I love Susan Finch's artwork also. Such wonderful talent and sharing.

  8. Hi kathy,

    I've added another printing option that contains smaller file sizes to the post. I'm guessing the files are too big for your computer to handle. I'll add more this evening as I only have 4 there right now. Try these, hopefully it works.


  9. I love this idea but wanted to change the themes and articles of faith to different songs, so I created my own. I did it in a really round about way where I created pages I could glue over your originals, leaving the monthly themes. It took forever so I thought I would share what I have. Half of the ones I did, I cut and pasted (literally, not on the computer) so there are only 17 or 18 different sheets here, but you could take what I've started and make more. I really appreciate all your ideas and work – thanks for always sharing! If anyone is interested, here is my Singo game.

  10. Angela Metcalf

    I wanted to do singo on Sunday, but I can’t seem to print the tiled file. I downloaded it, but it is coming up blank still! Help?!

    1. Hi Angela!

      Are you able to access the links from my Resource Library?

      They are big files which may be part of the reason they aren’t fully downloading.


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