EASY Singing Time IDEAS for After the Program


Let’s be honest … after wrangling kids during an entire sacrament meeting, the last thing you want to do as the Primary Music Leader is wrangle some more in singing time!  However, you hate to waste precious singing time with just a movie.  Below are singing time ideas for after the program that are simple yet still engaging!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Easy Singing Time Ideas for After the Program

Comment Cards

This year, after our program, I read comment cards from the congregation.  The kids LOVE hearing what everyone has to say!  It takes a little prep beforehand, but it’s totally worth it!  Check out more information on doing comment cards HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: 2021 Primary Program Invitation & Program Covers

While I’m reading, the kids are munching!  Munching on a little “thank you” treat I provide.  The benefit is 2-fold: the kids are quiet while I read.  And they get to enjoy a treat for participating in the program.

This year I handed out Honeycomb cereal in a ziplock bag with a little treat topper.  It was perfect and luckily for me … zero mess!  Check out more details HERE.

2021 Primary Program Treat Topper Singing Time Ideas

But let’s say that you are not doing comment cards for the program and you’d rather not bring in food.  Fear not!  I’ve got loads of other great ideas for having a successful and simple singing time after your program!

Music Bag

Okay, honestly, this is one of my favorite times to bring in my music bag!  It’s full of wiggle songs with lots of actions and props!  The kids NEVER get bored of my music bag!  And the work is already done for you!  I keep mine in the primary closet at church so it’s always ready to grab and go in a moments notice!  Check out more details HERE for making your own or for purchasing one!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music Bag Starter Kits Cover


If you really don’t want to sing, but still utilize singing time for what it is, I suggest handbells!  No singing required!  I have TONS of handbell charts for lots of songs!  Scroll through them all HERE.

This year, once my kids were finished munching and I was finished reading, we pulled out the bells for the songs I didn’t teach that month because of our program preparation.  Such a wonderful way to still teach those suggested songs!

Use Merry Bells hand bells in your singing time lesson plan

Rhythm Instruments

If you don’t have handbells, no problem!  Find other rhythm instruments to play along to primary songs!  They can be homemade or purchased! Check out my post HERE for more ideas!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Keep the Beat singing time lesson plan review activity

Stump the Primary

Another simple activity the kids LOVE is called Stump the Primary.  However, I find it best to have several songbooks for this activity.  I love the handheld primary songbooks but the big ones work great too!  You may want to see if your library owns a few copies, or ask around your ward!

Camille's Primary Ideas: use Mini Children's Songbooks to Stump the Primary

More details can be found HERE on this activity!  It is best with Sr. primary because it involves reading from the songbook.  If you have a combined primary, simply pair a Jr. child by a Sr. child so the Sr. child can show the Jr. child how to sing from the songbook!

Wiggle Worm Jar

This is another great way to help get the kids moving and singing!  Check out my post  HERE.  But in a nutshell, put songs on little craft worms.  Let the kids wiggle and then pick the wiggliest {How’s that – being chosen for being the wiggliest!?!}  The child picks a worm and you sing that song.  Repeat until all children have had a turn.

TIP: If you want to keep it moving faster, or don’t have time for each child to pick a worm, simply pick the worms yourself between songs while the kids wiggle!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Wiggle Worm Jar Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Primary Music Memory

This is another fun activity to do after the primary program!  Play memory with primary songs!  Match the first part of the name to the second!  Find details HERE.

TIP: To make finding matches easier, only put 3 songs/pairs up at a time (6 cards total).  Once those 3 matches have been made, add 3 more.  Repeat until you’ve found all the matches!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Music Memory Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea Great for after the program


The chalkboard/whiteboard is seriously your best friend in situations like this!  Choose fun, upbeat primary songs and play Pictionary!  I have a post HERE with more details!  For Sr. they do the drawing, for Jr. you do the drawing.

More Ideas

I see this question asked on FB all the time!  I love the suggestions there.  Here are a few comments from a question about singing time after the program asked HERE.

iheartprimarymusic also has a great list HERE if you can use more ideas!

What do you like to do for singing time on the day of your primary program?  Leave a comment with your ideas!!


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  1. Michelle W Hansen

    My favorite game is Stump the Chorister. I hand out Children’s Songbooks and each class thinks of a question for the chorister from the songbook. The rules are they have to know the song and it can’t be things like what song is on page 29. If I get the answer wrong, they choose from my bag of costumes for me to wear something. If I get it right, they wear the costume. Then we sing the song.

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