I’ll Walk With You


If you are looking for a lesson plan to teach this I’ll Walk with You, I HIGHLY suggest using plastic spoons with these clever actions that correlate perfectly with this song!

Camille's Primary Ideas: I'll Walk with You singing time ideas using plastic spoons

I wish I could take credit for this CLEVER activity but I can’t.  Rachel posted it over on the Primary Music Leader’s FB page HERE.  She also shared with me another video she created below and I can’t thank her enough for her generosity!

You can also find the above video directly on my YouTube channel HERE.  I’d love it if you would like and subscribe if you find my channel helpful.

So grab yourself some plastic spoons for yourself and enough for each child to have 2!  As an attention getter, simply demonstrate the actions with the song playing on your phone+speakers.

Afterward, ask the children what they think the spoons represent [someone walking and talking].  Then pass out the spoons and gradually add each action one by one, demonstrating while adding simple explanations for the actions if need be.

You can also ask directive listening questions once the song has been learned as you repeat the actions:

  • Tell me how I can show my love to Heavenly Father’s children who may be different from me [I’ll walk with you, I’ll talk with you]
  • Jesus taught by example.  What 3 ways does the song mention? [Jesus walked away from none, He gave his love to everyone, Jesus blessed all he could see]
  • Jesus has set the example.  What has he said to us? [Come, follow me]
Here’s another tip from Rachel:

…Here’s one thing I like to discuss with the kids when I do this song.  I make sure to wear my glasses and I ask other kids who have glasses to raise their hands. And we discuss how we SEE different.  Just like some people walk/talk/hear different. But tons of people have glasses and we still treat them the same. Just like we can with our friends in wheelchairs or who talk a different language etc.


Bear Testimony

Bear testimony that you can show your love to Heavenly Father by showing your love to others, especially those who are different from you.


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9 thoughts on “I’ll Walk With You”

  1. Hi Camille, I cannot see the video from the link ( it says the link is broken ). I would really like to use this lesson. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Erica,

    I'm sorry the link isn't working for you – I checked it and it seems to be working so I'm not sure what to do. I'll be updating the post this week with a direct link to YouTube so hopefully that will work for you.


  3. I would like to know whether this worked for senior primary as well?? Cute idea for the Little’s for sure! Thanks for all you share! ❤️

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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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