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It’s my understanding that the Primary General board wants to make sure our primary kids aren’t lost in the shuffle while primary (which includes singing time) is currently on hold.  I received 2 emails over the weekend regarding giving children a primary experience at home.  One email was for me, as a parent of primary children and the other was for me, as a Primary Music Leader.

Camille's Primary Ideas: A Primary Experience at Home

Primary at Home

The first email I received was entitled, “Giving Children a Primary Experience in the Home” and was geared toward parents.  It read:

Where Primary is not being held during the second hour at church, parents may provide a simple Primary experience in the home.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Even the simplest efforts can make a positive impact on a child’s growing testimony.

In addition to your regular gospel study, a home Primary experience could include these suggestions:

  • Invite children to offer prayers
  • Read and recite scriptures
  • Learn an article of faith
  • Help children prepare and give talks
  • Use Come, Follow Me—For Primary (print or digital) each week.

It contains:

  • Lessons.
  • Suggested Primary songs and hymns.
  • Activities.
  • Visual aids.
  • Links to videos, including Book of Mormon videos.
  • Teaching helps.
  • Conduct singing time, using the following resources:
  • Children’s Songbook, and Hymns
  • The 2021 music list for singing time (in “Instructions for Singing Time and the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation,” print or digital)

It appears to me that the responsibility of having primary and singing time at home falls primarily on parents.  If that’s not a lot of pressure on parents, I don’t know what is!

As a parent, never have I appreciated having a Music Bag more than ever!  We pull out my bag pretty much every week and sing all the songs (sometimes on repeat!).  So if you are a parent wanting to sing a little more at home, I can’t recommend my Music Bag enough!  You can create your own or purchase one of mine.  More details can be found on either HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music Bag Starter Kits Cover

That said, it doesn’t mean that the primary presidency, teachers and Primary Music Leaders can’t (and shouldn’t) help!  In fact, I think it’s a welcome relief to parents!

I’ve decided that my most effective way of getting singing time home to families is to send an email.  Every Friday I email our primary president and she forwards my email on to primary families using the email list found in LDS tools (that I don’t have access to).

It’s just a simple email with links to any videos and printables that I want the primary to do that Sunday.  Check out my home centered singing time lesson plans I’ve shared HERE if you need some ideas!

Camille's Primary Ideas: He Sent His Son Worksheet

But if having a virtual or video singing time is more your jam, more power to you!  All my ideas can be catered to fit your individual primary and personal needs!

Primary in 2021

Okay, so the second email I received was directed toward primary workers:

How Can You Help Children Feel Connected to Primary?

Whether Primary is happening in the home, virtually, or in a meetinghouse, this is an exciting time as we look forward to a new year. It is time to reach out and welcome the children as they advance to their new classes.

Staying Connected

We can all reach out and minister to children, one by one, in many ways. As we prayerfully seek guidance, the Spirit will direct our efforts. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Send a quick video.
  • Write a note of encouragement.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Teach a song during a visit or through a video call.
  • Get to know the children (and their families).
  • Share your talents and help them discover theirs.
  • Give special attention during birthdays and holidays.

Resources for 2021

As you prepare for 2021, you may want to review the following resources and how you can use them to bless the children you serve.

I understand this to mean that primary workers are not exempt from making any effort in ensuring primary children’s gospel needs are being met.  We are here to help parents with primary and singing time at home!  And we have options as to how we fulfill that role!

That’s why I created a Digital Playlist for 2021!  It’s part of our Christmas gift this year!  Check out more details HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Digital Playlist Doctrine & Covenants 2021 for Singing Time

Then we’ll be handing out birthday Golden Tickets all year!  More details HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Golden Birthday Ticket Home Centered for primary

Anyway, if you’ve been trying to decide how to approach 2021 in primary and singing time, we have been instructed!  When we know better we should do better!  Let’s make 2021 a great year in primary, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in!!  


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