Kindness Begins with Me


Teach Kindness Begins with Me in singing time!  This lesson plan uses a simple attention getter from The Friend and some flowers to pass around to use for an activity similar to hot potato!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Kindness Begins with Me

I love the Kindness Flowers activity found in The Friend this month found HERE!  It’s basically a “kind” version of hangman! 

Camille's Primary Ideas: Kindness Begins with Me using The Friend

A perfect attention getter!

The phrase the kids will be guessing is the title of the song, Kindness Begins with Me.  If you want to move it along more quickly, fill in all the vowels before you start.

When they’ve guessed the title, briefly discuss why it’s important to be kind and how kindness begins with us.  Sometimes when we want to show kindness to someone else, we bring them flowers.

Show some flowers (they can be real or fake.  I’ve got a printable so you can create your own that attach to a popsicle stick.  You’ll want 2 or 3 separate flowers or bunches (depending on the size of your primary) that can be passed around the primary.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Kindness Begins with Me singing time lesson plan idea

If using my printables, print on card stock, cut out, laminate (optional) and adhere to a popsicle stick.  Any kind of stick will work too.

Post the words to the song like I do HERE.  You and the teachers (and any kids who want to) sing through the song as you randomly choose reverent children to hold your flowers.

Instruct the children to pass the flowers along (KINDLY!) as everyone sings the song.  When the song ends, those holding the flowers can answer how they show kindness.  You can even categorize how they show kindness to help get better answers between rounds:

How do they show kindness:

  • in their family
  • to the earth
  • in their classroom
  • at church
  • when at a friend’s home
  • on the playground
  • after dinner
  • when driving in the car
  • to a stranger
  • to Heavenly Father

Repeat until all the children have hopefully had a turn to tell how they can show kindness.

Bear testimony that the best way to share the gospel is to be kind!  Being kind doesn’t take much, even if it’s just sharing a smile.

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8 thoughts on “Kindness Begins with Me”

  1. I am going in circles trying to find the mentioned lesson plan.? one link takes me to the index which brings me back to here. No lesson plan link found.? help!

    1. Hi Debi!

      Sorry for the confusion. In order to access the printables, you’ll need to reference the email that was sent when you signed up. I see that you have signed up to receive my emails, hopefully you were able to access it.


  2. You’re wonderful to share your work free of charge! It shows such a genuine love for what you do, without needing a reward for it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your resources as a fellow song leader!

    1. Hi Ashley!

      That is so kind of you to say! I know it’s a weird hobby but I seriously LOVE singing time! And I especially love being able to help others, it’s a true joy for me. It’s comments like these that make what I do totally worth it so thank you!


  3. hi Camille ,
    We used your idea for kindness begins with me, for singing time today we had the kids figure out the word kindness using hangman idea, we passed a fake gold coin instead of flowers, but than had the kids answer the question about showing kindness and then put the dot stickers on bishop (another one of your ideas) , it’s fast Sunday and that’s when our bishopric comes to primary, for singing review songs, and to please come back after class and take 2 real flowers home and give them to their mom, sister, aunt cousin, neighbor etc. to show kindness at home. Thank you for inspiration. Your ideas are always so helpful especially when you’re in a pinch as a PP I always read your posts early in the week so I have the most amazing singing time if we get in a pinch and do not have a music leader.

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