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Have you ever set a challenge for your primary that involves doing something at home that’s sort of extra?  Not required, expected or maybe even necessary?  But you know they will benefit if they complete your singing time challenge? Well, the tables have been turned and now it’s our turn as Primary Music Leaders to rise to the occasion!  So I present to you a PRIMARY MUSIC LEADER CHALLENGE!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Music Leader Challenge

Currently, there is no singing time (or primary) mandate from the general board. Singing time is to be home centered and church supported.  But notice that it’s not home centered with nothing from church!

UPDATE:  On 01/07/2020, I received an email that linked to this video HERE entitled Create Primary Experiences at Home.  I HIGHLY suggest you watch it! Another related link sent in the email was Home-Centered Church Away from Home HERE.

But how many families do you know who are taking on that responsibility of singing time on their own?  Coming from a parent’s perspective, I’m sure it isn’t many!

So that’s where we as Primary Music Leaders need to fill in!  Families can always use any kind of direction, ideas and/or help with singing time at home.

The Challenge

So, I’m issuing a Primary Music Leader Challenge!  January is always a great time for goal setting so why not!?

This is mostly for myself so please don’t feel like I’m picking on anyone!  What you challenge yourself to do is between you, your primary presidency and the Lord!  We all have different resources, talents and ward dynamics to create singing time for our primary kids!

So, challenge yourself to something you know you can accomplish!  Ideas include:

  • Sending a weekly/monthly email to families with singing time ideas and activities to implement on their own
  • Creating a weekly/monthly video for primary children to watch that contains singing time activities
  • Having singing time/primary virtually through virtual chat options
  • Dropping off activities at children’s homes or having them come to your home or church building to do something on their own time and convenience
  • A combination of everything above!

What I’ve noticed that has been so wonderful about Covid restrictions is how creative we’ve all become!  It’s given me a wake-up call (not that it was necessarily wanted!) to really try to magnify my calling in a way that I never new possible!

My Challenge

I’ve decided, given my abilities, ward dynamics and working with my primary presidency, I’m challenging myself to magnify my singing time calling by:

Sending a singing time activity weekly via email to all our primary families.  Occasionally, I may have items they can come pick up, drop off, videos to watch as I feel inspired to do so.

This will remain in effect as long as we aren’t meeting in person for singing time.

So there you have it…it’s what I’m capable of committing to this year in singing time!  I know that my talents don’t lie in putting together a weekly singing time video each week so I’m not going to commit to that.

But I know others who prefer that method which is wonderful!  And they even have been sharing it with me!  Thank you!!

Now I’d like to challenge all of you to do the same!  Take a look at how you can magnify your calling this year in singing time given our unique circumstances.  Talk to your primary presidency and the Lord and decide to do something!  Whether it be big or small, it doesn’t matter!  What you do will look different from everyone else.

Singing Time Obstacles

I know the biggest complaint about singing time at home is that hardly any one participates.  But what about those few families that do?  You are helping them!  Continue to help even if it’s just the one primary child or primary family!  Christ would never not doing something because it didn’t help the masses. He always stopped to help the one.

What other obstacles are you facing?  I’d love to hear!

Commit to the challenge!

Put your personal challenge in writing!  Tape it to your refrigerator, note it in your phone, email your primary music leader, write it on the PML Facebook page, whatever!

What I’d really love is to see this post filled with comments that contain your personal Primary Music Leader Challenges!  You just might inspire another music leader who is struggling with what to do this year in singing time!  Know the struggle is real!

I love what this sister has scheduled for her ward’s singing time:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Monthly Challenge Schedule

Find her post on the Primary Music Leader’s FB group HERE with a few more details.  Thanks for sharing Katie!!

And don’t worry!  I won’t leave you hanging!  I’ll be here every week like I have been for over 10 years with singing time posts containing ideas for you to implement them into your primaries!

I’ve already got a whole SLEW of ideas for this year with tons more coming!  Check out everything I’ve got for 2021 HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Digital Playlist Doctrine & Covenants 2021 for Singing Time

So, let’s make 2021 the best year yet in singing time!  Challenge yourself to magnify your calling as Primary Music Leader even when it isn’t necessarily required right now!


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2 thoughts on “Primary Music Leader Challenge”

  1. Great post! Our primary has been doing a combination of all of these things since last March and we got lots of good feedback from parents in the ward who used them with their children at home. (We even managed to pull off a ward Primary Program). You’re right, not everyone is going to benefit, but it’s totally worth it for those who do!

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