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Play Singing Time CLUE in primary this Halloween Sunday!  It’s completely revamped so it’s more than appropriate for singing time!  And BONUS … your primary will gain more insight as to what goes on in temples all while singing primary songs!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Clue Halloween and temple singing time idea

My preference regarding Halloween in singing time is to do it very subtly. without anyone really knowing it!  Take my Hinges Halloween activity HERE for instance…

Camille's Primary Ideas: Hinges for Halloween in singing time

Other than utilizing a skeleton, nothing else about the activity screams Halloween (it can easily be used ANY time of year!).  It also incorporates movement using a primary song! So for me, it’s a total win-win! 

My inspiration for a Halloween Singing Time came from several posts on FB HERE HERE and HERE.  Although this activity is named CLUE it’s really not much like the original game ;).  Phew, right!?!

And since this Sunday’s theme in Come Follow Me centers all around the temple (“A House Unto My Name”), so does my Singing Time CLUE activity!! Double YAY!!


Get temple attendees to where they need to be by using primary songs!  Here are the “game” pieces:


  • Primary Girls and Boys
  • Young Men and Women
  • Men and Women Patrons
  • Bride & Groom
  • Temple President & Matron


  • Temple Grounds
  • Baptismal Font
  • Endowment Room
  • Sealing Room
  • Celestial Room


  • I Love to See the Temple
  • When I Am Baptized
  • Family History-I Am Doing It
  • Families are Forever
  • Truth from Elijah

I created images of 5 temple locations, 5 temple attendees and the names of the 5 primary songs with clues.  Here’s what two of the pages of the document looks like (a HUGE thanks to Susan Fitch for the illustrations!):

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Clue Halloween and temple singing time idea
Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Clue Halloween and temple singing time idea

Access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

I suggest printing on card stock and cutting in half.  Laminate (optional).

Use in Singing Time

Write “Singing Time CLUE” at the top of the board.

Hang all the temple locations in the middle of the board, facing out.  Place the attendees above the temple locations.  Put the song and CLUE cards facing the board (not showing, to be turned over during the activity) below the temple locations. 

Hang the images similar to the cover photo of this post except the yellow song/clue cards are not revealed.  Turn them over!

Make sure everything is all out of order except the song/clue cards (yellow border) which are numbered.  Put them in order from left to right:

  1. I Love to See the Temple
  2. When I Am Baptized
  3. Family History-I Am Doing It
  4. Families are Forever
  5. Truth from Elijah

Turn over the first song/clue card (yellow border).  Sing the song, then use the clue to determine which attendee it matches and where they need to go where.

When 3 cards are matched up, move them so they are lined up underneath each other on the board.  Repeat with the next song/clue cards until all 5 are matched up.

Post the words like I do HERE as necessary.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

Answer Key

  • Primary Girls & Boys – Temple Grounds – I Love to See the Temple
  • Young Men & Young Women – Baptismal Font – When I Am Baptized
  • Men & Women Patrons – Endowment Room – Family History-I Am Doing It
  • Bride & Groom – Sealing Room – Families Can Be Together Forever
  • Temple President & Matron – Celestial Room – Truth From Elijah

For each song, I suggest doing the optional activities:

  • I Love to See the Temple: Pass out pictures of temples for children to hold.  I have images available in my Music Bag available with more details HERE if you like.
Camille's Primary Ideas: Music Bag Starter Kits Cover
  • When I Am Baptized: Use ribbon wands to create rainbows and rain.  Check out my post HERE for details on wands.  Wands also are available in my Music Bag as well!
Wands for singing time
  • Family History-I Am Doing It:  Have children slap their laps, clap and snap to the beat of the song.
  • Families Can Be Together Forever: Draw their stick figure family in the air with their finger.
  • Truth From Elijah: Turn to the right every time you sing the word “turn.”  I’m guessing this song is going to be unfamiliar.  You may want to play the sing-along video (it’s also on the Gospel for Kids App) or display a flip chart HERE.

Bear testimony that no matter what stage of life you may be in, the temple is there for you!  Primary children can always attend the grounds, youth can do baptisms for the dead and adults can participate in sacred ordinances of the temple!

If you want another singing time twist on a popular game, check out my Singing Time UNO HERE.

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Clue.


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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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    Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!