Introducing…MERRY BELLS & Giveaway!



I’m SO excited to be introducing Merry Bells to the singing time community!  I’ve recently teamed up with Brad, the owner of a new Utah-based handbell company, to help bring his product to you!


While we’re on the subject of resources for singing time, make sure you’ve checked out my Music Bag that I’m selling!  Next to the bells, it will be your favorite go-to item in your primary closet!!  Details are HERE.


If you know me, you know how much my primary and I LOVE the bells!  I think they provide great movement and repetition when learning and reviewing songs.  Not to mention that the kids absolutely love to play them!  I have TONS of posts HERE if you want to see how I use them in primary.


Merry Bells has taken handbell playing to an entirely new level!  Brad’s created 4 DVD’s that contain TONS of songs including Patriotic, Children’s, Christmas and NOW Primary!  All you have to do is hit “play” as the DVD does all the work!  The kids follow along with the DVD to play the songs.  Easy!!

The best part is there is only 1 set of bells to buy!  Merry Bells were created so all the songs on the DVD’s can be played with ONE basic set, so no sharps needed!  Don’t worry if you already own a Kidsplay brand of bells – Merry Bells match up almost perfectly with them.  (The difference is a white handbell on the Merry Bells set which is not on the Kidsplay brand.  The white handbell is simply the other red C octave handbell.  So if you don’t have a white handbell, the white note on the DVD’s can be played by the red bell- an easy solution!).  Going forward, my handbell charts will now have the white note as the octave C because I prefer the 2 notes be different colors.

If you do eventually want to get the additional sets of handbells (including the sharps and octaves), Merry Bells are perfect as your basic set, then you can add on with the Kidsplay brand.  Which is what I would recommend!

My family has been enjoying Merry Bells handbells and DVD’s on our TV and I’ve been enjoying not having to be the one leading them!!  I actually get to play along now too!  Merry Bells are not only great for primary, but you can use them for large gatherings, reunions, play groups, school, the sky’s the limit!  Also, with the primary program quickly approaching, these would make for the PERFECT after-the-program singing time activity!


You can check out Merry Bells website and shop HERE.  But before you shop, you might be interested in my giveaway!  Merry Bells is giving Camille’s Primary Ideas readers a chance to win the following items:

The grand prize winner will receive a set of handbells, including all 4 DVD’s (a Christmas DVD comes with each set of handbells!).

Another winner will receive a set of handbells which includes the Christmas DVD.

Another winner will receive the 4 DVD’s including Children’s, Christmas, Primary & Patriotic songs!

Then a winner will receive a Christmas Songs DVD:

Another winner will receive the Children’s Songs DVD:

Another winner will receive the Patriotic Songs DVD:

And lastly, another winner will receive the Primary Songs DVD:


LOTS of chances to win!!

To enter, all you have to do is head over to my YouTube channel HERE, subscribe, then come back here, leave a comment with your name, email address and tell me your favorite lesson plan you’ve taught.  Simple enough?

Giveaway starts now and ends Monday morning as soon as I get around to ending it ;)!  Winners will be chosen at random.  After the giveaway, even if you don’t win, I’ll have a discount coupon code available for all Camille’s Primary Ideas readers!

A HUGE thanks to Merry Bells!!

**If you win and live outside the Continental United States, you will be asked to pay for shipping via PayPal before your item ships.  If you decide you don’t want to pay shipping, another entry will be given the opportunity to win!!


DISCLAIMER: I receive a small commission for sales I refer to Merry Bells.  All opinions expressed are my own but I cannot recommend them enough!


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70 thoughts on “Introducing…MERRY BELLS & Giveaway!”

  1. Donna Jaco

    Favorite lesson was singing "Children All Over the world" and having authentic costumes for kids to wear (most I actually have, others I got from RMs). The dressed-up kids held their thank you sign in that language. It was really fun.

  2. Sadie Payne
    When teaching my kids the second verse of The Miracle, I brought in a rail road spike and compared it to the nails that would have nailed Christ to the cross. I let the kids pass the nail around and press it to their palms and to think of the love that the Savior had for them. This simple lesson brought the most powerful Spirit and testified that the Savior loved each and every one of those kids! Love this calling!

  3. Rachel McDonald

    I tried commenting using my phone, and then it died so don't think it went through since I don't see it, so commenting again. I love your lesson plans. I have your blog bookmarked on my computer. I can't really say which is my favorite lesson plan because I have used (or adapted your idea for my primary) so many. I just used part of your I Know That My Redeemer Lives lesson this last week. I didn't have time to make the melody chart, but have it saved to do for another day. But giving the children the Hymn books to read the words and sing was better then me having just the words at the front of the room. I have a combined primary and had Hymn books for everyone to share. We read the words, talked about the words, sang the words. I wouldn't have given them the hymn books if I hadn't seen you mention it. And after our neighboring town having a mass shooter who we thought would make it to our town before he was stopped, this Hymn was perfect for us. Thank you for your inspiration and hard work.

  4. Brenda Jordan

    My favorite lesson that I taught was a few years ago. I was subbing on the first Sunday of the month, so I had to introduce the new song. I was told that morning during sacrament that I needed to do this (facebook message). So last minute had to come up with a plan (because I was also teaching Sunbeams). The song was My Heavenly Father Loves Me.

    I decided to play the kids an audio clip of sounds from the rainforest. We listened, then we discussed what we heard: water, rain, wind, frogs, birds, etc. Then I told then to listen again and I started the rainforest clip again and on a different device, I started playing the song. Then we talked about the sensory images in the song.

  5. Michelle Larsen
    Sooo many great singing times… it's hard to pick a favorite! But a top one was with all the kids in a circle and we passed a picture of Jesus around while playing "hot potato" and then the child caught holding it shared their favorite story of Jesus- it was so sweet and some of their responses surprised me. I also love when I space some of my planning (like how something ties in to the next thing) and the kids totally save the day with their awesome insight. The Holy Ghost really helps me "wing it" sometimes when my planning falls short.
    I'd love to win some bells but I also love your blog and use it often as a prime resource for planning Singing Time! 😘🎼🎵🎶

  6. Debbie Wohlford
    I printed your enlarged version of the path illustrating Jesus' last week on earth and followed your lesson plan for the songs along the trail. I think it put everything in perspective for the children and filled the time frame perfectly. The primary presidency was blown away and teachers/moms wanted to know where to get it – so I passed along your website.
    I shy away from ASL or lots of action movements but bring on the bells–the children would love them!

  7. Cyndi Ford

    I am a Sharla Dance follower, so I LOVE that you are too! I have come to your site many times to see how you implement her philosophy into your teaching. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your ideas and talents! Some of my favorites this year have been incorporating nature into the second verse of The Miracle, Melody maps, shadow box puppets, and scarves!

  8. Victoria Taylor, One of my favorites was also Pioneer Day. I made enough bonnets and aprons for the girls, got hats and scarves for the boys at the Dollar Store and we went on a trek throughout the Church, stopping and singing, watching music videos, playing a pioneer game. Could never do it now with only 20 minutes!!

    Kara Kimball

    I haven't used bells before so this would be awesome!

    My favorite was last week's- When we're helping! It was a huge hit in my primary, thank you! I am not creative so you save me every time. Thanks for all your work!

  10. I'm 77 years old and have been the Primary chorister for 4 years. Your ideas, all of them, are such an inspiration to me. I use them all. I especially love the scarves for the song, When I Am Baptized. I would love to win a set of handbells as we have never used them yet.

  11. Cristal Taylor
    Thank you for sharing your talents! I appreciate and love all of your lesson ideas. The one I am choosing is because it was the first music time I have ever done and with your lesson it was awesome and gave me the confidence that I can do this calling. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.

  12. Lorinda Fluckiger
    Your site is my go to site every week it seems! You have wonderful ideas that I have used over and over in my past 3 years as chorister! If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be your ideas for pioneer day; making butter while marching and singing to the beat. My primary kids think this one is great!
    Thanks for all your work!

  13. Natalie Sorensen
    Last week I used Mr. Potato head to teach the kids how to act during the primary program.. I looked for those with eyes on me, knows the words to the songs, singing loudly/beautifully, being reverent, looking cheerful, etc. They got to come build Mr. Potato head as I saw them doing those things. They loved it!

  14. Marie Gibby

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! They've been so helpful for me the last couple years!! I have a lot of favorite lesson plans from you, but a few are: "Mother, tell me the Story," "The Nativity Song," "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," and "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus." Thank you so much!!

  15. I've been getting ideas from your site for a couple of years now. Thank you!
    So many good ideas from your site but I'm especially grateful for all your handbell resources. I finally got brave enough to introduce bells to my senior primary kids this year after reading all your lessons on bells and watching your videos. We are going to play "He Sent His Son" with bells in our primary program this fall and I was able to write my own music to go with it using your bells charts as a jumping off point for which I am soooooooo grateful.
    Junior Primary's favorite thing is the wiggle worms idea I got from you.
    My kids' favorite lesson is probably the Would You Rather cards.
    Also, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the work of Susan Fitch, who I first found on your website. I use her art so often in singing time.

    Jenny Wright wrightja2000[at]gmail[dot]com

  16. Arielle ""
    I literally was just thinking about buying a set of bells and if our primary budget will allow! Fingers crossed. 🙂 I love, LOVE all your ideas. When I was called to be primary chorister a couple of years ago, yours was the first "face I met" and learned and how and what to teach the kids. I love your lessons with manipulatives Ribbon Wands, Egg shakers with ELECTRICAL tape seals (Genius!!!), Finger lights (kids favorites by far), etc. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put forth (including the lesson plan templates). So excited to see videos as well and be a subscriber. Thank you, thank you!

  17. Sharon Trumble
    Choosing just one favorite lesson plan is so difficult as I LOVE everything that you do…but I would choose my nursery singing bags (that I spend a whole year putting together…I WISH I had waited until you offered the presale ones!:)…)
    Thanks for a chance for the giveaway! Your'e the best!!

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