January 2022 Singing Time To-Go


The new year is around the corner!  The holidays are just about over and it’s time to get busy!  Let me give you a jump start with my January 2022 Singing Time To-Go!  Lesson plans include songs for I Am a Child of God, I Know My Father Lives, When He Comes Again, Sing-Along Video Preview, and a brand new Snowball Toss and Celebrate New Year’s (perfect for your first Sunday of the year!).

Camille's Primary Ideas: January 2022 Premium Singing Time To-Go

Everything’s ready for you to download, print and implement into singing time.

To-Go Membership Includes:

  • A filled-in monthly singing time planner
  • To-go lesson plan summaries for each Sunday
  • All associated printables that go along with each lesson plan
  • And more! Including posting words, songs suggested from the Come Follow Me-Primary manual, links to all the lesson plan posts, and access to my Resource Library

January Singing Time To-Go includes:

  • I Am a Child of God
  • I Know My Father Lives
  • When He Comes Again
  • Sing-Along Videos
  • Snowball Toss (NEW)
  • Celebrate New Year’s (PREMIUM only – more details below!)

A few changes are coming with my singing time schedule and I’m SO excited (okay, and a little nervous – change often presents challenges)!

Camille's Primary Ideas: January 2022 Premium Singing Time To-Go Cover


The current format for teaching each song one Sunday a month is staying.  This is the BASIC Singing Time Schedule To-Go.  Everything listed above is included in the BASIC plan.

The BASIC plan price is $4.99 + tax/month or $54.99+tax/year.

Camille's Primary Ideas: January 2022 Premium Singing Time To-Go


New in 2022 is my PREMIUM Singing Time Schedule To-Go!  In addition to having access to the BASIC plan, the PREMIUM plan includes brand NEW 5-minute songs – inspired by Sharla Dance!  Geared to enhancing your teaching in singing time even more!

The PREMIUM planner will get you program ready yet sing a plethora of other primary songs.  With this format, you can prep for the program by focusing on one program song each month, while also engaging with the other 2 suggested songs with a 5-minute song.  

One of January’s 5-minute songs includes teaching When He Comes Again using a Squiggle Map:

Camille's Primary Ideas: When He Comes Again singing time squiggle map

Check out my post HERE with more details on how to incorporate a 5-minute song in singing time!

Camille's Primary Ideas: 5-minute Song singing time ideas

I’ve been piloting this format in my own primary this past year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I can:

  • Sing all 3 suggested songs for singing time each month
  • Focus on one of suggested songs for the program
  • Provide tons of movement activities
  • Review all program songs learned for the year
  • Practice seasonal and holiday songs to occasionally sing in sacrament meeting like Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas


During January 2022 ONLY, the PREMIUM membership is available to all BASIC (i.e. current) subscribers!  See if you like the new format and want to upgrade to a PREMIUM membership for the following months.

And again, if it’s not for you, cancel at any time.  If you have questions, just let me know!

The Premium Plan is $9.99 + tax/month  or $109.99 + tax/year.

How to Join

Join my Singing Time Schedule To-Go for a small monthly or annual fee.  Cancel at any time whether it be after one month, one year or whenever you get released.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

If you’d like to sign up or learn more about my Singing Time To-Go Membership, details can be found here:

My lesson plans frequently include items found in my Music Bag.  It’s definitely not required but I HIGHLY suggest you arm yourself with a bag!  More information on what my music bag entails can be found HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music Bag Starter Kits Cover

I also recommend you get a set of handbells for your primary!  They are my favorite instrument to bring into singing time.  Check out my post HERE for more details.


Make singing time easy!

Get it to go!

Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time To-Go Membership

8 thoughts on “January 2022 Singing Time To-Go”

  1. Camille, I’m wanting to buy a bell set and the extension set but can’t see anywhere to buy it extra set. Any ideas?

  2. I’m confused about how the Premium ST2G is set up. Am I pulling everything from the basic plan, then adding what’s in the premium? The LP for the premium is a bit overwhelming (not sure what the difference is between the songs under ‘singing time’ and the songs under ‘other’). Have you explained somewhere how your 20 min singing time is set up? I’m also trying to figure out how all these activities are laid out for each Sunday.
    Thanks for your help. I am so excited! I just need a little hand holding to get me started 🙂

    1. Hi Brittany!

      Sorry for the confusion. The Premium and Basic are two separate lesson plans. I have a post here that explains more of my 5-minute song:


      And I have more information on how to use my singing time planner here if it helps:


      For the January premium on the 1st Sunday, the songs didn’t all fit in the “singing time” section so I just utilized the space in the “other.” But the songs at the very bottom of each block are songs from the Come Follow Me – Primary manual in case you wanted to incorporate those somehow. But I don’t have any lesson plans on those.

      If you still have questions, definitely let me know! This is all new for me so I’m still kind of working out the bugs.


  3. Hey Camille,

    Have you fazed out the singing time to go emails for 2022? We, here in Oregon, still have a lot of families that aren’t able to attend church due to Covid concerns and I was hoping to still be able to utilize the singing time to go lesson emails if they’re still available. Let me know if it’s here somewhere and I’m just not seeing it.

    Thanks again so much for all you do and have done to support all us music leaders in our callings! You’ve been and continue to be such a blessing to us leaders as well as every child we teach.

    Very Truly,

    Katie Lake

    1. Hi Katie!

      Unfortunately I have phased them out. But all I do is take that week’s lesson plan and tweak it slightly to be home centered. I almost always include a sing along YouTube video and an activity which is from the lesson plan that’s already there. I hope that helps! Good luck with home centered singing times still!


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Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!

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