Home Centered Church Supported Singing Time


Home Centered, church supported singing time doesn’t have to be elaborate or difficult.  Its only purpose is to help teach the gospel through singing primary songs and hymns at home.

Home Centered Church Supported Singing Time

Reader Tomena sent me a sweet comment that I really appreciated:

Hello Camille, I just wanted to tell you that even though I’ve been released from my calling I am still using your site to teach my children. Especially this Sunday, due to having church in our own homes. Thanks for this site!

My family is implementing singing time at home for the next few weeks along with a few other ideas. I know I’m not the only family who has been implementing singing time into their home church.  These are my suggestions as what to do for singing time at home.

Camille's Primary Ideas Music Bag Starter Kit

Music Bag:

My family uses my music bag almost every Sunday at home. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We all love it!

We sing and know EVERY verse to Follow the Prophet!  We walk around the room like missionaries as we sing I Hope They Call me On a Mission.  I could go on and on!

With cancellations and closers, you now have the time to make your own!  But if you don’t want to go to the trouble, I’ve done all the work for you and I’ll ship it to you asap! But seriously…you need one of these at home!  Check out more details HERE.

You can also check out my YouTube video below with our family using it:

I’d love it if you’d like and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE!

Sing Along Hymns

Sing-Along Hymns App:

What kid doesn’t love technology? Okay, who am I kidding…what parent doesn’t also love technology? This sing-along hymns app is a VERY simple way to get your kids singing this month’s and this year’s primary songs at home!

There’s no excuse to not utilize this fantastic app!  Sing along to any primary song and hymn!  Watch videos of each song and sing along with the words as they are displayed.

Simply download the app on your phone or tablet (I didn’t realize that this is only available for IOS – sorry about that!).  Then create a playlist of the songs you want to watch and push play.  To help you create your playlist, check out my post HERE for a list of this year’s songs that are being studied in singing time. 

Camille's Primary Ideas: 2020 Primary Songs Book of Mormon CD & Cover

CD/YouTube Playlist:

Similar to the Sing-Along app, you can create a CD or playlist via YouTube or email to distribute.  Check out my post HERE with more details for creating your own CD.

Use Merry Bells hand bells in your singing time lesson plan


If you want to engage a child in primary music, I can’t recommend handbells enough!  With Merry Bells, simply put in the Primary Songs DVD and the kids just follow along!  It’s that easy!  My kids will play a song over and over again with the handbells!  

ALSO…did you see Merry Bells is running a General Conference sale?  Check out my post HERE for more details!

This Sunday my family is going to play all Easter songs that I have handbell charts for!  All my Easter handbell charts that can be found HERE. Simply play the song on your phone and have the bells play along! I have an entire post dedicated to using handbells HERE that you should really check out!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Hosanna singing time lesson plan idea using handbells

Singing Time Lesson Plans:

Almost any of my lesson plans posted throughout my website can be tweaked to be used at home for singing time.  Check out my Lesson Plans page HERE.

I posted last week about my St. Patrick’s Day singing time lesson plan called Lucky vs. Blessed HERE. With church cancelled, and I already had the lesson ready to go, I shared it on our Primary’s FB group then my family did it at home. We had such a great time with it!

Next week I’m working on a First Vision singing time that can be implemented at home. This will help prepare your family for General Conference that will be commemorating the bi-centennial anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First vision. It’s gonna be great!  And simple, spiritual, and something your primary and family will definitely want to use!

March Ensign, New Era & Friend

Primary/Youth/Adult Classes:

This isn’t really singing time related, but I want to share.  For our primary youth and adult 2nd hour classes, everyone is simply reading a few articles in the Friend, New Era and Ensign.

Then I LOVE watching my weekly Don’t Miss This YouTube video! Is anyone else obsessed? You can find the channel HERE.  My kids even occasionally come sit and watch it with me.  I LOVE this YouTube channel!!

How are you implementing home-centered singing time in your primaries and homes?  Leave comments with ideas!!


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3 thoughts on “Home Centered Church Supported Singing Time”

  1. Hey Camille, we have quite a smaII Primary in our ward so our Primary President (who is also our pianist) and I decided to hold Music Time over Facetime with the kids.
    I have no children of my own so this works great. This way we don’t lose any time preparing for Presentation and I still get to interact with the children, which is the best part of Primary!

  2. I could not find the sing along hymns app. Only the sacred music app comes up. Do they have a version for android?

  3. Thanks for sharing, Camille! Also it might be helpful to note to other readers that sadly the sing along app is only available on iOS. Thanks so much for your thoughts and continued efforts.

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