Primary Songs Are a Treasure – Treasure Hunt Program Review

It’s program review time!  I like to spend all month of September reviewing songs for our program in October.  It’s a great time to polish up those songs that still need a little work!  To review, I like to come up with a fun review theme that I use the entire month – it hopefully makes the monotony of reviewing the same songs over and over a little more exciting!  This year I decided to do a Treasure Map review entitled  Primary Songs Are a Treasure:

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of my post for a link with more review ideas!!

I created a JPEG (photo) document that prints as a 20×30 poster.  You can print this at Costco as a lustre photo (I’d recommend this over glossy) for $9.99.  If you want to take this to another printer, you probably will need the PDF version.  I also have a print-at-home tiled version that has a white background (you’re welcome!).  It prints on 9 sheets of regular-sized paper.  I’d recommend printing on white card stock, laminating then taping it together with packaging tape.  If you really want to keep it simple and have an artistic talent, draw the map on the chalkboard with chalk each week.

I also had a request for Canadian sizing so a 16×20 JPEG document option and a 24×36 JPEG document are also available.  I hope that helps!

The Treasure Map uses these ships with each of the 2018 program songs songs:
Print on white card stock, cut out and laminate.  If you have a Jr. and Sr. primary, you can either print each ship twice and write Jr/Sr on the ships or take a picture of your map after each singing time so you can just set them back to where they were for each primary.

In case you have different songs, I have 12 blank ones available as well.

To move the ships along the various stops, you’ll need masking tape or magnets.  There are 4 stops along the poster.  Since there are 5 weeks in September, I will be using the first week to place our ships on the actual poster (along the dotted line in the lower left corner) before we get to the first island.
Each week I have small activities that will help get our ships to each stop, eventually landing at Treasure Island.  I had big plans to incorporate primary battleship (find details HERE) but I think that will take too long to implement so I’m probably going to bump it until the day of our program – maybe use it to sing random primary songs that incorporate water – still thinking on that one!
UPDATE:  Below was my original idea for this week but Stacy shared her plan for this Sunday for searching and I’m totally going to use it!  Find Stacy’s post HERE.   Download the document HERE.  Simply hide a ship at each location found in the riddles.  Read a riddle and find the ship.  Once found, sing the song on the ship then repeat until all ships have been found and sung!  Thanks Stacy!!

So this week, before primary, hide each ship around the primary room and hang the poster on the board.  Our activity will be called Ahoy Matey! and the kids will be using a telescope to hunt for the ships.  When one is found, the kids can call out “ahoy matey!” Place the located ship on the map and sing it.  Then repeat with each song.  This is a great starting point as you will be able to know right away what songs need work!

For telescopes, there are 2 options…

Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls (tell me I’m not the only person who saves junk!):

I’ve sent out a mass text to my neighbors before and was able to collect enough rolls a few days before Sunday ;).

I’m sure any party store would have them as well.  Or feel free to omit the props all together as it’s totally optional.  The paper towel rolls are kind of fun to have the kids sing through as you sing each song!

Check out my Lyrical Lava Rock lesson plan details HERE as we work on the lyrics (words) using finger lights!


Then check out my Desert Dynamics lesson plan details HERE as we work on dynamics using a big slinky to create swells to get louder, softer, breath, etc.


Check out details for Inspiration Isle HERE as we help bring in the spirit from our singing!  Simple, yet effective.


Then the last stop will be getting all the songs to Treasure Island.  Check out details HERE which include a fun “treasure box.”

That gets us through the entire month of September.  The first week of October is General Conference, then our primary spends the next 2 weeks going over our program with parts and all.  One week is spent in the primary room, the next week we spend in the chapel.  I don’t bring in my poster for any of that as it gets a little crazy.  I like to review in the chapel with this guy:
Check out more details HERE.
And speaking of programs, make sure to check out my Primary Program Invitation and Physical Programs to pass out to the congregation HERE.
You can also check out all my past program review activities HERE.

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Primary Program Review > Treasure Map Review.


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6 thoughts on “Primary Songs Are a Treasure – Treasure Hunt Program Review”

  1. Thanks so much!!! Once I upload do I choose the size 20×30 cuz I’m from Canada and our Costco doesn’t offer that size. They offer smaller or larger.. what should I do?
    Also my primary program just got moved up 2 weeks!! I’m trying not to freak out.. they are giving me the whole primary time to sing though so what would be your go to reviews to practise all the songs for 40 min?? Thankyou so much!!! I appreciate all your time!

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