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I love finding articles in church magazines about Primary Music Leaders!  The Power of Yes found in the March 2000 Ensign is wonderful and I had to share!

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Power of Yes Ensign Article

A good friend of mine was speaking in Stake Conference and referenced this article found HERE.

Many blessings come from serving in Church callings. Perhaps the most surprising come to those who exert faith and effort to fulfill callings for which they feel unqualified, discovering new talents as they say “yes” and then prayerfully go about fulfilling their calling.

Ray Bridges, a member of my ward, felt stunned when he was asked to serve as Primary music leader because he could neither read music nor conduct. The idea of leading nearly 100 children in singing every Sunday seemed impossible to him. Nevertheless, he accepted the calling extended by a servant of God. He was released from his calling in the high priests group leadership, and the following Sunday morning he showed up with posters, puppets, and a copy of the Children’s Songbook.

Of all the wonderful things Brother Bridges did during his four years as music leader, there is one thing no one will ever forget. One Sunday he asked, “Does anyone notice anything special about my Sunday shoes today?” When the children looked, they were surprised to see he was wearing slippers.

“I was almost to church when I realized I still had my slippers on,” he told them. “I could either drive 20 minutes to my home to change into my Sunday shoes and miss Primary singing time, or I could come to Primary in my slippers and arrive on time. Did I do the right thing or the wrong thing?”

“The right thing,” the children answered eagerly.

“That’s right,” he said. “It’s more important to be dependable in serving the Lord than to have on the right shoes.”

Brother Bridges taught more than music that day. When he was released as music leader in Primary, I wept tears of gratitude for his great example. Brother Bridges wept too.—Gwen Golding, Murrieta First Ward, Murrieta California Stake, California

We have no idea the effect we have on the primary children we teach each Sunday!  No matter how we look, act or SING!

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If you ever run across articles in the church magazines relating to Primary Music Leaders, please share!!


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