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Ideas, suggestions and even worries have begun to surface about what to do this fall for the primary program!  How do you have a program when we haven’t been able to learn primary songs together these past few months?  I’ll be honest, I’m at a total loss for creating a home centered primary program!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Home Centered Primary Program

Then I received this email from the Primary General Presidency regarding 2020 home centered primary programs in the fall.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Home Centered Primary Program

Hooray for some direction!  It states:

One of our greatest desires is to ensure the safety of children and those who lead and teach them. We pray for you and the children in your wards and branches.

Since we have been unable to gather in Primary for many months, we recognize that you may not be able to hold a children’s sacrament meeting presentation this year. We will all miss the spiritual uplift of being taught by the children, but we know that our Heavenly Father will watch over and bless them as we follow local safety guidelines and practice social distancing.

Instead of holding the presentation in sacrament meeting, you might invite families to have a home-centered presentation. Older children could also present what they have learned in a Primary activity held via technology. Such presentations could focus on what children have learned this year from the scriptures, music, and Come, Follow Me.

As Primary leaders, please counsel together and in ward councils to help families in these challenging times, paying particular attention to those who most need your care and support.

Home Centered Primary Program Ideas

I would love to hear what specifics your ward or branch has for your primary program this year!  Leave a comment with your ideas to help others (okay, mostly me!) form their own plans!

I did find this thread on the Primary Music Leader’s FB page HERE if it helps!

It might be fun to have families video record their children answering these questions:

  1. What is one thing I learned during our home centered church?
  2. What has been my favorite part about having church at home?

Then either creating a video of it all or simply having them post it on the Ward’s FB page or other means of sharing.  Question 2 might really bring out some fun answers!

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5 thoughts on “Home Centered Primary Program”

    1. Hi Natalie!

      I guess I didn’t save the email but I would have received it right around the time I posted this which was July 20th, 2020. Maybe you didn’t get it because it was directed for Primary Music Leaders – but that seems odd seeing you are over them. Sorry I’m not more help.


  1. Hello – We are trying to do a “virtual” Sacrament Presentation – For 4 weeks we have asked the children a question each week and asked the parents to record their responses. We also have had parents record their kids singing several Primary songs that were relatively familiar to all of them. This week is the biggest challenge – pulling it all together and coming up with an outline of a “program” of sorts – then editing the video. We have our work cut out for us! Has anyone else heard of a Primary doing this – We’d love to hear your suggestions!

    1. Hi Margaret!

      I’ve heard of LOTS of wards doing this but I don’t know the technical side of it! But I’m sure it will turn out beautifully! Thank you for commenting!


    2. I’m in the middle of creating a slideshow right now. Primary Prez asked me to do it last week and we are to show it this coming Sunday…yikes. Parents have been uploading movie clips and photos to my dropbox all weedend. After I finish it, I will upload it to vimeo and it can be “shared” on our zoom Sacrament Meeting. Wish me luck!

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