Sing-a-Restoration Story

Camille's Primary Ideas: Sing-a-Restoraton Story Cover

Learn about the restoration of the gospel with this simple sing-a-restoration story!  Read the information that introduces the song, then watch the sing-along video!  You can also optionally answer the questions after the song.  Watch how the songs move along to tell the restoration story!

Spring is the season when seedlings push up toward the light.  Christ rose from the tomb in the springtime so that all men could live and look upward to Heavenly Father’s light.  It was also a beautiful spring morning when the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith so that all people Could receive the gospel’s light.

SONG: On a Golden Springtime p. 88 (1st verse)


  • What lay asleep until the sun shone down? [a tiny seedling]
  • What will the seed do when it awakes? [push upward to the light] 

The Sacred Grove was beautiful as Joseph knelt in fervent prayer.  The Father and the Son appeared and spoke to him.  Their words answered his important question and made his heart rejoice.

SONG: The Sacred Grove p. 87


  • What two words describe the sacred grove? [green, fresh]
  • What did Joseph do in the grove? [kelt in fervent prayer]
  • Who appeared to Joseph? [The Father and the Son]

Nephi’s golden plates were buried in a mountainside until Heavenly Father brought them forth through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Now we can read the stories found in the golden plates in the Book of Mormon.

SONG: The Golden plates p. 86


  • Where did the golden plates lay? [deep in the mountainside]
  • Who was the faithful man God could trust? [Joseph Smith]
  • Where are the stories from the golden plates retold? [in the Book of Mormon]

An angel came to Joseph Smith and gave him a sacred record.  This record – the Book of Mormon – tells of people who were led to a favored land and had peace when they obeyed the Lord.  As you read the book, you understand why Heavenly Father loves us all in every land.

SONG: An Angel Came to Joseph Smith p. 86


  • Who came to Joseph Smith? [an angel]
  • Why did Lehi’s family leave their homes and cross the see? [to reach a favored land]
  • What did the people have when they obeyed the Lord? [peace]

Heavenly Father has restored the priesthood to the earth.  The priesthood was on the earth when Jesus was here, but then it was taken away.  In 1829 the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith by John the Baptist and Peter, James and John.

SONG: The Priesthood is Restored p. 89


  • What was made known to man? [the truth]
  • To whom has God spoken? [to the earth – to people living on the earth]
  • What is here again? [power]

There have been many prophets since the church was restored to the earth.  They all have the priesthood keys to lead and guide the church today.

SONG: Latter-day Prophets p. 134


  • Who was the first latter-day prophet? [Joseph Smith]
  • Who is the current latter-day prophet? [Russel M. Nelson]

The Lord chooses a prophet from the council of the Twelve Apostles, he is sustained as a prophet, seer and revelator.

SONG: Our Prophets and Apostles Song


  • Who is the most senior apostle next to President Nelson? [Dallin H. Oaks]
  • Who is the newest apostle? [Ulisses Soares]

Because Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus when he knelt to pray, we have the fully restored gospel on the earth today including living prophets and apostles.  The restored gospel leads us closer to Jesus Christ so we can one day return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus again.

SONG: I Will Walk with Jesus

Camille's Primary Ideas: Sing-a-Restoraton Story Cover

Restoraton Story Board

If you like, I created visuals you and your children can print, color and cut out to create a restoration story board.  You can access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

I was also browsing the April 2020 Friend online and found this story called Jesus Christ’s Church Is Restored that goes really great with this lesson as well!  Find it HERE.

Most of the information for this sing-a-story comes from A Children’s Songbook Companion.  You can find more details HERE.

A Children's Songbook Companion - A great resource for singing time

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Restoration.


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7 thoughts on “Sing-a-Restoration Story”

  1. Hi Camille. I am wanting to use your reatonlesson for my kiddos tomorrow so trying to access your resource library. I have tapped the join now and access resource library tabs way more times than my old brain can count. Old mom. Young kids. Techno challenged. Frustrated. 🤪 Is there a way to get continuous access so that I don’t have to keep reaccessing and challenging my addled brain?
    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Lisa Brown

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Once you have the link you get via email, you need to save that email or bookmark the link in your web browser. It’s not available directly through my website. I’ll email you the link again :).


  2. Heather Parkinson

    Always love your ideas! Thank you! And that friend article link is so wonderful! I had not come across that one and love it! Thank you for your time and for sharing!

    1. Hi Heather!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment with your kind words! I’m always happy to hear my content is useful and utilized when teaching singing time!


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