The Books in the Book of Mormon Interactive Bookshelf!

In 2020 we’re studying The Book of Mormon with Come Follow Me.  Our primary is learning The Books in the Book of Mormon using my interactive bookshelf!  We sing this song to end our transition time and begin opening exercises.
Find more details HERE on how I break down singing time.  I also have a post HERE that goes into more detail on how I schedule my months if that helps.
I thought it would be fun to hang a poster in the primary room with all the books in The Book of Mormon.  But I wanted one that is interactive so I came up with this:
Camille's Primary Ideas: The Books in the Book of Mormon Interactive Bookshelf
HERE the image I used and worked a little magic :).
So now you have the option to gradually empty and/or fill the bookshelf if you like!
Camille's Primary Ideas: The Books in the Book of Mormon Interactive Bookshelf
Don’t right click on these images download and print as they will be too small.  Files are available at my Resource Library.  Access that by using the button at the bottom of the post.
The books can be added and removed as the song is learned!  Remove one book every week as you gradually learn the song, or remove a cluster every month.
Camille's Primary Ideas: The Books in the Book of Mormon Interactive Bookshelf

This poster doubles as a great bulletin board in the primary room too!

I have a few options for printing.  The poster prints as a 20×30 poster/picture (perfect for Costco):
  • A filled-in bookshelf for JPEG or PDF.  I’ve also got a print-at-home tiled version that prints on 9 pages.
  • An empty bookshelf for JPEG or for PDF.  I’ve also got a print-at-home tiled version that prints on 9 pages.
  • PDF removable book documents.  These print as 8.5×11 documents.  Cut out each book.  I recommend printing on white card stock and laminating!
  • JPEG removable book documents.  They are still sized as 8.5×11 but you can easily crop them to fit to be an 8×12 photo.
Attach the books using magnets, blue painters tape or velcro dots.  I don’t recommend the plasty tac as it leaves a residue on the poster. 
If you find any mistakes, PLEASE let me know!!
I also loved these actions that were posted on the Primary Music Leader’s FB group HERE and HERE, or there were more shared HERE.  As we learn the order of the books, we’ll learn the associated action.
I also have a bookshelf for The New Testament HERE.  As we study each of the books of scripture, I’ll create an interactive poster for all of them!
Camille's Primary Ideas The New Testament Interactive Bookshelf Poster

You can scroll through all of my singing time posts focused on 2020 HERE if that helps.  Posts include my 2020 CD, 2020 Scheduler & Planner and 2020 Music for Singing Time.

A great singing time idea for primary - a singing time schedule

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > The Book of Mormon.


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22 thoughts on “The Books in the Book of Mormon Interactive Bookshelf!”

  1. You are amazing. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this to help other music leaders!!

    1. Hi Camille – can you please give me access to your Resource Library? Thank you for sharing your talents!!

      Thank you!
      Heather Price

  2. I just had an idea for the poster. After I print the 20X30 poster, I will attach it to a 20×30 foam board to make it more rigid. I think it will work well! Thank you so much!

  3. Jennifer Williams

    HI Camille,

    I love this idea. I have it in my cart to print but it says the resolution isn’t good for 20×30 printing. Should I ignore it or change the resolution?

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      How did you download the file? If you right-clicked on the image from the post, then it will not be big enough. You need to make sure and download it from my Resource Library. I’ll email you the link. I also just double checked by uploading the file to Costco and didn’t get the resolution warning. Don’t print it if you are getting the resolution warning, something isn’t right.


  4. Chelsey Mattingley

    Would you mind sharing the actions you mentioned attached to the Books of the Book of Mormon. The links in your post no longer exist, or require membership in the FB group. I joined, but haven’t been approved yet, and I’m looking for something for this Sunday. Thanks so much. I am a long time follower of your blog—I love all your ideas!

    1. Hi Chelsey!

      I don’t have another way to share FB videos unless the person sends me their video. Otherwise I’d give you the information. Sorry I’m not more help. Hopefully you are able to join the FB group soon.


    1. Hi Heidi!

      I just subscribed you to my website. You should have received an email. If you didn’t, let me know and I’ll manually send you the links.


  5. Camille thank you for your ideas. I enjoy them. Can you please help me? I have tried to follow link. I give email address. I can not see where your “printables” are on the link provided and how to print them. I have the problem with all your lesson plans, but currently trying to get your Bookshelf for BOM. I hope I’m not the only one who has this issue, and your help can help others.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Camille,
    I hope you are still on here for the year 2024. The Book of Mormon is coming next year. Excited for this for my new bulletin board. Could you please send me the link? Love this idea. Thank you

    1. Hi Shawnie!

      I’m planning on still being around for 2024! The link for the printable is filed under Song Title > The Books in the Book of Mormon. Susan Fitch has also come out with a new one in her Etsy shop that you may want to also check out here:

      I’ll also send you the direct link.


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