Dad’s Ties

To celebrate Father’s Day in singing time this Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to sing a few of the songs in the songbook on fathers.  However, this lesson plan can be used with ANY song(s)!
I slightly modified a fun and simple lesson plan that was posted on the Primary Music Leaders FB group HERE (photo credit goes to Megan!).

NOTE: If you are struggling with Father’s Day in primary, Micah, on the Chorister’s FB group shared her feelings HERE that I thought might help with being sensitive to those children who may not have an active father-figure in their life.  She writes:

“I grew up in a split family. My father wasn’t around much, and when he was, I had a hard time getting along with him, but I still loved him. When I was in primary and Young Women’s, I sometimes had a hard time with Father’s Day. But I still sang the songs.
Looking back, I see that it helped me heal and know how things SHOULD be. They helped me want a better relationship with my father, though it was hard. I still loved him, and wanted those things that we sang about.
As you are trying to be considerate in your wards, also remember that even if the parents are divorced, those kids still love both their parents. They should still be able to sing to their dads, even if their dads aren’t there. They should know what a good example is.”
Thank you Micah for sharing your personal experience and wonderful insight on this topic!

For this activity, you will need 6 bow ties and 6 long ties.  I created this document:

If you don’t want to print, simply cut out ties from scrapbook paper!  The more variety, the better!  Otherwise, print on card stock, cut them out and laminate (always optional).
Then on the back of the 6 long ties, write the names of your 6 songs.  You can use a dry-erase marker so you can use these for other lesson plans if you like!  These are my 6 songs:
  • Daddy’s Homecoming p. 210
  • Father’s p. 209
  • My Dad p. 211
  • A Happy Family p. 198
  • Quickly I’ll Obey p. 197
  • I Know My Father Lives p. 5
Write any songs you need to review if you like.  Or, write phrases/verses to the song you need to review.
Then on the backs of the bow ties, write a “dad action” on the back.  Here’s what I came up with (along with the help of several of you!!):
  • Hammer (pass out pencils to tap)
  • Drive a car (pass out paper plates and “drive”)
  • Mow the lawn (“pull a string” action then roll arms like the old fashioned push-mowers)
  • Read scriptures (do the “wave” while the kids “scripture hands” starting at one side of the room going to the other – you lead the wave with a set of scriptures)
  • Play sports (pass around a ball and play hot potato)
  • Grill (use a pancake spatula to “flip” from one side of the room to the other – one side sings while the other side hums)

To use in primary, you’ll need to draw 12 different dad’s heads on the board, like pictured above.  Scatter the ties around the room.  Pick a good singer to pick a long tie, and another good singer to pick a bow tie.  The long tie will tell you what to sing and the bow tie will tell you what action to do as you sing the song.

If the songs you are singing are unfamiliar, make sure to post words like I to HERE.

You can check out all of my Father’s Day singing time lesson plans HERE too!

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Cateogory Title > Father’s Day > Dad’s Ties.


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4 thoughts on “Dad’s Ties”

  1. Hi. I just wanted to tell you how great I think your lessons are. I am 20, just got married and moved into my first family ward. I immediately got called to be the primary chorister. I would be lying if I told you it didn't make me want to throw up. (and still does) But I've relied a lot on your website and it has saved me. I'm still learning and getting better and I'm just so grateful for your hard work and the lesson ideas I have gotten from you.

  2. Hi Unknown!

    That makes me so happy to hear – I love that you find my website helpful and useful! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hopefully you feel differently about this calling by the time you get released :). You'll do great!


  3. THANK YOU soooooo much!! Your visual aids are amazing. I am not the crafty type- what I envision rarely comes out.

    Your site helps me so much. I was called to Chorister and lets say I was not happy at all. Not to mention I am sooo busy between working, my side hustle/small business franchise thing and the work I do with at local middle school and wanting to find a husband (LOL) I could not fathom doing it without your site.

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