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This conversation hearts singing time idea is perfect to use around Valentine’s Day!  It relates the fun verbiage found on conversation hearts to a primary song!  The kids will LOVE it (pun totally intended)!  I recommend foam hearts from the dollar store but I created a printable (more details below) if that is more convenient.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day singing time idea

I found this conversation hearts singing time idea HERE.  It was shared on the Primary Music Leaders Facebook group.  A lot of primary music leaders appear to LOVE it as well!  A big list of songs and conversation hearts was also shared HERE (available in my Resource Library if you are not on Facebook).

The Activity is Simple!

Hang the hearts all over the primary room or on the board.  The primary must figure out which song relates to the conversation heart (great for Sr. primary – you can even post a list of the songs to match).  Or kids can simply take turns picking a heart and singing the related song (great for Jr. primary!).

This is where my music bag comes in handy as I’ll be pulling in LOTS of items from it!!  If you want more details, check out my post HERE.  Totally optional but it breaks up the songs a bit, providing movement and an activity.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music Bag Starter Kits Cover

Below is my list of 12 songs we’ll be singing along with an associated action/prop. 

Conversation Hearts:

  • BIG KISS – Daddy’s Homecoming p. 210 (actions)
  • I DO – Do as I’m Doing p. 276 (egg shakers)
  • HELP ME – Choose the Right Way p. 160** (turn to the right whenever we sing “right”)
  • CALL ME – I Hope They Call Me on a Mission p. 169 (missionary tags)
  • MY HEART  – I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74 (make heart shapes using wands)**
  • PROMISE – I Love To See the Temple p. 95 (temple pictures)**
  • SO HAPPY – If You’re Happy and You Know It p. 266 (jingle bells)
  • TRY – I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78** (stand when the word LOVE is sung)
  • LUV U – Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61 (count how many times the word love is sung [3])
  • LOVE – Love One Another p. 136 (sign language)
  • COOL – Once There Was a Snowman p. 249 (actions)
  • SHHH – The Chapel Doors p. 156 (place finger over lips when you sing “shhh”)

The 4 bolded songs in my list above with an (**) are ones that are part of February’s suggested 2020 Music in Singing Time and Come Follow Me – Primary.  I want to make sure we sing those 4 songs (maybe give extra hints at the beginning for those)!

There’s no way we’ll get through everything but we’ll sure try!  I just like the variety of hearts that will be displayed.  If your primary is unfamiliar with the songs, make sure to post words like I do HERE.  For added reinforcement, play the songs on your phone/cd so the kids can sing along as you do the actions or use the props.

My printer always appreciates a break so getting foam hearts from the dollar store was awesome!  Then I simply wrote with a big sharpie marker on the front of each heart!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day singing time idea

Optional Printable

If it’s too late for you to head to the store, each of these conversation hearts is a printable you can download, print and cut out!  Pick the hearts you’d like to sing and either write the song title on the back or keep a list so you know which heart belongs to which song.  I have a printable with my song list that you can also download.

I have several options to download:

  • colored hearts with words
  • blank colored hearts (no words so you can pick your own)
  • black and white hearts with words
  • blank black and white hearts (no words so you can pick your own)

If you choose the black and white version, I’d suggest printing on various sheets of colored card stock.  You can also color them in by hand.  And if you want to go really simple, cut out your own hearts from colored construction paper!

You can access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day singing time idea

Singing Time Treat

I think I’ll pass out few conversation hearts at the end and tell each of the kids how much I LOVE having them in singing time.  A little relevant Valentine from their primary music leader ;)!  I found these SweetTarts brand at Target which I personally like better than the original Brach’s (bleh!).

Make sure to check out all of my other Valentine’s Day singing time ideas HERE if you need more ideas.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Valentine's Day President Nelson Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Valentine’s Day > Conversation Hearts.


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