2019 Sing-Along Videos

Every month I like to take one week to review all the songs we’ve learned so far for the program.  In January it’s obvious that we have none to review.  So instead I like to do a PREVIEW of all the songs we’ll be learning for the year.  And to do this, I present Sing-Along videos and the kids LOVE them!
I’ve got several variations below for implementing this lesson plan so hopefully there’s an option that will work for your primary…
In year’s past, I’ve spent HOURS creating sing-along videos.  And in more recent years, others have pitched in and helped me create them (scroll through all the videos we’ve collectively done in past years HERE).
This year, I was introduced to the LDS Sing-Along app that I downloaded to my iPhone for free HERE.  It’s SO SLICK!  Especially considering all the work I’ve put in past years to create my own sing-along videos that aren’t nearly as cool as these.  Unfortunately it’s not available for Android users – bummer!  I would find someone with an iPhone and ask to borrow it or see my other options below.
I just downloaded the app, created a playlist (I entitled my playlist 2019 Sing-Along Videos), and searched for the primary songs and hymns to add, making sure they were in the order I want.  Every song I needed was there!!  Then I hit play and oh my…it played the entire playlist!!  Which is 19 total minutes – PERFECT!!  This took less than 5 minutes to put together.  Can you tell I’m freaking out a bit??
Then to view these on the TV, you need a cable.  Check out my post HERE with what I recommend.
Camille's Primary Ideas: Projecting Sing Along Videos in Singing Time
My second variation while still remaining digital (good for Android users!!) is to use this YouTube playlist HERE that Sarah created and shared on FB.  It contains all the songs found in the Come Follow Me-for Primary manual.  I’d suggest downloading the videos to your device.  If you need help downloading videos from YouTube, checkout this tutorial HERE that Rachel shared on FB!! (Read through the comments there for help with Android settings).  A HUGE thank you for both of these!!

Another option…there are several sing-along videos on lds.org HERE.  Just be aware that not all the songs are included.  Download what you need on to your device.

Then continue to hook up your device to the TV the same way as I have suggested above.
Now, not techy? No problem!  You can download and print flip charts for each of these songs from jollyjenn.com and simply bring the songs on CD (if you made a 2019 Primary Program Songs CD, your life will be that much easier! Find details on my CD HERE).  I’d suggest placing each flip chart in plastic sheet protectors and putting them in a binder for easy flipping.  It may be a lot of flip charts but if you plan on using them later in the year, you’ll be saving yourself work later on, right?  
And my last option is to ask various ward members to come in and do a musical performance of the songs!
Now, to break up each song, I created this simple worksheet for the kids to fill out as they are watching:

If your song choices are different than mine, there are 2 different blank versions (pages 2 and 3) – one with 9 song spaces and one with the traditional 8.  Print what you need. Sorry, I don’t have one that you can edit on the computer.  You can simply hand write the songs before you photo copy (the font I used is Cambria, size 24 if you want to try to edit this digitally).

I know that the little Jr. kiddos won’t understand most of the worksheet but if you still want to use it, they will have something to color while you watch the videos ;).  Or if you want, simply omit the worksheet for the little kids as the videos alone will be enough on their own!

So, dim the lights, dismiss the pianist ;), pass out a coloring utensil to all the kids, along with a worksheet and push “play.”  I’m going to encourage the kids to sing along as much as they can and if there are songs they don’t know, they can go home and listen to their CD’s that were given at Christmas.  Check out details on my CD HERE.

It should be a fun and simple way to introduce all the program songs for 2019 (as long as we don’t have any technical difficulties)!
Make sure to also check out my January monthly schedule HERE for more lesson plan ideas this month!

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Sing-Along Videos.


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7 thoughts on “2019 Sing-Along Videos”

      1. Hi Brook!

        I think the app is only available for Apple devices. Are you trying to download on an Android? That might be the problem. Okay, I see what’s going on. I just opened the “LDS Sing Along” app on my phone and it prompted me to download an update. Then it re-directed me to download the church’s official app which is “Sing Along Hymns.” That should help.


    1. Hi Mandy!

      I just opened the “LDS Sing Along” app on my phone and it prompted me to download an update. Then it re-directed me to download the church’s official app which is “Sing Along Hymns.” I hope helps.


  1. Hi Camille! Do you have a worksheet for the 2020 program songs? I just need a blank one, so honestly all I would need changed is the date at the top of the worksheet. And there is no way to type in my own songs into your blank worksheet, right? If I want them typed, I need to type in a separate document, print, and literally cut and paste the titles onto your printed worksheet, right? I just want to make sure there’s not an easier way to do it that I don’t know about.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel!

      I’m working on it and will have it posted in just a bit. You can add text to a PDF, at least on my Mac I can:

      Download the PDF document
      Open the document in Preview and click on Tools > Annotate > Text
      A text box will appear in the middle of the document. Drag and drop it to where you’d like to type text
      Repeat with more text boxes (can copy and paste works well) until you’ve filled the document

      I hope that helps!


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