Would You Rather Singing Time Review


Review any Primary song in singing time with this simple Would You Rather singing time review activity!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Would You Rather Singing Time Review activity and game

The original idea was shared on the PML FB group HERE:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Would You Rather singing time review activity and game

Also a HUGE shout out to everyone for your suggestions!  You can find all of the suggestions in the comments HERE if you want more Would You Rather questions!  Also, a list was shared HERE for even more!

Would You Rather Cards

For this review activity, you need the 10 Would You Rather cards.  They contain these New Testament related questions:

  • see Jesus walk on water or raise Lazarus from the Dead?
  • ride on a curelom or a cumom?
  • sail on Noah’s ark or walk through the parted Red Sea?
  • give a talk in Primary or lead the music in singing time?
  • play stick-pull with Joseph Smith or ski with President Nelson?
  • walk every where you go or fetch your water from a well?
  • be a fisherman or a shepherd?
  • live in the garden of Eden or the City of Enoch?
  • sleep in a tent or in a stable?
  • have Laman and Lemuel as brothers or the Gadianton Robbers?
  • hold the Liahona or the brass plates?
  • be swallowed by a whale or be thrown in a lions den?
  • serve a mission in the Amazon or Alaska?
  • bathe in a dirty river like Naman or have mud made with spit in your eyes like the blind man?
  • be the rich man that Jesus told to sell all he had or the widow who gave her last mite?
  • eat loaves and fishes Jesus blessed or Manna from heaven like the Israelites?
  • give away your only coat or your only pair of shoes?
  • be impossible to hit with stones and arrows like Samuel the Lamanite or be impossible to burn like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
  • hang out with Peter, James and John or the 3 Nephites?
  • have known Jesus when he lived on earth or be alive during the second coming?

The cards print 2 to a page like this:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Would You Rather Singing Time Review activity and game

Access these printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing the Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Print on card stock, cut out and laminate (optional).  Get more details on the singing time offices supplies I use and recommend HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Best Singing Time Office Supplies for primary music leaders

Singing Time Review Idea

Before Primary write “Would You Rather…” at the top of the board.

To play, simply read one of the cards then place it on the board.  Children must choose which option they would rather do.  Then quickly and quietly they must move to a side of the room according to their selection.

Once the 2 groups are formed based on what everyone would rather do, sing the song.  Repeat with a new card, thus creating new groups while singing a new song as time permits.

Would You Rather Variations

  • Point to one group then the other, trading as you point.  So only one group sings at a time.
  • Challenge each group to sing the best and afterwards, decide who sang it better.
  • For large Primaries, try having one group face the back wall and the other group face the front wall instead of switching sides.

No Printer, No Problem!

If you would rather {see what I did there??}, no printer is necessary for this singing time review game!  Simply call out the questions and have the Primary create groups.

Would You Rather New Testament Edition

Make sure to check out my New Testament edition of Would You Rather HERE.  The questions focus on situations directly found in the New Testament!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Would You Rather Singing Time Review idea New Testament Edition

More Singing Time Review Activities

For more review activities and games, check out the Review Activities page HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Finger Lights Review for singing time

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Would You Rather.


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11 thoughts on “Would You Rather Singing Time Review”

  1. This is a fun idea! Here are some (silly!) contributions:

    1. Would you rather chop off the Lamanite robbers' arms or Laban's head?

    2. Would you rather sail on a Jaredite barge or on Nephi's ship? (or Noah's ark?)

    3. Would you rather camp in the wilderness with Nephi or with Moses and the Israelites?

    4. Would you rather be one of Helaman's stripling warriors or a soldier for Captain Moroni?

    Thank you for ALL your contributions, ideas, and encouragement! I use your blog all the time and am so thankful for your enthusiasm and testimony.

  2. Would you rather meet the Brother of Jared or King Benjamin?
    Would you rather go to Palmyra or to Nauvoo?
    Would you rather bury your weapons of war or be burned at the stake?

  3. Camille, I love, love , love this idea for singing a song over and over:) I would like to print one "would you rather" per page instead of 2 per page, just so it is bigger and the children at the back of the primary room can see the pictures. Is there anyway you could send it to me so I can alter it please?

    1. I cannot figure out where to find the full size documents for this activity (which I love!). When I click on each page, it comes up as a tiny off-center document. I have looked and looked for where to access this file. Thanks.

      1. Hi Janice!

        The printables you are looking for are filed on my Resource Library. Gain access to that using the button at the bottom of the post. Once there, scroll down under Category Title > Would You Rather. I hope that helps!


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