Dancing Leprechaun Shoes St. Patrick’s Day Singing Time Idea


I thought this simple Dancing Leprechaun Shoes review activity would be TONS of fun this Sunday with it being St. Patrick’s Day.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Dancing Leprechaun Shoes St. Patrick's Day Primary singing time ideas
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I saw this video HERE posted on FB last year and thought that looked like a lot of fun.
So I decided to dust off my sewing machine and see if I could make some simple shoes.  I followed this pattern HERE.  I did make a few alterations {and a few mistakes but hopefully the kids will never notice!).  I only used green felt (no red) and instead of the fringe edge on the cuff, I made a straight cut.  Also (I didn’t mean to) the cuff is supposed to be cut out on the fold so it goes straight across the top of the foot – whoops.  So I just made it work.  Then I stuffed some batting in the toe to help it hold its shape.

The size is perfect for me to slide in a pair of Keds or flats (I wear a size 7.5 – the things I share about myself here makes me laugh sometimes!).  I had my husband try them on and they are like oversized slippers for him.  So if a man is going to wear them, he’d have to wear socks but make sure to safety pin the back at the heel or they probably will be flying around the room :).

If you don’t {want to} sew, simply get creative!  Find an old pair of shoes and spray paint them green or cover them with colored paper, fabric or Mod Podge some green tissue paper on them to get a look like this:


I’d LOVE to have you send me a photo of what you create!!

Here is a pair on Amazon as well (Amazon affiliate link):

To use, before primary, ask a few members of your ward if they would come into primary and “dance” using your green shoes (husbands would work well for this or members of your bishopric!).  This might also be a good opportunity to utilize your older primary kids!  Or you can opt to do it yourself if you’d like a little {okay, a big!} primary workout!  Tell the kids that you brought in some special leprechaun shoes that makes the wearer of the shoes dance as well as they are singing.

Have the children sing and have your dancer dance to the level of the singing. For fun, have them test out the shoes by not singing their best, having the dancer not dance very much.  Then try again and have them sing to their best abilities to see how much the dancer dances!  Repeat with more songs to review with more “dancers.”

If you want more St. Patrick’s Day ideas, make sure to scroll through all of my St. Patrick’s Day posts HERE (the treasure hunt is super fun!).


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2 thoughts on “Dancing Leprechaun Shoes St. Patrick’s Day Singing Time Idea”

  1. I loved this idea. In my singing time i changed it a little we sang three different spring themed songs that had either the word gold/golden or green in the lyrics. Give Said the Little Stream, On a Golden Springtime, and Little Purple Pansies. Our Elders Quorum Presidency were our dancers but instead of shoes they wore leprechaun beards and hats ( made out of cardstock paper the night before) which were also green and gold. We ran through and quick learned each song once following along with the words, second time acting out the song, and third the leprechauns dancing for how well they sang. I still had time left over so then the leprechauns got pick some kids to give the masks to and they got to dance as we sang through each song again. The lesson ended when the kids got to pick a golden candy from the green bowl on their way out. The primary presidency said they have never seen the kids have so much fun in singing time before. Thanks Camille.

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