2019 Primary Program Invitation & Physical Program

I’ve created some simple program invitations and physical programs for the day of your primary program…
For the invitations, primaries can send these invites home with their kids to let families know when the program will be (and maybe even a few extras to invite grandparents and any other family/friends and neighbors that would want to come).  I thought it would even be nice to attach the kids’ program parts to the invitation (either put everything in an envelope – Walmart carries some cute colored “social” size envelopes – or just use a paper clip).

The image I’ve used comes from the church’s website HERE.

There are 2 options…a quarter sheet page and a half sheet page so you can print what fits your  needs…
I like to keep my designs for these kinds of items simple – a black and white line drawing – so it can be easily copied at the church library.
Then before you make copies, fill in your ward’s primary program information.  Copy, cut and distribute!  Easy – just the way I like it!!
Then I’ve created a physical program to pass out to the congregation.  There are a few variations of primary programs I’ve created for this year’s primary program…
The first option is to have the kids sign their names on that back page (you’ll want to do this over the course of a few weeks to ensure all the kids sign it).  If space is limited it can trickle on to the front but I’d like to have it stay on the back.
I do have our ward name and the date printed right under the picture on the front but it’s blank here – sorry I cannot create editable documents in my program I use to create these.  You can just leave it blank if you like.  But if you want to do a LITERAL cut and paste, I used the Cambria font, size 25 and put it on 2 lines and centered it in that bottom space below the picture.  Cut out your typed up document of your ward’s name and date and tape it in place.  When you make copies, you’ll never know it’s 2 papers taped together!
However, if you’d like to have the kids color every program (it really is fun and we’ve had members in the congregation return programs to their creators in the past!), I have these options:
The first one is a coloring page with a spot to sign their name…
The next is a blank page for them to draw themselves with Christ…
When you have the kids color these, DO NOT USE CRAYONS if you will be running them through the printer again.  The wax jams the machine.  Use colored pencils.  OR what I would suggest is to see if you can get the programs completely printed (inside and all) before the kids get to color them.  That way you can use crayon and they can get crinkled with no problem :).  It will just take some serious coordinating with whoever does your programs.
Then I like to put this insert into our programs printed on yellow paper:

I have baskets placed at the back of both doors and members can place the filled out documents there as they leave the meeting.  I have asked the bishopric to announce how to use these before they turn the time over to the primary.

Then afterward for singing time, we pass out a treat and we read the comments to the kids.  This year we asked the bishopric to come in and read the comments!  It really is fun to hear what the congregation had to say!  Sometimes we’ll sing the song that was mentioned the most if we have time.

You can access all these documents at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library is found at the bottom of this post.  Print off what you need/want as you most likely won’t be using them all :).
If you have other ideas that you use for your physical program during the primary presentation, please leave comments!!  I’d love to hear what everyone does.

Scroll through all of my program helps HERE including tips for practicing in the chapel.

If you are looking for ideas for after the program, check out my After-The-Program posts HERE!  And this is when a Music Bag comes in handy – great for those Sundays when you just don’t want to prepare a lesson!!  If you haven’t ordered one, you will want to!  Order yours HERE.

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Primary Program & Invitation > 2019.


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2 thoughts on “2019 Primary Program Invitation & Physical Program”

  1. Hi Camille,
    I can’t find the download for your program invitations, only for the actual program and the comment cards. Can you send me a link to download the invitations? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsey!

      Have you been able to access my Resource Library? You should be able to do that using the button at the bottom of this post. If so, the items you need are filed under Category Title > Primary Program & Invitation > 2019. I just double checked and both files are there. One file is Primary Program 2019 and the other is Program Invitation. I’ll also send you an email with the link. Sorry you are having trouble and thank you for reaching out!


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