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A printer really is a game changer for teaching singing time.  If you are in the market for a new printer for singing time, check out what I own and recommend!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Printer for Singing Time

**This post contains an affiliate link.  That means I receive a small commission from sales at no cost to you.  But know that I wouldn’t recommend this product if I didn’t LOVE it!

What printer is best for singing time?

The question of “what printer should I get” for singing time frequently comes up!  So this is what I own and LOVE! 

My HP printer, I bought at Costco, after 10 years finally bit the dust!  It wasn’t printing straight and I’d cringe whenever a project would come up that needed a decent print job. 

I may have a 1-year old to also thank in assisting in its {somewhat} untimely death.  It’s been a great printer and has dealt with my many printing demands (singing time and non-singing time alike) over the last decade.


So my husband set to the task of finding me a new printer.  He purchases all of the computers and accessories at work so he’s pretty in-the-know as to what’s a good printer (although, I did have to fill him in on what HP Instant Ink was).

I think HP Instant Ink is marketed more for home-based printing needs and my husband is more aware of what’s great for an office, hence the more office-geared printer purchase}.

He looked into everything and it all came down to price-per page. We landed on this Brother color printer when it was on a Black Friday sale at Office Depot.  My husband knew printer prices well enough to know that we got a good deal.
This is the same printer from Amazon (Amazon affiliate link):
The toner cartridges are a little spendy to replace when they run out.  But gratefully, they don’t run out very often. 
The sales guy at Office Depot said HP pays them to push their printers to customers but he personally thought Brother printers are the better printer.  But honestly, I loved my old HP.  Just food for thought.
I know printers aren’t mandatory for this calling but they definitely make it a lot easier!  I try to not always be printing for every lesson plan and at the very least try to provide variations of lesson plans so they can be used without a printer.  But at the end of the day, I rely on this little machine quite substantially.  I personally wouldn’t get along very well in this calling without mine.
If you are in the market for a printer, I hope this helps a little.  If you’re not in the market, what printers have you come to know and love?  Leave a comment to help others decide!

What Printer Do You Recommend?

Do you have a favorite printer you love and recommend?  Leave a comment with your favorite printer and why!

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4 thoughts on “Printer for Singing Time”

  1. Hey camille!

    Hey Camille,

    I was wondering how often you’ve found that you need to replace the toner for this printer? And are you able to use another brands of toner, generic brand, to save a little on toner when you have replaced it? Or is using anything but brother toner not even an option?

    1. Hi Katie!

      I print a lot and I really don’t have to replace the toner cartridge that often. I’ve had the printer a few years and only replaced each cartridge once (maybe the black one twice). I’ve never looked into generic brands and only purchased the Brother brand so I’m not much help there. Good luck!


  2. Thanks for your printer recommendation! Does it do ok printing on cardstock? I replaced my old, but trusty printer last year and I have regretted it ever since. My new printer can NOT handle cardstock, no matter what I try.

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