PRE-ORDER Your Camille’s Primary Ideas Music Bag NOW!

UPDATE:  The music bags are a GO!  Thank you to all who have ordered!  I will continue taking orders until September 30th so don’t miss out!  These are a great addition to your primary, nursery and family!!

I’m in the process of CREATING and collecting PRE-ORDERS for a limited supply of Camille’s Primary Ideas Music Bags!  Don’t miss out and pre-order yours today!!  If you teach music in primary, nursery, or want your own children or grandchildren singing and enjoying primary songs at home, this bag is a must-have!!  It also makes for a great gift for that newly-called or lifetime-pro primary music leader in your life!

Inspired by the new home-centered, church-supported curriculum Come Follow Me, this Music Bag will get your primary more excited to sing primary songs at church and get your family singing more at home!  I’ve been working on this project for several months and I’m excited to finally bring it to life!
With the changes made to the Sunday church schedule, most primary music leaders are now unable to go into nursery to sing with the nursery aged children.  Unless your ward has a dedicated nursery music leader, this has created a HUGE void in nursery!  The responsibility of teaching music in nursery has now fallen to the nursery leaders.  My Music Bag simplifies singing time in nursery so any leader (musical or not!) can implement a fun and engaging music time in nursery.
If you’re wondering what’s included in the Music Bag, it mimics my homemade Nursery Bag that I’ve had posted HERE for years!  But it’s receiving a huge make-over and upgrade!  My Music in Nursery post ranks as my #1 favorite post for essential items for primary, nursery and my own family!  I still use it every week at home during family home evening.  I’ve also passed a bag over to our nursery leaders (I have 2 sets, one for home and one for nursery!) who can easily implement it into singing time without me!  It’s been a win-win!!
My Music Bag continues to be my most popular post with readers year after year so I know many of you love it as much as I do!  The Music Bag I’m creating is much higher quality and the best thing about it is I’m doing all the work for you!  I only wish I had a prototype to share!

What’s great about having a Music Bag is you always have a singing time lesson plan ready to go!  Going out of town on vacation? No problem – you can easily pass it off to a sub!  Wake up not feeling well the morning of singing time?  Easy – keep your Music Bag in the primary closet so a member of the presidency can cover for you at the last minute!  Your current singing time isn’t going as planned and your kids need a wiggle break? It’s the Music Bag for the win!

It’s also a lifesaver at home!  I don’t know about your kids but mine get bored when we just have a lesson.  If we go sing through all these songs beforehand, they’re much more likely to sit a little longer.  Not to mention all the gospel principles that were reinforced in the in the songs we just sang!

This Music bag will contain enough items for 12 children.  Perfect for use in homes, nursery and small to medium size primaries.  For large primaries, you can order multiple bags or have children take turns with the various props.  Or it works well as a starter bag and you can customize to fit your individual needs.
These are my original plastic Easter eggs, filled with beans and taped shut with electrical tape:

They are receiving a facelift with these pre-made music shakers that can be used to keep the rhythm to ANY song.

Now more pokey pipe cleaner that the kids always manage to break apart!

New high-quality jingle bells that attach with velcro!

The sunshines are getting a COMPLETE makeover, something new so be prepared to be surprised!!

Let’s not forget about the wands – no changes with these!  I use them SO much in primary.  You can see all my lesson plans that incorporate wands HERE.

Here’s what songs will be included in the bag with their correlating actions or prop.  The Song List will also be re-designed!

Also featured will be artwork by by my favorite artist, Susan Fitch.  If you are unfamiliar with her, check out her website HERE.  Her temple illustrations and Follow the Prophet artwork will now be found in the bag!  She’s so talented and always makes singing time look so good!!

All the prints will be professionally printed and durable!  Perfect for little hands.
One of the best features of the Music Bag is the bag itself!  The bag alone makes for a wonderful carry-all singing time bag! I can’t wait to share it with you when it’s all complete!

Enough with the fluff and on to the nitty-gritty details…

I’m creating and pre-ordering only 100 bags.  The Music Bag sells for $149.99 + tax which includes free shipping within the continental United States, guaranteed to arrive before Christmas 2019!  A perfect Christmas gift!!

A $50.00 deposit will hold your order and the rest will be due when the bag is ready to ship.  You also have the option of paying in full if you don’t want the hassle of having to pay in full later.  If I don’t get enough pre-orders, I will refund your deposit 100%.  If you pre-order and then decide not to buy, your deposit will unfortunately not be refunded.

So, are you ready?  Click on the yellow “Buy Now” button below to order :

WAIT!  If you share this post on any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) put the URL in the “Share your social media URL for 10% off” box when you go to purchase, I’ll take 10% off your final purchase! So $134.99 + tax with the discount!

Do your primary, nursery and family a favor and pre-order a Camille’s Primary Ideas Music Bag today!!  You won’t regret it!

**This is all new territory for me so if you have any questions, problems (especially with the 10% discount) or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I want this to be a great experience for all of us!!


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