Come Follow Me – Fishers of Men Primary Program Review

Review for your upcoming primary program with my NEW Come Follow Me Review poster (I wish I could take the credit for this wonderful idea)!  Just print and use in primary the weeks leading up to your primary program!

I just LOVED this idea HERE (and so did TONS of you!) so I created a printable to share – simplifying it for everyone!  I really wish I was more of a creative mastermind but I really appreciate everyone’s clever ideas that I can borrow!!

A HUGE thanks to Susan Fitch over at Susan Fitch Design for some of the artwork!
This prints as a 20×30 poster that is perfect for printing as a photo at Costco for $9.99 (I suggest printing it as a LUSTER photo as opposed to glossy).
(do not right-click on this image to save the file to your computer in order to print – this file is too small to print – use the link below!)

If you print at Costco, you’ll need the JPEG file.  If you print at another printer, they may prefer the PDF.  I also have a print-at-home tiled option.  It prints on 9 sheets of paper.  I’d recommend printing it on card stock and laminating, then taping it together.

I also have a blank PDF version HERE without the title in case your primary speaks a different language.  You can write it in if you need.

The removable fish can be printed at home:

Print the number of pages you need on card stock and cut out.  For simplicity’s sake, I left off the names of the songs since there are so many song choices (creating 36 fish seemed daunting so thank you for understanding!).  You can just hand-write in the name of your song choices using a sharpie on your favorite fish.  There are 16 fish total so if you want 8 fish for Junior and 8 fish for Senior, you have that option.  Just write Jr. and Sr. on each fish next to the name of the song so you know which one belongs to which group.
Here are the different levels on the poster:
  • In the water = needs work: memorize words (try without you singing!), everyone singing
  • In the net = getting better: dynamics like getting louder and softer when needed, ending together, no stray “S’s,” following the conductor
  • In the boat = perfect!: standing and sitting together, eyes on you, no wiggles, you get the “chills!”, etc.
Try to time it so all the fish are in the boat the week before your primary program.  Then on program day, after the program, hand out goldfish crackers and Swedish fish.  You can attach a handout if you like (I’ll have one coming soon!!).  Anyone have some clever sayings to go with it?  Leave a comment!
If you want more of my program review ideas, I’ve got a Round-Up post HERE.

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title  > Primary Program Review > Come Follow Me Review.


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11 thoughts on “Come Follow Me – Fishers of Men Primary Program Review”

  1. HI! I love this idea, but would it be possible to get the pdf version without the English text at the top? I'm in Norway, and I try to avoid using English on visual aids for the kids. 🙂

  2. Camille Thank you so much! When I upload to Costco to print I get an error:

    This warning indicates that your photo may appear blurry or pixelated when printed at the selected size. If this warning appears, click the icon to preview the recommended print resolutions in the help section. Uploading an image with a larger image resolution can help.

    Do you have a high resolution of the image? Thank you!

    Take Care,


  3. You are my literal hero!! You provide so much good with your blog. You have helped me out so much over the last two years of the best calling in the world.

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