April 2020 Home Centered Singing Time Schedule


Even though church has been cancelled, there’s no reason why singing time at home cannot continue on!  So bring on April 2020 home centered singing time!  But how singing time looks definitely varies between primaries and families!  Don’t get discouraged if your version varies from someone else’s!

Camille's Primary Ideas: April Singing 2020 Time Schedule Cover

With no actual singing time to teach at church, I’ve been struggling to find my place as a primary music leader within my own ward, as a mom of primary children and as a primary music blogger!  I seriously feel like a fish out of water.

I’ve seen weekly FB lives created by primary music leaders within wards, YouTube videos shared, and others simply letting singing time be taken over by the parents.  Is there a right or wrong way to handle our unique situation right now?  No way!  With the guidance of your primary president, bishop and the spirit, do what’s best for you and your family!

For April, I’ve simply put together a few ideas that I will be sharing with my own primary then implementing with my own children at home.  It’s what I feel the most comfortable with, makes me feel like I’m magnifying my calling  all while causing me the least amount of stress!  Hopefully these ideas will help spark something that will work for your primary and family!

Camille's Primary Ideas: March 2020 Singing Time Schedule

If you happen to still need March’s singing time schedule, I’ve simply archived it HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: singing time planner

Each month I fill out Singing Time Planner to schedule my monthly singing time lesson plans (more details HERE).

Camille's Primary Ideas: April Singing 2020 Time Schedule Cover

I’ve opted to not fill this out this month.  I didn’t feel it was necessary and am trying not to feel overwhelmed with our current situation anyway.  So here’s how mine looks this month…

Camille's Primary Ideas: April Singing 2020 Time Schedule Cover

But if you want to see more details on how I determine the various elements in singing time, check out my post HERE (I HIGHLY suggest reading this post!!). Details like:

  • singing during transition time (wiggle worm jar and interactive bookshelf for Book of Mormon)
  • what to do with monthly suggested songs you aren’t learning for the program
  • incorporating Come Follow Me – Primary song suggestions into singing time

April's Music for Singing Time

Camille's Primary Ideas: Easter Hosanna singing time lesson plan

One of April’s suggested songs for singing time includes Easter Hosanna.  You can find my lesson plan HERE for teaching this primary song.  This is a beautiful song to learn for Easter!

Camille's Primary Ideas: When We're Helping singing time idea

You can find my lesson plan for When We’re Helping  HERE.  This is another song suggestion for April.  This makes for a great wiggle song!!  And with kids home all the time now, this song seems really inspired!  I need my own kids to step up and help more now that we’re all at home all the time!!

Love One Another Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Love One Another is also a song suggestion for April.  See my lesson plan for it HERE.  Again, we might all be getting a little stir crazy and need a lesson on cultivating more love at home, haha!

Camille's Primary Ideas Easter Singing Time Round-Up

Make sure you also check out my Easter singing time lesson plans HERE.  I like take a week off every month to sing something seasonal and April means Easter!  My favorite thing to do is to take articles from the Friend and turn them into singing time activities!  I’ve found one from April 2020’s Friend and will have more details next week!  You seriously won’t regret having one!

Camille's Primary Ideas Music Bag Starter Kit

With home centered singing time, I’ve been utilizing my music bag more than ever!  We sing more primary songs because of it!  If you want to sing more primary songs at home, you need a music bag!!  Check out more details HERE for making your own or purchasing a pre-made bag!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Merry Bells General Conference Sale

Easter is also a great time for handbells!  If you’ve been looking to get a set for your primary or family, there is a General Conference sale running until conference!  Check out more details HERE.

April's Weekly Singing Time Breakdown:


But if you want something fun for your kids to do during General Conference, check out Susan Fitch’s General Conference Bingo HERE!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Susan Fitch General Conference Bingo

April 12th:  EASTER

I’m utilizing the April 2020 Friend to create a unique singing time activity.  More details coming soon!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: The First Easter singing time from the Friend

April 19th

I plan on taking my lesson plan for Easter Hosanna HERE and somehow making it home centered.  I’ll have more to come!  Suggestions are totally welcome!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Easter Hosanna singing time lesson plan

April 26th:

I want to review all our 2020 program songs we’ve learned so far this year.  I will probably just suggest the children watch the sing-along videos to each of our songs.  Check out more details HERE for the sing-along videos.  But I’ll have more firm plans as the date gets closer!

Home Centered Church Supported Singing Time

I’ve got more details on Music For Singing Time for the entire 2020 year HERE if you want more ideas for upcoming months.

Music for Singing Time 2020

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Easter Sing-A-Story

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